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10 Night Time Stories For Adults To Relax And Unwind

Reading stories is a fun and entertaining experience because it gives you time to enjoy and relax and contributes to relieving stress and tension, indulging in reading a short story makes you separate from the noise of this world with its problems and pressures and go on an exciting journey full of various adventures and different feelings. Here's a collection of night time stories for adults.

Best Night Time Stories For Adults To Sleep


1- Story About Contentment

night time stories for adults

This is a true story that happened in Egypt. The story tells about an old woman who called the Egyptian Food Bank and asked them to send a representative to take five blankets from her. This woman donated the blankets to the people affected by the floods.

The representative went to this woman's address, and he passed through many streets, lanes, and random areas in order to reach her house. The representative reached the woman's house and found her living in a small room under the stairwell! The man was very surprised and told himself, this woman is the one who needs donations!

The old woman welcomed the representative, offered him a cup of tea, and said to him: My son, drink this cup of tea from your aunt Karma.

The man took a cup of tea and began to drink. Aunt Karma noticed the looks of wonder and surprise in his face, so she said to him: Don't be surprised my son, I am poor, but there are many people poorer than me. My pension is 700 pounds a month; I bought five blankets for 500 pounds, and I have 200 pounds left until the end of the month.

The man refused to take the blankets and said to her: My mother, I advise you to take back these blankets and buy yourself what you need because your room needs a new bed and a lamp, and you also need a television to entertain you.

Aunt Karma told the man: I am not poor, when I open the window, the light enters my room, and at night, the bright streets illuminate my room. I feel very comfortable in my bed, so I will never change it. As for television, I do not need it for anything. People always come to talk to me, so I did not feel bored at all throughout my day, take these blankets and give them to those who need them.

The man took the blankets and went to the bank headquarters and told the employees the story of Aunt Karma, her pure heart and her innocent words, and her insistence on helping the poor and needy.

So the bank employees decided to donate a monthly amount to her and provide her with a new house with a bigger bed, a refrigerator and a television, but the bank employee who went to her told them that she would refuse to take anything.

The employees sat thinking until they came up with a very clever trick. One of the employees called the old woman, told her that he works for a telephone company and said to her: Congratulations, Mrs. Karma, your number won 10,000 pounds.

Aunt Karma was not surprised, but said calmly: Give this amount to the food bank, tell them to buy many blankets for people who suffer from the severe cold.

This is the story of a strong woman, isn't afraid of hunger, isn't afraid of the cold, isn't afraid of poverty, isn't afraid of disease, and isn't afraid of death. A woman who loves and trusts God and lives in his protection.

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2- Bedtime Story For Adults

best night time stories for adults

One day, a wealthy couple went to an orphanage and said to the administrator of the orphanage: We were unable to have children, and we want to adopt a child to live with us and inherit everything we own.

The administrator said to the couple: Walk around the orphanage and choose the child you want. The couple searched among the children until they found a calm, beautiful child who was always smiling. They asked the administrator about this child. He told them: This child is called Qutb, and he is a very polite and respectful child, but unfortunately, we found him five years ago in a garbage can!

The couple grieved for this child and decided to take him so that he could live with them.

Qutb went with the couple in their car, and as soon as he entered the palace, he was amazed by the beauty of the palace and asked the couple: Am I your son now and live with you in this beautiful palace?

The woman bent down, hugged the child and said to him: Yes, my dear, you are our son now, we love you very much, and everything in this palace is yours now.

Qutb grew up in the palace, the couple treated him well and educated him in the best schools until the child grew up and entered medical school. Qutb became a very successful doctor in his work and saved hundreds of lives.

Days passed and the woman who adopted Qutb fell ill with cancer, so her son Qutb cared for her and treated her. He followed up on her condition every minute, never left her, and always remained by her side always until she was able to conquer cancer.

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3- The Millionaire Prisoner Story

short bedtime stories for adults

There was a millionaire who committed a murder and was sentenced to death. The man was placed in a prison located on a remote island in preparation for execution.

The millionaire sat thinking of a way to escape from prison and said to the prison guard: I will give you a million dollars if you get me out of jail.

