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10 Relaxing Bedtime Stories For Adults For Peaceful Sleep

If you are feeling bored or depressed, We advise you to read short stories. Reading stories has many amazing benefits for adults and children because it makes you feel comfortable and joyful and gives you reassurance and inner peace. Bedtime stories are considered an effective way to relieve stress, improve mood, and feel happiness and psychological comfort. Here is a collection of relaxing bedtime stories for adults for a deep and peaceful sleep.

Relaxing Sleep Stories For Adults


1- Short Story About Loyalty

relaxing bedtime stories for adults 
One morning, an old man over eighty years old went to the hospital to remove some stitches from his hand. The old man said to the nurse: Please hurry. I have an important appointment in an hour.

The nurse thought that he wanted to meet the doctor, so she said to him, while removing the stitches: The doctor did not come today, you have to come tomorrow if you want to meet him.

The old man said: I am going to have breakfast with my dear wife at the nursing home.

The nurse wondered and asked, why is your wife in a nursing home?

The old man replied: She has been living in the nursing home for 10 years ago because she suffers from memory impairment.

The nurse was amazed and asked him again: Will anything happen if you are a little late for your wife?

The old man said: No, nothing happened; she hasn't remembered me and doesn't know who I am!

The nurse asked him: And you still go to have breakfast with her even though she does not remember you and does not know you.

The old man smiled and said to her: She doesn't know who I am, but I know who she is ❤️

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2- A True Story About Compassion

relaxing bedtime story for adults

This is a true story that happened in Egypt. The story tells of an old man entered a car park and got into a car that was missing one person.

The old man said to the driver: my son, I don't have any money, can anyone pay the fare for me?

The driver said: Don’t worry father; your fare is paid.

After that, the driver collected money and found fare 13 people extra, which means that all the people in the microbus paid the fare of an extra person.

The driver laughed and said: I told myself that I would find extra fare of one or two people, but all of you paid double the fare for this good man.

The driver took out the entire extra fare, gave it to the old man and said to him: This money is your livelihood, father.

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3- Calm Bedtime Story For Adults

calm bedtime story
The story tells of a good father named Zakaria whose wife died, so he lived with his only son, Fares. After a while, Zakaria wanted to marry a pious woman in order to raise his son.

Zakaria married a widow who had a son of the same age as Fares. The new wife treated Fares very harshly because he was better than her son, and he always got higher grades than her son in school.

Days passed, and Zakaria died, and Fares lived with his father’s widow and her son a very difficult life. The woman treated Fares badly; she made him do all the housework, and she gave him a little food. As for her son, she did not deprive him of anything.

Fares left his father's house and went to live with his aunt. Fares' aunt was a good woman, so she welcomed Fares in her home and did not differentiate between him and her sons. At this time, Fares was in secondary school, so he studied hard until he entered medical school, and his aunt helped him in that, because she prepared a calm and comfortable atmosphere in her home.

On the other hand, his father's widow lived with her only son, gave him all her money, sold her gold, and gave him its price, so he could open a project, but her son took his mother's money and traveled outside the country.

The widow lived alone and sad until she became seriously ill. No one asked about her, not even her son! Fares heard about the illness of his father's widow, so he did not hesitate for a moment to visit her, and when he went to her, the woman was very surprised by Dr. Fares's visit to her, despite what she did to him.

The woman thanked Fares very much and apologized profusely for her bad treatment of him. As for Fares, he never blamed his father’s widow, but rather he treated her, bought medicines for her, and followed up her health condition until she overcame the disease. Fares continued to visit his father's widow to compensate her for the absence of her son.

Days and years passed, and the woman died. After her death, her son came from abroad to inherit the land that his mother inherited from her father. The son was waiting to know what his mother wrote in the will.

After the funeral had been over, the lawyer opened the will, and the will was written in it: I write this land that I inherited from my father and grandparents to my son and beloved Fares.

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4- The Story of The Twins

relaxing sleep story
The story tells about two twin brothers, one of whom was optimistic, and the other was pessimistic. On their birthday, their father brought the most expensive and luxurious gifts for the pessimistic boy and brought a very simple gift for the optimistic boy.

The father put the gifts in their rooms, and put cameras to see the reaction of his children. When the pessimistic boy entered his room and saw the gift, he opened it and said loudly: I do not like the color of this computer, and this car is small, my cousin has a car bigger than it and the child sat complaining because he didn't like the gifts.
As for the optimistic child, he opened the gift and found inside it a few grams of rose seeds. The child was very happy and jumped on the bed with happiness.

He placed the seeds on the window and balcony of his room, and placed some of them next to his room and said: My room will be more beautiful than before after the flowers have bloomed.

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5- Relaxing Bedtime Story For Adults

calming sleep stories for adults
In 2002, there was an Egyptian student studying at the Faculty of Engineering at Alexandria University. The student was from a simple family; his father was an employee and his mother was a housewife.

One day, the student went with some college classmates to eat in a restaurant in Alexandria. After they had eaten, they went out one by one, and left this young man alone in the restaurant.

The student sat alone for a full hour, and his classmates did not come again. After a while, the young man realized that his classmates did this on purpose and put him in an embarrassing position, but he did not doubt them at all and did not know if this happened because of his excessive kindness or because of his stupidity!

The young man got up and asked the cashier: How much is the bill?

