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10 Short Bedtime Stories For Kids You've Never Read Before

Children’s stories make the child differentiate between good and evil and between right and wrong, thus it is the best way to raise the child on good manners. Short stories also strengthen the child's cognitive and cultural abilities.. Here are 10 wonderful new stories for kids.

Top 10 Short Bedtime Stories For Kids


1- The Fish And Ducks Story, A Story About Cooperation

short bedtime stories for kids

In one of the forests, there was a small lake where a group of beautiful colorful fish lived. There was a group of ducks living by the lake, the ducks and the fish were close friends, and they loved each other very much.

The autumn season came, and there was a drought in the forest, there were no more vegetables or fruits in the forest. The ducks became hungry because they were eating the vegetables that came from the trees, while fish were not affected by the autumn season at all because they lived in water.

All the fish decided to help the ducks so that they wouldn't die of hunger, so fish took out the grass under the water and gave it to the ducks. The ducks kept eating the grass that the fish took out of the water until the spring season came and all the trees bore fruit again, and the ducks returned to eat vegetables and fruits.

Days passed and the lake's water level decreased dramatically, the fish were threatened because there is no deep water to protect them from crows, so the ducks decided to return the favor to the fish, so they divided themselves into two groups, one group was protecting the fish from the crows and another group was taking out worms from under the ground and giving them to the fish. In this way, the fishes did not die.

The drought in the forest ended, the winter season came, the rain filled the lake again, and the ducks lived with the fish by the lake in peace and love.

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2- The Smart Pigeon Story

short bedtime story for kids

The monkey lived in the forest and used to eat everything he wanted, but he got bored with the bananas and fruits he ate every day, so the monkey wanted to try new food that he had not eaten before. The monkey searched a lot in the forest until he found seven eggs on top of a tree. The monkey took the seven eggs and went to his house.

Meanwhile, the pigeon came and saw the monkey walking in the forest carrying her eggs. The pigeon felt scared for her children and said to the monkey: Please, monkey, these eggs will hatch within a week, give me the eggs and I will bring you more edible chicken eggs. The monkey laughed mockingly and said to her, I want to taste the pigeon eggs. Then the monkey entered his house and locked the door in the face of the pigeon.

The pigeon felt terrified for her children and sat thinking until she came up with a genius idea, where the pigeon went to the crocodile's house and took an egg from his house, then went to the monkey's house and put the egg in his room. The pigeon went to the crocodile's house again and told him that the monkey stole an egg from him; the crocodile got angry and went quickly to the monkey house.

The monkey found the large crocodile egg in his house, and marveled at its large size and kept wondering what is inside it. Meanwhile, the crocodile reached the monkey's house and broke the door of his house with its sharp fangs. The crocodile found the monkey holding his egg, and before the monkey uttered a single word, the crocodile devoured him immediately, so that it would be an example for any animal that dares and approaches crocodile eggs.

The crocodile took the egg and went to his house, so the pigeon entered the monkey's house, and she was very happy when she found the eggs okay. The pigeon took the eggs and placed them on a tall tree so that the monkeys would not reach to eggs again.

The eggs hatched after a short time and the pigeon lived with her children in peace and safety.

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3- Badr And The Donkey Story

bedtime stories for kids short

The farmer Badr had a donkey, and this donkey was Badr's only source of livelihood. Badr treated the donkey very harshly, so every day he carried a lot of clover on his back then he would ride on top of him and make him walk all day to sell the clover, and when the donkey was tired from walking and would stop for a while to rest, Badr would hit him with the whip.

One hot day, Badr carried clover on the back of the donkey to sell it to the farmers. The donkey was so tired that day because of the intense heat, but Badr did not have mercy on him and kept hitting him until he ran faster.

The donkey ran at full speed until he collided with a little girl. This girl was the daughter of the sheikh of the village where Badr lives; the little girl was seriously injured in her arms and legs because of the donkey's collision with her.

The sheikh of the village ordered the soldiers to bring Badr and the donkey, and when the sheikh of the village saw the wounds on the donkey's back, he concluded that Badr was hitting the donkey harshly in order to run quickly, and as a result, the donkey collided with his daughter.

The sheikh of the village ordered that Badr be flogged 50 lashes with the whip with which the donkey is beaten so that it would be an example to anyone who hit animals.

Since that day, Badr has stopped hitting the donkey completely because he felt the pain that the donkey has felt.

Animals feel sadness and happiness, they feel fear and calmness, they feel pain and pleasure, they feel hunger and thirst. All animals laugh, cry and feel everything we feel.

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4- The Loyal Dog Story

bedtime short stories for kids

Fouad lived in a simple rural village. One day, Fouad was returning from school and found a small dog bleeding. Fouad carried the dog, took him to his home and treated him. Fouad was very attached to the dog and wanted to keep him in his house, but Fouad's mother refused, so Fouad made a small nest next to the house and put the dog in it.

The dog grew quickly and became Fouad's close friend. Every day, he would go with him to school, waits outside the school until Fouad finishes his school day, and then return home with him.

