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11 Inspirational Short Stories About Anxiety And Depression

A wise man once said that anxiety does not prevent tomorrow's pain, but it steals the pleasure of the day, and another said that anxiety is one of the deadliest diseases in humans. Here's a collection of short stories about anxiety and depression.


Short Stories of Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

short stories about anxiety and depression

1- What Does Anxiety Do?

anxiety recovery stories

A girl went to the hospital; her temperature was very high, and she was suffering from joint pain in addition to severe anxiety. After two days, she asked the doctor how long would I continue in this condition, and how long am I going to spend in the hospital?

The doctor told her that the duration of the treatment would last about six months.

The girl asked him: Do you mean that I won't be able to get married before six months have passed?

He replied: Unfortunately, you will not be able to get married before six months.

This conversation took place in the evening and the next morning, her temperature returned to normal, the pain had disappeared from her joints, and the depression and panic disappeared from her face. The doctor could not find an explanation for this change, so he put her under observation for a few days and then told her to leave, but he didn't know the reason for the recovery of the girl.

After a month, the girl returned to the hospital in the same previous condition (high temperature, joint pain and excessive anxiety.) When the doctor examined the matter, it became clear that her father wanted her to marry a certain person because he would help him at work. The girl loved her father and wanted to do what he wants even though she didn't want to marry this man. For this reason, she suffered from these diseases.
When she knew from the doctor that she won't be able to get married for six months, she regained her health. And when the date of marriage approached, she got sick again.

The doctor said to her father, "there are no medicines to treat your daughter, and if you forced her into this marriage, she may become ill for the rest of her life. The only treatment is to give her the freedom of choice, and this is the best medicine for her." 
When her father told her that she wouldn't be forced into this marriage, she regained her health and her recovery was rapid and steady.

This story illustrates the great impact of psychological pain on human health, as thousands of people fall prey to diseases because of excessive anxiety.

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2- The Source of Happiness

John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller amassed a great fortune and established the world's largest company at the time (Standard Oil) but at the age of 53; he succumbed to the anxiety that destroyed his health. At this age, he developed a blood disease that led to his hair falling out.

Rockefeller was spending many hours in the bed in preparation for death and his health was extremely dangerous so doctors advised him to live on milk only. At that time, Rockefeller was the richest man in the world, and yet he lived on food not enough for a small child. His income was one million dollars a week, and yet he was spending only two dollars a week on his food.

Rockefeller turned into a skeleton covered with sallow skin, so what made him reach this situation?

It's anxiety, tension, and constant pressure. This man worshiped money, and there was nothing that excited him, and brought joy to his heart, more than hearing the success of a deal he made.

Once, he shipped tons of grain worth $40,000 through the Great Lakes without insuring the shipment, while insurance cost him no more than $150. On the night that the ship set sail, a strong storm blew, and Rockefeller was very worried about the cargo.

The next morning, Rockefeller asked his partner to hurry up and insure the cargo, so his partner rushed to the insurance company and paid 150 dollars. When he returned to him with the reassuring news, he found him in very bad condition because Rockefeller received a telegram informing him that the cargo had arrived at its destination safely.

Rockefeller felt depressed and sad because he spent 150 dollars for nothing, and he fell ill that day. When the doctor came and found him in danger because of his excessive anxiety, he gave him two options: quit work or die, so Rockefeller chose to quit work.

Rockefeller stopped thinking about collecting money for the first time because he realized that the money he collected did not bring him happiness, and he turned from a stingy person to a generous person and began donating millions of his money to charity. Peace and safety returned to him, and he felt great happiness that he had never felt before.

For the first time, anxiety had no power over him, and one day his company was sentenced to pay a huge fine. The lawyer was afraid to tell him the news so that he would not fall dead from the shock, but he tried to make it easy for him as much as he could. Finally, the lawyer told him the verdict, and he was very scared for him.

When Rockefeller heard the news, he smiled and said to the lawyer: Don't worry about me; money has no power over me, and there is nothing in this world that can take away my inner peace, good night my friend.

These words were spoken by the man who got sick one day because he lost $150, Rockefeller managed to overcome anxiety and this made him live a life full of inner peace. He was expected to die at the age of 53, but he lived to the age of 98. 
The good that Rockefeller had done and the many millions he had donated cured him of every disease.

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3- A Fugitive Without Chase

During the American Civil War, one of the residents of the South felt terrified when he heard the gunshots and saw the flames. The man lost his mind, left the village in the darkness of night, and headed towards the distant hills. He entered a deep cave and lived in one of the narrow cracks, and since that moment he lived in a state of panic and anxiety, and his relationship with the human world and sunlight was cut off.

The man began to live like animals, feeling his way in the darkness of the night, looking for water and food, and returning to his dark cave before dawn, he did not see anyone and no one saw him. After a few months, his clothes were torn, his nails grew long, his hair grew thick, and his back was bowed. Many years passed in which he did not meet any human being, so his feelings grew cold and he no longer remembered anything about humans.

Dozens of years passed, and the man forgot how to speak and the words between his lips turned into vague murmurs. He lived like animals until one of the scout missions found him and carried him to a psychiatric hospital. The man was feeling afraid and was suffering from a mental disorder, so he spent many months in the hospital until he regained his humanity.

It is the story of a man who preferred to escape from the known present to hide in the mysterious future and preferred to die in the dark instead of living in the light. And because of his choice, he lost his humanity and became an animal!

