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10 Inspirational Short Stories For Adults With Moral Lessons

Reading short stories brings many benefits to your mental health. When you feel anxious, you can read a story that brings peace and tranquility to your heart; when you feel like a failure, you can read success stories that give you motivation and encouragement; and when you feel sad, you can read stories that uplift your spirits and bring joy and happiness. Here's a collection of inspirational short stories for adults with valuable moral lessons.

Short Stories With Moral Lessons For Adults


1- Realistic Story That Happened In The Fourth Century BC

Short Stories For Adults With Moral Lesson

The Greek doctor, Agnodice, was born in the Greek capital, Athens, in 300 BC. At this time, women were prevented from practicing the medical profession after the rulers of Athens discovered that some female doctors perform abortions for pregnant women, so they made medicine limited to men only, and the woman who is caught practicing medicine was executed!

Agnodice was obsessed with medicine and wanted to learn medicine at all costs, so she disguised herself as a man, cut her hair, wore men's clothes, and entered the medical school in Alexandria.

One time, Agnodice was walking in the street, and she heard the sound of a woman’s cries at the moment of childbirth.

Agnodice ran towards the woman, disguised as a man to give birth to her, but the woman absolutely refused to be touched by any man despite the severe pain she was suffering from, because she wanted a woman doctor to give birth to her.

The woman was screaming in pain, so Agnodice took off her clothes in front of the woman to make sure that she was a woman like her, then Agnodes helped her to have her child. This story spread among all pepole and the women began to go to Agnodice.

The envy of male doctors increased, and they accused Agnodice of seducing women! Agnodice was arrested, and in order to prove her innocence before the court, she told them that she was a woman, so she was accused of breaking Greek law because she practiced medicine, and she was sentenced to death.

All women revolted against this ruling, especially the wives of the judges, including the judge who sentenced her to death, and all the women said that if Agnodice was executed, they would all commit suicide and die with her.

The judges could not bear the pressure of their wives, so the death penalty was lifted for Agnodice, and since that time women were allowed to practice the medical profession, but they specialized in gynecological diseases only, and in this way Agnodice left her mark in history as the first Greek doctor.

Moral of the Story:
Do what you love and fight all the restrictions that prevent you from achieving your dream.

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2- Who Is Right? Short Story For Adults With Moral Lesson

short story for adults with moral lesson

A man married a beautiful and kind woman, but most of her family members suffer from hearing impairment. Years passed, and the husband felt that his wife's hearing was declining.

The husband went to the doctor and asked him about a way to find out if his wife was suffering from hearing impairment or not. The doctor said to him: stand fifteen meters away and call out to your wife, and if she doesn't hear you, you have to get closer to her so she can hear you.

The husband returned home, found his wife preparing lunch, so he stood fifteen meters away, and asked her: What are you cooking today?

She did not answer him so the husband came closer, stood at a distance of ten meters, and asked her the same question, but his wife did not hear him. The husband approached more, stood only five meters away, and asked her the same question for the third time, but unfortunately, his wife did not answer him.

Finally, the husband stood behind his wife and said to her, "My love, what are you cooking tonight?" The wife got angry and said to him, "This is the fourth time I tell you that I cook garlic chicken and potatoes!"

The Moral:
Do not look at yourself that you are always right, as the problem may be with you if you look with an eye of neutrality.

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3- The Story of The Countess And Her Maid

stories for adults with moral lesson

During the French Revolution, the Countess Labiani and her maid were imprisoned. The Countess was sentenced to death, she sat crying and was trembling with fear, and she cried for a long time until she felt tired and lost consciousness.

Countess Labiani regained consciousness after a while, and she did not find her maid beside her. The strange thing is that the Countess found herself dressed in her maid's clothes, and she did not find her clothes in the room at all.

A few minutes later, one of the soldiers opened the cell. The Countess knew that the time for execution had come and that the soldier had come to take her to the gallows. But, amazingly the soldier said to her: Go in peace, your lady Countess Labiani was executed this morning.

The countess used to treat the maid with love, tenderness and humility, and she treated her like her sister and not just a maid. So the maid exchanged her cloth with the cloth of the Countess and said to the soldier; I am the Countess Labiani and died for her in a noble story of redemption and sacrifice.

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4- Story about illusion

short story with moral lesson for adults

In one of the foodstuff trading companies, there was a giant refrigerator to freeze food. One day, a worker entered this refrigerator to organize food boxes, and by mistake, the refrigerator door was closed while the worker was inside.