The prison was under strict security, and it was impossible for any prisoner to escape from it, so the guard came up with a very strange idea, as he told the millionaire that there is no way to escape from prison except to hide inside the coffins of the dead, as these coffins transport the prisoners who die across the river to land in preparation for their burial.

The man was afraid of the idea, but he had to agree, because if he sat in prison any longer, he would be executed. The man agreed that he would hide inside one of the coffins and when he reaches land and is buried, the prison guard opens the grave in just 30 minutes to take him out and take a million dollars from him.

The next morning, at the time of the prisoners' break, the man crept into the room containing the coffins of the dead.

The man found one coffin and was very afraid of the idea of sleeping inside a coffin with a corpse, but his survival instinct made him implement this idea, so he opened the coffin and slept on top of the corpse.

Time passed, and the guards came and moved the coffin to the ship. The man was reassured a little when he smelled the sea, but he felt worried when the coffin reached land, so it was time to bury him alive!

The man was buried at a depth of 3 meters, and he remained in the coffin waiting for the guard to come to get him out.

More than 30 minutes passed and oxygen was almost finished, so the man took out the lighter from his pocket, lit the lighter to see the clock, found that 50 minutes had passed, and the guard had not come yet.

The man felt terrified and panicked and his heartbeat accelerated, and before he turned off the lighter he decided to see the face of the dead prisoner, so the man turned and lit the lighter near the man's face.

He saw the last thing he expected in his life; he saw the face of the prison guard! And he's the only one who knows he's in the grave.

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4- Story About Doing Good

good night time stories for adults

The story tells about an ambitious young man named Omar who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and did not find a suitable job. Omar searched a lot for a good job opportunity, but he did not find it. Omar remained without a job for a long time, although he gave his CV to many companies.

One day, his close friend called him and told him that there was an electronic store that needs a sales representative. Omar hesitated a little because he was a computer engineer and was not proficient in the job of a sales representative, and his hesitation increased more because the salary is not big, but in the end, Omar accepted the job.

Omar called the owner of the electronic store and agreed with him to meet him at 3:00 pm on Saturday. Omar prepared for this interview well, wore an elegant black suit and left his house at 2:30 pm.

Omar was walking quickly, and suddenly the old woman grabbed Omar's hand and said to him: Help me son, I am a blind woman, I got lost in the street and I could not reach my house.

Omar asked her about her home address, and he found that she lived in a place far from the electronic store and there was only half an hour left until the interview. Omar thought for a while, then decided to obey his conscience and deliver the woman to the door of her house.

Omar drove the woman to her house, and her daughter thanked him a lot. The blind woman prayed for Omar, saying: my son, God grant you success and achieve all that you wish.

Omar went to the electronic store at 4:00 pm and apologized to the store owner a lot, so the owner said to him: The sales representative job has become unavailable because the employee who came before you was appointed as a sales representative, but the store needs a highly qualified computer engineer, if you are ready, we will test you now and see if you are qualified to occupy this job or not.

Omar did not believe what he heard and said to the owner of the store: I am ready for the test, and indeed Omar was tested several tests, passed all the tests, and was appointed as a computer engineer in the store.

5- Touching True Story

short night time stories for adults

This is a true story that happened in Greece when Lori Cable was driving her car with her three children, Kyle, Emma and Katie, and while she was stopping at the traffic light, a 20-ton truck collided into her car from behind.

The three children died immediately because of this accident, while Lori fell into a coma for a long time, and when she woke up from the coma, her husband Chris told her what had happened.

You can imagine Lori's feeling when she found out that she had lost her three children.

Lori returned home with her husband, and after the house was filled with the laughter and voices of their children, it is now silent and joyless.

What increased their sadness is that the truck driver who killed their children was not punished because his company appointed qualified lawyers for him and paid him a large compensation to get out of this case.

About 6 months after the accident, Lori got tired, and when she went to the doctor, he told her the amazing news, as he told her that she was pregnant with three children in one womb!

After several months, Lori gave birth to three children, Jake, Ashley, and Ellie, and the strange thing about this story is that after their mother gave birth to them, they were very similar to her three deceased children.

As shown in the picture, Ashley has blonde hair just like her sister Emma, and Ellie looks like her sister Katie, while Jake's features are similar to those of his deceased brother Kyle, they are also similar in behavior and temperament.