A lot of people waste their lives running away from things aren't chasing them.

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4- The Panicked Killer, Short Story About Anxiety

There was a young man living with his uncle, this man was the only heir to his uncle, so he killed him and started checking the place well until he was completely sure that there was no trace of his crime. After the funeral, while this young man was walking on the road, he met a police officer and the officer offered condolences to him.

After that, the officer asked him about a red dot on his shirt. The young man was very confused and worried, and because of the officer’s skill, he thought that he is the only heir and maybe he is the killer so he began investigating him. After the young man admitted everything that happened and confessed the details of his crime, the officer asked him to sign his statements.

The young man took the pen out of his shirt pocket and found that it was a red ink pen that caused the red dot, but due to his anxiety and fear, he confessed to the crime.

Some psychologists said that sometimes the killer passes the crime scene for a few days to make sure there is no trace of the crime!

5- Don’t Despair

Booth Tarkington

When Booth Tarkington became blind, he didn't feel anxiety and said, "If I had lost all my five senses, I would continue to live inside my mind, because we see with our mind and live by it."

“To be blind is not miserable; not to be able to bear blindness, that is miserable.”
John Milton

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6- The Only Solution Story

anxiety success stories

A man has been ill for a long time, during this time a skilled doctor was supervising him, and when the patient’s money ran out, the doctor kept supervising his treatment. A few days later, the man regained his health and received an envelope from the doctor. The man thought that the envelope contained the expenses of the medicine and the doctor’s fees. Due to his extreme poverty, he put the envelope in the drawer without thinking of opening it.

The man kept living in anxiety and depression, he found no taste for sleep or food, and he was thinking sadly about how to pay this great debt. After a long time, he decided to get rid of anxiety and open the envelope, and when he opened it, he was very surprised because he just found a message saying, "Thank god for your health" and there was no debt to pay.

The man did not believe his eyes and re-read the message many times. In the end, all the anxiety and depression disappeared from his heart, and he felt reassured and happy. Then he went to thank the doctor, who was a man of faith, when he became aware of the patient's poverty, he decided not to take any money from him.

Calm down and go to bed, what you're worried about is worthless.

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7- An Anxiety Success Story

depression and anxiety stories
Martin and Osa Johnson

The famous traveler Osa Johnson married Martin Johnson at the age of sixteen, and the couple spent a quarter of a century traveling from one country to another. During this period, they presented to the cinema images of primitive life that are on the verge of extinction in Asia and Africa.

When they returned to America, they intended to go around and give a series of lectures and show their famous films, and they boarded the plane from Denver heading to the coast. But unfortunately, the plane hit the top of a mountain and crashed and Martin died instantly.

The doctors estimated that Osa Johnson would never leave her bed after that day, but they didn't know her. Three months later, she was sitting in a wheelchair giving lectures to a large group of listeners, and in the following period, she gave more than a hundred lectures!

And when Dale Carnegie asked her why she did that?

She replied, "I did it, so I wouldn't have time for myself to be sad or worried."

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8- Fears And Illusions, Anxiety Short Story

The passengers of the train noticed that there was a woman who felt anxious and panic, whenever the conductor passed by, she would stop him and ask him many questions. One of the passengers asked the conductor, what was the woman worried about?
The conductor replied, "She is afraid that the bridges on which the train passes are unsafe, she is afraid that the train will be late, and she is afraid that she will not find the intended ship in its place upon arrival."
A lot of people, if there are no fears, they create them for themselves!

9- Unwarranted Anxiety

Dale Carnegie

In his childhood, Dale Carnegie would always panic when there was a storm or thunder in the sky, and he was always anxious. As the years went by, he found that 99% of the fears that caused him anxiety never occurred, and he realized that his excessive anxiety was unjustified.

My dear friend,
Some people suffer from the problem of anxiety, so we can call them (anxiety addicts) If there is nothing in their lives to worry about, they look for someone else's problems to worry about. Therefore, they deprive themselves of enjoying inner peace because of the feelings of anxiety that fill their lives.

Man cannot live in anxiety and peace at the same time.

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10- Anxiety About Nothing

One of the women said to her doctor if I went anywhere, I would tell myself after leaving the house.

- Maybe I forgot to turn off the power.

- Maybe the house caught on fire.

- Perhaps the children went out with their bicycles to the street and were run over by a car!

Therefore, I feel anxious and I hurry back to my house to make sure that nothing happened.

Anxiety steals the joy of life.

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 11- What Makes You Tired?

short stories about depression and anxiety

One of the doctors studied the case of 176 businessmen, and it became clear to him that more than a third of them suffered from one of three psychological diseases, all of which arise from nervous tension, which are heart disorders, stomach ulcers and blood pressure.

Sadly that the lives of businessmen are shattered because of anxiety!

Is this the price of success?

And what benefits a man if he won the whole world and lost his health?

Dale Carnegie says, I honestly prefer to be a simple farmer playing my guitar instead of destroying my health at the age of 45 to establish a company.

Dr. Alexis Carrel says, Businessmen who don't know how to fight anxiety die young.

And one of the American doctors says that 70% of patients who visit doctors can treat themselves on their own if they get rid of the anxiety and stress that dominates them.

There is no other way to get rid of anxiety other than to allow peace to enter our hearts.

Here's the end of the stories.
See you in new stories ❤️
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