The worker knocked on the refrigerator door a lot, but unfortunately, no one heard him. The day ended, the workers closed the company, and they forgot this man. The worker sat waiting for his fate and was very afraid because this day was Saturday, which means that the next day is an official holiday, so he had to sleep two nights in this cold refrigerator.

On Monday morning, the workers opened the company and found that their colleague dead, and found a piece of paper written on it: "I am locked in the refrigerator, and none of you can hear me. I feel that the tips of my hands and feet have begun to freeze, and I can't move because of the severe cold."

The worker kept writing, but the line began to weaken little by little until it was completely cut off.

The strange thing about this incident was that the refrigerator was closed and did not connect to electricity at all! As employees turned off the refrigerator power before the company closed.

Dear reader, what killed this worker from your point of view?

This worker thought it was too cold in the refrigerator, and he persuaded himself that he would die from the severity of the cold, so he died! And who killed him was illusion, not the cold.

My Friend.. 
Studies have proven that what a person thinks in their mind can influence their reality. For example, if there is a poor man who tells himself every day: I will live poor and die poor! He is likely to spend his entire life in poverty and never experience wealth. Even if there are thousands of opportunities for him to become wealthy, he may not recognize them because his subconscious mind has become accustomed to poverty.

5- The Story of The Peace Painting

Short Stories For Adults With Moral Lessons

One of the wealthy kings offered a big prize to whoever paints a painting expressing peace. All artists participated in this competition and painted numerous paintings expressing peace.

The king admired only two paintings and wanted to choose between them. The first painting was a quiet lake that reflects the king's palace and the surrounding mountains, behind the mountains, the artist painted the sky and clouds impressively. The painting was very beautiful and expresses the complete peace.

As for the second painting, it was a group of rugged mountains! And the sky in the painting was raining, in addition to the steep waters of the waterfall.

The king searched a lot for anything in the painting that would give him peace until he found a bunch of beautiful herbs growing between the rocks behind the waters of the waterfall, and there was a small nest on these herbs was built by a beautiful bird and the bird was resting in peace and quiet amid all this noisy atmosphere full of turmoil.

In your opinion, which of the two paintings wins?

The king chose the second painting, and gave its owner a large prize, after which he said to all those present:

Peace does not mean being in a place free of troubles and problems, but true peace is being in the midst of all these problems and disturbances and maintaining your calmness and inner peace. This is the true meaning of peace.

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6- Realistic Bedtime Story With Moral Lesson

bedtime stories for adults
Paulo Coelho, author of The Alchemist

The famous Brazilian novelist Paulo Coelho wrote a short story in which he said: The father was reading the newspaper, but his young son was bothering him a lot and asking him to stop reading the newspaper to play with him. The father was tired of his naughty son, so he cut the world map from the newspaper and asked his son to reassemble the map.

The father did this in order to read the newspaper quietly, and he thought that his son would be busy all day collecting the map, but after only fifteen minutes, the son returned to his father and gave him the world map arranged!

The father was very surprised and asked his son: Did your mother taught you geography?

The child replied: No, but on the other side of the paper there was a picture of a human being, and when I reconstituted the human being, I rebuilt the world.

It was a spontaneous phrase from a young child, but it was beautiful and deeply meaningful.

Moral of the Story: 
When you rebuild people, you rebuild the world.

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7- The Story of The Old Woman And The Train

Short stories with moral lessons for adults

This story tells about an old woman who rode a train passing through beautiful landscapes, this woman was the first time to ride a train in her life, so she was very happy with this experience that she had never lived before.

The woman got on the train and sat on a torn seat, so she got angry and left this seat and sat in another seat, but she was disturbed by the new seat because of a small child who was crying, so she left the new seat and sat in the back of the train, but the seat was hot because of the hot sun, so she left this place as well and kept looking for a quiet seat.

After a while, the woman found a comfortable seat in a special place; The woman was very happy and sat down to enjoy the beautiful scenic views, but at that moment the journey ended, and the train reached its destination, the woman was very sad and said: If I knew that the trip was so short, I would have sat anywhere to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Moral:
If you are satisfied, you will enjoy every detail in your life. And if you complained, you will live miserably all your life.

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8- Short Story With Moral Lesson For Adults

stories for adults with valuable moral lessons

The young American Johnson was working in a carpentry workshop. Johnson spent his entire youth working in this workshop, and when he reached the age of forty; His boss told him that he didn't want him to work with him anymore because he no longer needed him in the workshop!

