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12 Inspiring Short Stories With Moral Lessons For Adults

The short story is a narrative of real or fictional events aimed at arousing and educating the reader. Short stories have a profound impact on you because it is an inspiring source for creative thinking and an excellent way to clear your mind. Here's a collection of inspiring short stories with moral lessons.

Inspirational Moral Stories For Adults


1- The Rich Tailor Story

Inspiring Short Stories With Moral Lessons

In one of the poor villages, there was an old tailor; this man was the only tailor in this village, and he sewed clothes for all the villagers at good prices.

One day, a resident of the village came to him and said to him: You have a lot of money, so why not help the poor, the village butcher doesn't have half of what you have and every day he gives the poor meat without taking money from them.

The tailor replied: God knows human intentions, and he is the only one who has the right to hold us accountable for our money. The man was very angry, left the tailor in annoyance and rumored among the villagers that the tailor is a stingy person who loves money and refuses to help the poor.

Days passed, and the tailor fell ill and no one from the village visited him. The tailor died alone without anyone asking about him.

A month after the tailor's death, the butcher stopped sending meat to the poor, and when the villagers asked him why, he told them: The meat that I was distributing was not from my personal money. The village tailor used to give me a large amount of money every month to distribute meat to the poor, and after his death, there is no free meat anymore.
Moral of the story:
Don't interfere in other people's affairs, everyone is free to do whatever he wants as long as he does not harm you.

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2- Story About Freedom

inspiring stories with valuable lessons

Several years ago, hundreds of Turkish prisoners held a sit-in for more than six months. The prisoners abstained from food, and 12 of them died in defense of the honor of the cause. The hunger strike was because the Turkish authorities decided to build a smaller prison and transfer prisoners there.

This prison where prisoners live is spacious, but the new prison was narrow. For this reason some prisoners sacrificed their lives for a few meters!

We do not feel freedom except when we are deprived of it. These prisoners, including murderers and robbers almost died for a sunbeam, some air or a wider space.

It is said that the most famous sentence in history is
I am free

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3- True Story About A Friend's Sacrifice

short stories with morals for adults

During the Iran-Iraq War, the Iranian forces captured a group of Iraqi soldiers, and all Iraqi soldiers were executed by the firing squad. All the soldiers died, but one soldier survived, and when they asked him how he survived, he said:

When they opened fire on us, we fell one by one, I felt terrible fear and great shock, fell to the ground and lost consciousness before I was shot, I woke up after a while and found my close friend killed on top of me. I was covered in blood, and I thought I was shot, but my body didn't get a single bullet and the blood that was on me was the blood of my best friend who saved me from death and took all the bullets in his body to protect me. And it seems that when the Iranian forces approached me and found me covered in blood, they thought I was dead, but I am still alive thanks to my friend's blood.
Moral of the story:
A true friend is someone who is by your side when the whole world is gone.

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4- The Lion's Loyalty

stories in English with moral values

In 1969, Australian John and his friend Ice bought a small lion from Kenya and named him Christian. The lion lived in the garden of the house and was loved by the entire population.

Two years passed, the lion grew, and the population was afraid of its giant size, so the two friends had to fly him to his original home Kenya, and the lion lived in one of the national parks in Kenya.

A year later, the two friends traveled to Kenya to visit their beloved friend Christian. This video shows the reception of the lion and his family to the friends.

5- Inspirational Short Story With Moral Lesson

inspirational short stories with moral lessons

One rainy day, a poor beggar stood in the middle of the street, people looked at him with scorn and no one thought to help him. After the rain had stopped, the man entered a five-star hotel, the receptionist told him,
"Begging is forbidden here."

The man felt angry and took out the B1 key from his pocket, this key is for the most luxurious and best rooms in the hotel, then said to the receptionist, I will go down in an hour, prepare my car. The receptionist was very surprised and said in his mind: Garbage collectors' clothes are better than this man's clothes!

An hour later, the man came out of the room wearing a nice suit, went to get in his car, called the receptionist and asked him: how much is your salary?

Receptionist: $1,000.

Man: Do you want to increase your salary?

Receptionist: Yes, sir, life is very difficult, and we all suffer from high prices.

Man: Isn't begging forbidden here?

The receptionist was embarrassed and realized his mistake because he treated him roughly while he was wearing simple clothes and when the receptionist realized that he was a rich man treated him well and said to him, sir!

Moral of the story:
If you don't help the poor, at least don't despise them.

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6- The Story Of The Farmer And Thieves

The Story Of The Farmer And Thieves

This story was told to us by the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy. The story tells that there is a farmer who took a donkey and a goat to sell them in the city.

On the way, three thieves saw the farmer. The first said: I will steal the goat from the farmer without him realizing. The second said, I will steal the donkey from him. The third thief said: I will steal all his clothes and leave him without clothes!

The first thief went and untied the rope from the goat's neck and quietly took it to a field and let the farmer lead the donkey, after a while the farmer took a look back and discovered that the goat had disappeared. The farmer went to look for the goat, so the second thief came to him and asked him What's he looking for? The farmer told him that someone stole the goat, the thief said to him: I saw someone driving a goat into the forest. If you run after him, you can catch up with him.

The farmer asked the man to hold his donkey and then ran to catch up with the thief who stole the goat, after the farmer entered the forest, the second thief took the donkey and went away. The farmer returned after a while and did not find the donkey and the man, so he cried a lot because of his bad luck.

When the farmer was walking, he saw a man crying in front of a lake. The farmer asked him why he was crying, the man told him that he had a bag full of gold, and it fell into the lake.

The farmer asked him: Why didn't you go down to the lake to take the bag?

The man replied: I'm afraid of water and cannot swim, but I will give the person who brings me the bag 20 gold pieces.