One day Fouad went out of the house to buy food from the market, and as usual, the dog went with Fouad. The distance between the house and the market was great, but Fouad did not feel the long distance and did not feel bored at all because he was walking with his best friend.

On the way, a wolf came out of the forest and attacked Fouad. Fouad was terrified and stood behind the dog to take shelter in it. The dog stood like the lion in the face of the wolf to protect his friend, and when the wolf tried to approach Fouad, the dog attacked him. Although the wolf is stronger than the dog, the dog did not give up and kept fighting the wolf for the last moment in his life in order to protect his friend.

The fight between the wolf and the dog was intense and both of them were badly injured. At the end of the fight, the wolf withdrew and fled to the forest; Fouad was fine and unharmed, while the dog was fatally wounded and was between life and death.

Fouad carried the dog and ran home to treat him, but unfortunately the dog died while looking into his friend's eyes, as if telling him, "Don't be afraid, I am by your side ❤️"

5- The Good Giraffe Story

bedtime story for kids short

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful forest, but all the trees in this forest were tall so all the short animals couldn't eat from the tall trees. In this forest lived a kind giraffe who used to help the short animals and bring them fresh vegetables and fruits every day from the tall trees.

All the animals got used to laziness, every day they waited for the giraffe to bring them food, and no animal sought its source of livelihood.

One day the giraffe fell ill and did not come out of her house. The short animals felt hungry, so they gathered and went to the giraffe's house. The sheep said to the giraffe: Why didn't you bring us food today? And the deer said: I waited for you for a long time to bring us food, but you did not come. Don't you know that if you do not bring us food, we will die of hunger!

All the animals blamed the giraffe because she did not bring them food, and no animal thought to check on her and ask her why she was sitting at home today.

All animals thought that it was the duty of the giraffe to bring them food daily!

The giraffe was sad because she was waiting for the animals to stand by her during her illness, but they did not do so. So the giraffe decided not to help them and since that day, the giraffe has never brought food to the animals again.

The giraffe is now the only one that eats fresh fruits from tall trees, while the rest of the animals used to eat the leaves that fall from the trees and never eat vegetables and fruits again.

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6- A Children's Story About Greed

story about greed for kids

Shadi was an engineer and inventor, and he was passionate about astronomy. Shadi heard about 55 Cancri e that is full of diamonds, so he decided to invent a Spaceplane in order to go to this planet and bring with him millions of diamonds.

Shadi invented the Spaceplane and prepared to fly to the planet that would make him the richest person on the planet earth. Shadi flew by the Spaceplane until he reached outer space. Shadi passed by asteroid psyche 16, which is located between the planets Mars and Jupiter, and this asteroid is full of gold.

Shadi landed in this asteroid and filled the Spaceplane with gold, but he was not satisfied and wanted to complete his journey to planet 55 cancri e in order to get diamonds. Although the Planet is 40 light-years away from Earth, Shadi coveted the diamonds and decided to take a risk and go to this planet.

Shadi came out of asteroid psyche 16 and searched a lot for 55 Cancri e, but he got lost in outer space and did not find planet 55 cancri e and did not return to planet Earth either!

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7- A Bedtime Story About Doing Good

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The twins Youssef and Bilal were very similar, so people could not differentiate between them. Despite the great similarity between Youssef and Bilal, they were different in temperament. Youssef was kind-hearted and do many good, but Bilal was a cruel person who treated people roughly.

One day Youssef and Bilal went out to buy household supplies, Youssef went in a direction, Bilal went in another direction, and they agreed to meet at home after they finished. Bilal bought some things and walked from a long street leading to the house, and on the way a poor man stopped Bilal and begged him to give him food, Bilal ignored the poor man and left him without even replying him.

After a while, Youssef walked from the same road and found the poor man sitting, and he looked tired and hungry. Youssef approached him and asked him if he wanted help, so the poor man told him that he hasn't eaten for two days. Youssef immediately gave the poor man food and a bottle of juice.

The man ate and thanked Youssef a lot for helping him, although he was very surprised because he thought that Youssef and Bilal were one person, and he kept wondering why he refused to help him the first time and helped him the second time!

After a week, Bilal went out to buy things for the house, but Youssef did not leave the house that day because he was sick. Bilal was late outside because of the heavy rain that night, the rain was very heavy and flooded the streets, so Bilal could not walk in the street.

Bilal knocked on the door of one of the houses to sit with them until the rain stops. This house was the house of the poor man who Bilal refused to help him. When the man opened the door and found Bilal, he welcomed him into his simple house and gave him dry clothes instead of the wet clothes that Bilal was wearing.

Bilal was embarrassed by the poor man because he refused to help him a week ago and said to him: I'm really sorry Father because I refused to give you food last week, and today you gave me great help when you protected me from the rain.

The poor man marveled and said to him: My son, you came back to me on the same day and gave me a lot of food. Bilal concluded that his brother Youssef was the one who fed the poor man, and he realized that the poor man helped him today thanks to the good that his brother had done.