The young man was sad and depressed and thought about the years of his life that were lost in this workshop and the wasted effort he made without any compensation, so he became despair and was thinking about suicide because he had no other source of livelihood.

Johnson told his wife what happened to him and decided to mortgage the house in which he lives and works in the construction profession. His first attempt in freelancing was that he built two small houses. Johnson succeeded in his first project, he completed many small projects and he became a specialist in the construction of small houses in a short time.

Through five years of continuous effort, Johnson became very famous and made a great fortune, and built many healing homes around the world.

Do you know who this young man is?

He is the American millionaire Wallace Johnson, co-founder of Holiday Inn.

Johnson says in his memoirs:
If I knew where the boss who fired me several years ago, I would go to him to thank him. When this situation happened to me, I suffered a lot and was frustrated, but now I understand the wisdom of God who closed a door in my face to open a better one for me and my family.

9- The Arrogant Miser Story

inspirational short stories for adults

The story tells about a very rich and stingy man named Idris. Everyone hated dealing with him because of his extreme stinginess.

One day while Idris was walking in the market, he collided with a simple and poor man carrying a flour bag on his shoulder; The man lost his balance, and the flour bag fell from his shoulder and scattered on Idris's clothes.

Idris lost his nerve and hit the poor man so hard. The poor man apologized to him a lot, but Idris did not have mercy on him. There was a generous and brave young man from a rich class is called Waleed, he heard the screams of the poor man. Waleed rushed to rescue the poor man and asked Idris: why are you hitting this man?
Idris said: The flour he carries damaged my pants.

Waleed said: This happened unintentionally, and you have the right to ask for compensation, but you do not have the right to hit him.

Idris said: Well, this pants costs 100 dinars, and this poor person must pay the price of the pants until I leave him to go away.

The poor man cried because he didn't have the amount, and everyone present tried to persuade Idris to give up his right, but he refused to have mercy on the poor and insisted on taking 100 dinars from him. Waleed gave 100 dinars to Idris who was very happy with this amount, and when Idris wanted to leave, Waleed said to him: Take off the pants you are wearing, it's mine now.

Idris said: I will go to my house and send you the pants with one of the servants. Waleed refused and said: I want my pants now, you will not move a single step with my pants, you refused to have mercy on the poor man, so I will not have mercy on you.

Idris was confused a lot, it is impossible to take off the pants in the street, and it was difficult for him to give him a hundred dinars, especially since this amount is much more than the price of the pants. In the end Idris said to Waleed: Well, I'll buy the pants from you for a hundred dinars.

Waleed refused and said to Idris: I will sell you the pants for 200 dinars.

Idris said: You bought the pants from me for a hundred dinars, and now you want to sell it for two hundred dinars! This is unreasonable. Waleed said: This is my pants and I estimate it at this price, if you want to buy it pay for it now and if you do not want to buy it take it off now.

Idris kept begging Waleed to take the 100 dinars and leave him, but Waleed refused to leave him and insisted on taking 200 dinars from him and all those present stood beside Waleed.

In the end, Idris had to pay Waleed two hundred dinars and left the place while he was broken and almost died of sadness and heartbreak.

Waleed took one hundred dinars for him and gave one hundred dinars to the poor man, who was very happy and thanked Waleed a lot, because he restored his consideration.

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10- Inspiring Story About Friendship

story for adults about friendship

There has been two friends since childhood; They loved each other very much, and one day the mother of one of them got sick, so he called his friend and said to him while he was crying: My mother is very sick, and I do not have the price of treatment.

His friend said to him: don't worry, I will get the money then calling you.

After an hour, the friend called his friend and found his phone turned off! And when he went to his house, he did not find him.

He tried to borrow the price of the medicine, but he did not find anyone to lend him the price of treatment. The young man was very sad because of his mother’s illness, and more sad because his friend let him down.

The young man returned home and found his mother asleep with medicine next to her.

The young man was very happy and asked his sister, who brought the medicine? She said to him: your friend came a while ago and asked me about the name of the treatment, and then he went quickly, bought the medicine, and left a short while ago after checking on our mother.

The young man rushed out to look for his friend and when he found him, he told him, "I tried to reach you a lot, but your phone was always switched off."

His friend replied: I could not get the price of treatment, so I sold the phone to buy medicine for our mother.

Moral of the Story:
Sometimes it is God's gift to us is a friend.

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