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10 Short Inspirational Stories About Life With Moral Lessons

Inspirational stories are one of the best ways to enjoy reading for young and old. Reading stories help you learn about the world's cultures and people's heritage and develops your personality. Short stories are one of the interesting literary arts from which you take the lessons and wisdom you need without getting bored. Here are the top 10 inspirational short stories about life with moral lessons.

Inspiring Short Stories About Life


1- The Story of The Old Woman And The Lawyer

Short Inspirational Stories About Life

There was a ninety-year-old French woman named Jane. This woman was living alone, her husband died a long time ago, her only daughter died, and her grandson also died, so there was no one left in the family but her.

Jane was living in a beautiful apartment in Paris. She couldn't support herself because she did not work and her monthly income from the state was very low.

There was a lawyer living near this woman, and when he became aware of her difficult financial conditions, he decided to take advantage of the situation and offered to pay her 2500 francs a month for the rest of her life in exchange for giving him the apartment after her death.

Jane accepted this offer and the lawyer kept paying her 2500 francs a month. The lawyer thought that Jane would die after a year or two and that he would take the apartment at a cheap price, but the opposite happened. Jane lived until the age of 122 and the lawyer died before her.

Jane had kept the apartment after the lawyer paid her for thirty years twice its value.
My Dear Friend,
The greed and exploitation often lead to unforeseen consequences. The lawyer's attempt to take advantage of Jane's vulnerable situation backfired, as Jane outlived him and retained ownership of her apartment. This highlights the importance of integrity and fairness in all dealings, as unethical behavior can ultimately result in loss and disappointment.

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2- Kilo Potatoes, A Real Sad Story

A Real Sad Story

This story took place in a vegetable market in Egypt. The story tells of a poor father who went to the market with his young daughter to buy potatoes. The man asked the seller about the price of a kilo of potatoes, the seller replied: 7 pounds.

The man asked the seller to give him half a kilo because he does not have enough money to buy a kilo. The seller looked at the man with contempt and said to him: go away from here; I don't sell to beggars.

The man was very sad because of the seller’s humiliation; his daughter held his hands and said to him while she was crying: Let's go, dad, it is not important to have dinner today, the man looked at his daughter with a sigh and suddenly fell to the ground.

The passersby gathered around the man, a doctor came down from his clinic near the market, and when he examined the man, he found him dead. The doctor consoled the young girl, who could not bear the news of her father's death and collapsed in tears until she lost consciousness.

This man could not provide dinner for his family, so he died broken and sad… He died when he saw tears and hunger in his daughter's eyes… He died because of poverty and need.

He did not find mercy on earth, so he went to the God of mercy in heaven.

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3- A Story About The Innocence of Children

Story About The Innocence of Children

This story happened in a children's school in California, where a child got cancer and had to shave his head as a result of following the chemotherapy protocol.

The child did not go to school for several weeks because he was embarrassed to appear in front of his colleagues without hair, so he remained alone in his house, he did not meet anyone, and his psychological condition was very bad.

His friends at the school were saddened when they found out that their classmate had cancer and when the teacher told them that their friend refused to come to school because he lost his hair, they did something that never occurred to anyone, where all the children shaved their heads to support their friend.

The class teacher went to the house of the student with cancer and convinced him to come to school because his friends missed him, and when the child came and entered the class, he found all his classmates without hair.

The child did not believe his eyes and sat with his friends without feeling embarrassed, and his psychological condition improved. This helped him so much that his body cells responded to the treatment, and the child was able to defeat cancer with the help of his friends.

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4- An Inspiring True Story

short motivational stories with morals

One day, a man visited a 70-year-old woman and saw beautiful paintings hanging on the walls of her house. He asked her: Who drew these paintings, she told him that she was the one who drew all these paintings.

The man: Why didn't you show your paintings to the galleries?

The old woman: My late husband told me that these paintings had no value and also told me that I'm just good at cooking and raising the children, so I believed his words because I was young, and he is more experienced than me in life.

The man was sad because the paintings were so beautiful, and he asked her permission to take some of her paintings to show them to museums. Indeed, the paintings dazzled everyone who saw them and achieved great success, and one of her paintings was sold for more than a million dollars in 2006.

Today, this woman's paintings are displayed in large museums such as Louvre Museum and Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Do you know who this artist is? It is Grandma Moses, who almost died unknown!

5- Fictional Short Story

Inspiring Short Stories About Life

This story tells that one of the inhabitants of Paradise was bored and asked one of the angels to assign him a job on the earth, so the angel gave him a spoon and said to him: Go to earth and empty the waters of the Atlantic Ocean with this spoon. The man went to earth, carried out the mission, and returned to heaven after 20 thousand years.

The angel assigned the man a lot of works. The man used to go to earth and return thousands of years later after he succeeds in carrying out these tasks.