The farmer was very happy and said in his mind that God compensated me for the loss of the donkey and the goat and without much thought, the farmer took off his clothes and jumped into the lake. The farmer searched a lot for the bag of gold, but he did not find anything. When he got out of the water, he did not find his clothes and did not find the man either.

This man is the third thief who succeeded in stealing the farmer's clothes and leaving him naked in the desert.

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7- The Kneeling Mother Story

inspirational short stories for kids

A major earthquake struck Japan, and when rescuers were searching for earthquake victims to rescue them, they found a woman under the rubble of a house. The woman was on her knees, and the rescuers were surprised by the position of her body.

The team leader inserted his hand between the cracks to see if the woman was alive or not, but unfortunately her cold body made it clear that she was dead, so the rescue team left this building and went to the next building.

While the rescue team was looking for the people who are still alive, the team leader returned to the dead woman again and inserted his head between the cracks and approached her. Here was the surprise, as soon as the man moved the woman, he found underneath her a small child wrapped in a blanket.

The child was three months old, and it was clear that his mother sacrificed herself to give him life. When the house began to fall, the mother covered her son with her body so that he would not be hurt. And when the doctor came to examine the child, he found a message in his clothes that said,
"If you can survive, remember that I love you."
Moral of the story:
The mother is the source of giving and sacrifice.

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8- The Wise Judge Story

short moral stories for kids

In the past, someone borrowed 50 dinars from his friend. Many days passed, and the debtor did not give the money to his friend and when the creditor asked him to return the amount, the debtor denied that he had borrowed anything from him. The creditor went to the judge, who was wise and intelligent and explained to him what had happened between him and his friend.

When the debtor came, he denied that he had taken money from his friend and said to the judge: Bring anyone to me to testify that I took 50 dinars from him. When the judge asked the creditor about a witness, he said that he gave him the money in secret so as not to embarrass him. Then the judge ordered the creditor to go to the place where he gave him the money and bring a handful of dust to ask!

The creditor went and long-delayed. The judge asked the debtor: Do you think your friend reached that place? He answered quickly, without thinking: No, Your Honor, that place is too far away.

Then the judge ordered the soldiers to arrest this liar and asked him: How did you know that the place was far away? The debtor could not respond to the judge because his lie had been exposed.

The judge ordered the liar to pay his friend ten times the amount he borrowed from him (500 dinars) to be an example to any trickster.
Moral of the story:
If you succeed in tricking someone, do not think that he is stupid, but he trusted you.

9- Story About Hope

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The famous Scottish poet Robert Louis Stevenson fell ill with tuberculosis. His strength had weakened so much that he couldn't move his right hand and was unable to write with it.

Robert did not give up and learned to write with his left hand, and he was able to write with it for several days, but unfortunately his left hand also weakened, and he was no longer able to move it.

Robert did not despair and asked one of his friends to come to him to write his literary works. The malignant disease reached his tongue, and he was unable to speak. Despite all this, Robert did not give up and learned sign language, and he started using some of his fingers to write some verses of poetry.

Robert Stephenson lost speech and movement. Despite everything he was exposed to, he was able to conquer his weakness and achieve great success with his wonderful literary works.

Life is hope.. Who lost hope lost life.

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10- Moral Story About Satisfaction

Inspirational Moral Stories For Adults

A poor widow lived with her young son in a simple hut. The mother was living on the state maintenance. The amount was too small for her and her son, and yet they lived a life full of contentment and free from grumbling.

On one cold winter day, the rains fell heavily on the village and the rainwater penetrated the hut. The mother had to protect her son, so she took him in her lap, but her clothes were wet. The woman hurried and took off the hut’s door and put it on one of the walls.

The mother and her son sat under the door and in this way the rain did not fall on them. The child was very happy and said to his mother: What do poor people who don't have a door to protect them when the rain falls on them?

Despite all these harsh conditions, the child did not complain and did not look at the negative aspects of that night, but thanked his Lord for the only positive thing, which is the door that protected them from rainwater.

Moral of the story:
Contentment is the source of happiness and peace of mind.

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11- Expressive Story About Gossip

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The Greek philosopher Socrates was famous for his wisdom and knowledge. One day an acquaintance came to him and said, "Have you heard what has been said about your friend?"

- Socrates: Let me ask you three questions before you tell me what happened to my friend.

= The man: Okay!

- The first question: Are you absolutely sure of the correctness of what you are going to tell me?

= These words are common among people, I don't know if it's true or wrong.

- Second question: Is what you're going to tell me a good thing?

= No, on the contrary.

- Third question: Is what you're going to tell me useful for me?

= No, there's nothing useful in what I'm going to say

Socrates said to the man: If what you want to tell me is neither true, nor good, nor even useful to me, then why are you telling me this?
Moral of the story:
It is not polite to say something bad about the absent that you did not dare to say while he was present.

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12- The Sympathetic Judge Story

short inspirational stories with moral lessons

This is a true story that happened in New York, the story tells of an old man who stole a loaf of bread to satisfy his hunger, so the people of the city caught him and brought him to trial. The old man cried before the judge and said to him: I almost died of hunger and asked for help from many people, but they all refused to help me, It was the first time I steal in my life.

The judge was affected by the story of the old man and sentenced him to pay a $10 fine, after that the judge took the money out of his pocket and presented it to the court treasury and in this way the old man became free.

The case was not over yet, as the judge ordered every city resident present at that hearing to pay $10 because the old man lived in a city where he had to steal in order not to die of hunger.

After that, the judge took off his hat and ordered one of the officials to pass by all those present and collect $10 from each of them. The official passed through all 48 attendees and collected $480, then the judge gave them to the old man.

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