Since that day, Bilal has changed for the better, and he has become feeding the poor and doing many good.

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8- The Story of The Tortoise And The Cat

short stories for kids bedtime

A beautiful tortoise lived in the Amazon forest. This tortoise was kind and did a lot of good, so all the animals loved her.

There was a cat that lived next to the tortoise's house. The cat hated the tortoise because she was loved by everyone, while the cat was hated because of her arrogance. The cat often bragged about her great speed and bullied the tortoise because she was so slow.

One day, the tortoise and the cat were bringing food from the market. After they had finished, the cat said to the tortoise, "I will run and get home within 10 minutes, but you will reach your home within 10 days!" Then the cat laughed mockingly and ran to her house.

The cat left the tortoise and ran quickly until she fell into a deep hole. The cat could not get out because of the depth of the hole. She kept calling for help, but no animal assisted her.

After an hour passed, the tortoise walked by the hole and did not fall in because she was walking slowly. The tortoise heard the sound of the cat and approached the hole. When the cat saw her, she said, "Many animals have passed by and no one helped me. If I do not get out of here, I will die of hunger. Please help me."

The tortoise hurried and brought a rope and threw it to the cat. The cat grabbed the rope, and the tortoise pulled her out of the hole safely.

The cat thanked the tortoise profusely for saving her from death despite what she had done to her. From that moment on, the cat's behavior changed for the better. She began to treat the tortoise and all the animals with humility and respect, and the cat became loved by all the animals of the forest.

9- The Story of The Lion And Hyenas

short story for kids bedtime

The king of the jungle lived in a beautiful forest with many animals. All the animals loved the lion because he ruled with justice and mercy. A group of hyenas lived next to this forest; these hyenas hated the lion very much because the lion prevented them from preying on any animal in the forest.

The lion cared for the animals of the forest a lot, but he was neglectful towards his only son, he did not care about him and did not ask about him, so the cub did whatever he wanted and went anywhere he wanted. The hyenas knew that the cub was always far from his father, so the hyenas decided to prey on the little cub in order to take revenge on the lion.

One day, the little cub went to hunt small animals, and after a while, the cub found a little rabbit, so he ran after him until he got away from his father's house. The hyenas were watching the cub from afar and when the cub moved away from his father's house, the hyenas surrounded him to kill him.

The cub felt scared when he found the hyenas around him, but he deceived them and said to them in a loud voice: “My father.” Then he pointed out behind the hyenas, the hyenas felt terrified and when they looked behind them, they found nothing. Meanwhile, the cub ran for his life, and here the hyenas realized the cub's trick, so they ran after him at full speed.

The cub kept running until he hid inside a small tree. The hyenas tried to enter the tree, but they failed to do so because of their large sizes. The hyenas waited outside and told the cub that if he did not come out, he would die of hunger and thirst. The cub did not hear the words of the hyenas, and remained sitting inside the tree for many hours, waiting for his father to come to rescue him.

The lion felt afraid for his son because of his absence for a long time, so he searched for him all over the forest until he reached the tree where the little cub was hiding. The lion found the hyenas surrounding the tree and heard one of them saying: It is better for you to get out of the tree, because your father will not come to save you! The lion got angry and roared loudly, all the hyenas were terrified when they heard the roar of the lion, and they hid inside a large tree that was located next to the small tree in which the cub was hiding.

The lion called on the elephant and ordered him to sit in front of the big tree so that the hyenas do not escape. After that the lion called the cub to get out of the tree, the little cub came out of the tree and felt very reassured when he saw his father and from that moment the lion never left his son.

As for the hyenas, they remained locked inside the tree all their lives and all the animals of the forest lived in peace and safety.

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10- Bedtime Short Story About Lying

Robert and William were working in the same company. One day, William told Robert that he was seriously ill and had no money to buy treatment. William asked Robert to give him $1,000 to buy the treatment and promised him that he would pay the amount by the end of the month.

Robert agreed to lend him the amount and told him that he would bring him $1,000 the next day. At the end of the day, the company's employees advised Robert not to give any money to William, they told him that he was a fraud and had no diseases.

Robert did not hear the words of the employees and said in his mind that William might be sick, and any harm will happen to him if I do not give him the money. The next day Robert brought $1,000 with him and gave them to William to buy treatment.

Days passed, and William did not pay back the amount he borrowed from Robert. After three months, Robert asked William to return the amount to him, but William denied that he had borrowed anything from him!

Several months later, William became seriously ill. William spent all his money to treat this disease, but he did not regain his health. William asked to borrow money from the company he works for, but the company refused to give him any money.

William asked Robert to lend him a small amount, but Robert learned the lesson and refused to give him money this time, the company's employees also refused to lend him. Everyone refused to lend William any money because he was known for his dishonesty.

William's health condition worsened, and he became financially unable to buy treatment, so he lived sick and alone until he died. 
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