In one of the meetings, Lori says: I feel that God put their souls in my womb to come back to me again and see them and live with them in peace.

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6- Motivational Short Story

night story for adults

There was a young American named Henry who was working in a modest company for $11 a week. Henry was very ambitious, after returning from work, he stayed up all night trying to make a new type of engine.

The young man's father was a farmer, so he used to tell him that all your attempts to make an engine are just futile!

The neighbors were also making fun of what he was doing, and at a time when everyone was making fun of his abilities, his wife Clara believed in him and was constantly encouraging him and spending the night with him to help him. The wife used to stay up with him every day and take care of him, and this situation continued for three years.

In 1893, Henry finished making the engine and his dream came true with the help of his wife, who was his only source of support and the main source of motivation and encouragement to achieve his dream.

One day, the neighbors who were always making fun of Henry, woke up to a strange, unfamiliar sound. When they looked out of the windows, they saw Henry and his wife riding a horseless carriage, so they did not believe their eyes and looked in amazement at that strange quadricycle.

This young American is Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Motor Company, who made a great industrial revolution in the production and manufacture of cars in the whole world. 
Henry Ford was asked in an interview more than 40 years after his invention, if time went back to you, what would you like to be? He replied: I don't care what will I be, but what matters to me is that my wife is by my side.

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7- The Story of The Demon of Nepal

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The female tiger (Champawat) appeared in the early twentieth century in Nepal and killed about 436 people.

This tigress was nicknamed the devil because of her super intelligence in hunting humans, so she was constantly changing her hunting system so that no one could kill her. The Nepali Army intervened to kill her, so the tigress fled to India and continued to hunt people in India.

The tigress walked more than 32 kilometers every day and moved from village to city so that no one could guess her whereabouts. The tigress terrified all the residents and entire villages and cities hid in homes for fear of this tigress.

The hunters continued to chase the tigress until they were able to kill her in 1907, and the people of the villages celebrated their killing and went out to live their lives again.

The tigress was killed, her body was autopsied, and they discovered that she had a gunshot wound in her teeth when she was young. This injury made her unable to hunt animals, so she decided to hunt humans so that she could live.

The tigress is not a devil because she was hunting to eat; the devil is the one who shot her when she was young because this bullet killed 436 people!

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8- Story About The Importance of Tolerance

night time sleep stories for adults

In ancient times, a king lived who was seriously ill in his nose, so the doctors of the kingdom were forced to cut off the king's nose in order to preserve his life.

The king's nose was cut off, and after a while the king returned to continue his work again, so he held a meeting to find out the latest thing that happened in the kingdom, but as soon as the ministers saw him, they laughed a lot because of his severed nose.

The king became angry, and in a moment of emotion, he ordered the noses of all the ministers to be cut off immediately! Indeed, the head of the soldiers carried out the king's order and cut off all ministers noses!

After a period of time, the ministers returned to their work, and when the soldiers saw them, they mocked and laughed at them because of their severed noses. The soldiers complained to the king, so he ordered the noses of all the soldiers to be cut off. With this decision, the king, the ministers, and the soldiers became noseless.

Some time passed, and the people began to mock the soldiers. The soldiers complained to the king and said to him: the people are mocking your majesty because you have no nose. So the king took the most dangerous decision in the history of the kingdom and ordered to cut off all the noses of the people. The king issued a decision stipulating that the noses of all newborns be cut off!

Hundreds of years passed, the king, the ministers, and the people died, and many generations passed in this kingdom in which no human being was seen with a nose. Everyone forgot that story, and the person without a nose became a normal human being!

One day, a person got lost in the sea and found himself inside this strange kingdom. The inhabitants of this kingdom saw him and were amazed and astonished by his strange appearance. They expelled him from the kingdom because they thought he was not human like them!

The moral of the story
Do not meet evil with evil, if the King forgave the ministers, if the ministers forgave the soldiers, and if the soldiers forgave the people. Not all of this happened.

9- Night Story For Adults 

bedtime story for adults

Peter was a good young man studying at Cairo University. Peter loved his classmate girl at the university called Reem. She did not love Peter and did not have any feelings towards him, but she agreed to him not out of love for him, but in order to achieve everything she wishes!