The angel was puzzled and wanted to assign him a work that would never end, so he said to him, “Go to the earth and sow love in people’s hearts and make all people accept and love each other, no matter how different gender, race or religion between them.” Therefore, the man went and from that day, he did not return!

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6- The Story of The Ignorant Young Man

inspiring stories with morals

An engineer, a doctor and a teacher sat in a small boat to enjoy a quiet cruise. Each of them tried to show his achievements and abilities in front of the boat driver.

The boat driver was feeling ashamed because he was not educated; all he could do was read and write only. These educated people did not take into account the feelings of the ignorant young man. One of them said, I am good at mathematics and another said, I speak many languages, which made the boat driver even sadder.

After a while, the weather turned, the waves rose and the boat was sinking slowly. The young man tried to prevent the boat from sinking by all means, but he failed due to the force of the waves, so he asked them: can you swim? They replied: No. 
He said to them: If you survive today, don't forget to learn how to swim. After that, the boat capsized, and only the ignorant young man survived because he was good at swimming.

My Dear Reader,
Examine yourself well, there is no human being on the face of the earth without talent or gift from God. Your abilities that seem worthless to you might save your life one day.

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7- Is God Unjust? Story With Moral Lesson

Story With Moral Lesson

Once upon a time, there was a woman who made a large dough every day, and she was selling it to fishermen and merchants to fill the cracks that occur in the boats. The woman used to take $1 for the dough she sold and buys food for her children.

One day the woman went to the sea to sell the dough, and while she was waiting for the boat, a crow came, snatched the dough from her hand, and flew away. The woman cried and said to her Lord: My children will die of hunger and I only have this dough, why did you let the crow steal the dough from me?

The poor woman went to the priest and asked him: Is God unjust?

Priest: God is not unjust.

Woman: Then why did he allow the crow to snatch the dough from my hand knowing that this dough was the only way that I feed my children.

Priest: You don't know God's wisdom in affairs measures, wait a little and God will compensate you twice as much. He loves you more than you can imagine.

During this conversation, ten merchants knocked on the door and said to the priest: today God saved us from death, the priest asked them to tell him what happened.

One of them said, we were in the middle of the sea and the boat collided with one of the rocks, cracks occurred, and the water started leaking inside the boat. We were going to drown, so we asked God to save us and each of us will give a hundred dollars to the poor. Suddenly a crow came carrying dough and threw it into the boat; we plugged the cracks and survived by an amazing miracle. Here are a thousand dollars, give them to the poor.

The merchants left, and the priest looked at the woman and said to her with a smile: God bought the dough from you for a thousand dollars instead of one dollar, go to feed your children and do not forget to thank your Lord.

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8- A Short Story About Gratitude

short stories with morals

A hungry person entered a restaurant, and after he finished eating, he asked the waitress to meet the restaurant manager, the girl was worried because the food was good, and the service was also excellent, so what is the reason for the complaint!

The girl drove the man to the manager's room, and the girl had told the manager in advance that there was a man who wanted to file a complaint, and she did not know the reason for the complaint.

The manager was smiling and welcomed the man in his office. The man sat down and said to the manager: I wanted to thank you. The food here is very delicious, the service is also perfect, and the prices are good.

The manager was very surprised and felt very relieved and real happiness because most of those who entered him filed complaints. And for the first time, the manager hears a word of thanks and gratitude.

The moral of the story
No one thinks about praise and encouragement when things are going well.

Be positive and always encourage people.

9- How To Be Without Enemies, Inspirational Short Story

Inspirational Short Story

In the past, one of the emperors of China swore before the ministers and the people that he would wipe out all his enemies.

All the people waited for the enemies to be killed, and the words moved among the people as follows, would the emperor cut off their heads, burn them or kill them by drowning.

But all the people's guesses were wrong. A week after the king's promise, all the king's enemies were present in the palace eating with the king and laughing with each other.

The ministers were very surprised, and one of them reminded the king of his promise to kill all his enemies.

The king said to the minister: I have already kept my word, now I have no enemies; I have made them my friends.

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10- A Short Story About Life

One of the painters drew a wonderfully beautiful painting. This painter thought that it was the most beautiful painting ever and in order to make sure that the painting had no defects, he placed it in a public square and wrote over it (If you see any mistake in the painting, put a red mark on it.)

The next day the painter returned and found hundreds of red marks in the painting, which spoiled its beauty. The painter was very sad, went to his teacher, and told him that he would leave the field of painting.

The teacher said to him: The fault is not in the painting; the fault is in the people who criticize everything that is beautiful, and in order to assure you that the painting has no errors, redraw it and put it in the same place and write over it (If you see any mistake in the painting take the brush and fix it.)

The painter redrawn the painting, placed it in the square, put a brush next to it, and wrote over the painting the message that the teacher told him to write. Surprisingly the painting remained for three days in the square without anyone approaching it.

The moral of the story is that most people are critics while few are reformers.
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