Peter graduated from university, worked in a prestigious job, got engaged to Reem and was trying to please her in every way, but she was always complaining and jealous because her best friend was working while she was not working, as a result, she was treating Peter very harshly.

Peter tried to make her happy in every way, so he looked for a job for her and when he found a job close to her home, he went to her to make her happy with this news.

Reem was very happy with the new job, and she went to do a personal interview in the new company.

Reem was accepted, but her salary was only 1,000 pounds, so she called her friend and asked her about her salary, her friend told her that she takes 2000 pounds every month.

Peter met his fiancée at the end of the day, and she was sad and nervous because her friend takes twice her salary. Peter told her to work for one month, and if her salary did not increase, she would leave work. Reem agreed to this solution and continued to go to work for a month in the hope that her salary would increase.

A week later, Peter went to the manager of the company where Reem works and said to him: Reem is very sad because of her low salary; I will give you 1,000 pounds every month, and please tell her that her salary has increased because of her distinguished work.

The manager did what Peter told him and told Reem that her salary had become 2000 pounds because of her good level and commitment at work. Reem was very happy and happiness returned between her and her fiancé.

Reem's psychological condition became better than before, she began to treat her fiancé in a good way, and she stopped complaining, but her requests were many, so she was asking her fiancé to buy her gifts and invite her to dinner. Because of her many requests, Peter said to her:

My dear, the company I work for has been exposed to a major financial crisis, and about half of the salary has been deducted for all employees. Now I take only 1500 pounds every month, so I apologize to you if I cannot meet some of your requests in the current period.

Reem was silent and thought for a while, and then said to him: Would you accept yourself to marry a woman who takes a salary more than yours? And when we get married, will I spend on you? I'm sorry, I couldn't continue with you, then she took the ring out of her hand and gave it to him. Peter felt sad and heartbroken that he had never felt before, he couldn't answer her and left her.

Peter returned home depressed and lived a long time sad and alone. Despite what happened to him, he made sure that Reem did not love him at all, but loved the things he was doing for her.

Peter stopped going to work for some time, while Reem used to go to her work constantly, and at the end of the month, Reem found that her salary had become 1000 pounds only, so she got very angry and went to the manager to complain to him, so the manager said to her:

Your salary did not increase, and your fiancé used to come every month and give me 1,000 pounds of his salary so that I could give you a bigger salary. He did that because he loves you and was trying to encourage you and make you happy without causing you any embarrassment, but I do not know why he did not come this month.

Reem cried a lot and regretted deeply because she lost a person who loved her sincerely and gave his entire life to her, but she was selfish and did not give him anything.

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10- Sad Bedtime Story

sad bedtime story for adults

A little boy named Adam whose mother died after his birth. The father was always busy at work, so he married shortly after his wife's death.

The new wife gave birth to two children; she was interested in them all the time, and she treated Adam very harshly. One very cold day, the wife invited her relatives to dinner, she provided most delicious food and sweets to all children, as for Adam, she gave him some rice and shouted at him, saying, “Go and eat in the yard of the house!”

The child took the plate and came out of the house. The child did not eat anything, but sat beside the house crying and suffering from the bitter cold. After the guests had left, the wife cleaned the house and slept without asking about Adam.

The husband came shortly and went to sleep without checking on his son. He just asked his wife about Adam, and she told him that he was sleeping with her children. The husband fell asleep, and he dreamed of his old wife telling him, “Beware, Adam is in danger!” The husband woke up in a panic and asked his wife for the second time about Adam; his wife reassured him and told him, Don't worry, Adam is sleeping with the children.

After a while, the husband dreamed the same dream, and he woke up terrified, so his wife said to him, this was just a dream, and as usual, the husband slept without checking on his son. After a while he dreamed of his first wife for the third time, and this time she told him, Rest assured Adam is with me now!

The man woke up terrified and looked for his son in the house, but he would not find him. He asked his wife about Adam, and she told him to look for him in the yard of the house.

The husband went out looking for his son; he found him next to the house, his body was blue, his heart stopped beating, his face became pale, the rice bowl next to him, and he did not eat anything.

Adam died at the age of four. He died because of the sadness and heartbreak in his heart, not because of the cold.

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