Cashier: 250 pounds.

The young man felt very shocked and embarrassed, because he only had 35 pounds in his pocket. After that, he asked the cashier to meet the owner of the restaurant. After the restaurant owner came, the student told him the situation that happened to him, took out his ID card, gave it to the man, and said to him: Keep the card with you to guarantee your right, and I promise you that tomorrow I will get you 250 pounds.

The restaurant owner smiled and said: Keep your card with you, and when you have money, give me the amount and if you don’t return it, I will forgive you.

The student thanked the restaurant owner very much, he went and came to him the next day as he promised and gave him 250 pounds. At first, the owner of the restaurant refused to take the money but after a strong insistence, he took the money. After that, the young man thanked him again for his respectful manner and went.

A year passed, and the young man graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, and traveled to Germany. After 10 years of success and work in Germany, he returned to Egypt.

The engineer was walking in the streets of Alexandria, and he passed by the street in which the restaurant was located. He remembered what had happened to him 10 years ago and decided to enter and greet the owner of the restaurant, but he found the restaurant closed, so he asked for the address of the restaurant owner and went to his house.

The engineer went to the restaurant owner's house. The restaurant owner did not remember him, but the engineer told him what had happened between them a while ago and reminded him of the noble stance that he did with him. The restaurant owner remembered him, thanked him for his visit, and they sat down to drink tea.

The engineer asked the man: Why is the restaurant closed?

Man: The restaurant has a lot of debts and taxes, and I could not pay the workers’ salaries, so I closed it for a while until I paid my debts first.

Engineer: How much do you owe, so you can open the restaurant again?

Man: It's a big sum, about 120,000 pounds.

Engineer: Can we have lunch together tomorrow?

The man said to him, you could come at any time; this house is your house.

The engineer came the next day, and after they ate together, the engineer gave him more than 120,000 pounds and told him: Next week, I will eat at your restaurant.

The man was surprised by the engineer’s stance and completely refused to take the money, but the engineer insisted on giving him the money.

The man cried from the situation and said to the engineer: Yesterday I prayed and asked God to send me the money, but I cannot believe that God responded so quickly.

After that, the man took out trust receipt for the engineer to guarantee his rights. The engineer smiled and said: Do you remember 10 years ago when you refused to take my card and told me: when you have money, give me the amount, and if you don’t return it, I will forgive you. Today I am telling you that I will not take a trust receipt from you under any circumstances.

The man cried, hugged the engineer, thanked him very much for his noble stance, and agreed with the engineer to come after a week to eat in the restaurant.

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6- A True Story About Trust

calming sleep story
One day a man adopted a dog from a dog shelter. The man took the dog and went to his house, and after putting food for him, he left him and went into his room to sleep.

The man woke up at night and found the dog standing in front of his room, watching him while he was sleeping. The situation was repeated many times, and the dog was staying up all night watching the man and sleeping a little in the daytime. The man felt anxious and put a barrier in his room so that the dog would not enter the bedroom, as shown in the picture.

The man decided to play with the dog all day until he got tired and slept at night, but the dog did not sleep at night and stayed up watching the man, so the man took the dog and went to the doctor. After examining him, the doctor told him that the dog was in good health and did not suffer from any diseases.

In the end, the man went to the dog shelter and told the owner of the shelter what was happening, hoping he might find an explanation there.

The owner of the shelter said to him: When the owner of the dog wanted to get rid of him, he put a sleeping pill for him in the food, and when the dog ate and fell asleep, the man took him and brought him here. When the dog woke up, he searched for his friend a lot, but he did not find him, and he felt afraid when he found himself in a strange place among strange people.

In order for our friend to regain the dog’s trust in humans, he removed the barrier that he had placed at the door of his room then brought the dog into his room to sleep next to him.

The dog slept deeply, and from that time on, he slept throughout the night every day after feeling safe and confident.

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7- Short Story About Integrity

relaxing sleep stories for adults
This picture for a marathon in which many young people participated. A Kenyan runner was leading the race, and in second place directly behind him, was a Spanish runner. He tried with all his speed to overtake the Kenyan runner, but he could not.

A few meters before the end of the marathon, the Kenyan runner stopped, thinking that the race was over and stood to celebrate the victory.

The Spanish runner had a great opportunity to win the race, but he quickly went to the Kenyan runner and said to him: Brother, you have not reached the finish line yet.

My Dear,
To climb to the top of success with your personal effort is better than climbing on the mistakes of others.

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8- The Story of The Argentine People And The Eggs!

sleep stories for adults calm
A few years ago, poultry and egg merchants in Argentina agreed to raise the prices of eggs for the Argentine people, believing that the people would submit to them and their greed, but the opposite of what they expected happened.

When the citizens knew the new prices of eggs, they refrained from buying eggs and left them to spoil in the stores. When the cars that distributed the eggs came, the store owners refused to take any new quantities.

The entire people refused to buy eggs with the new prices, so the merchants returned the eggs to store them in the warehouses, waited three days for people to come back to buy eggs, but nothing changed, and the people were firm on their position.

After several days, the merchants agreed to sell eggs at the previous prices before the rise, but something unexpected happened, as the Argentine people refused to buy eggs even though their prices had decreased so that the merchants would be polite and not raise the prices of eggs again.

The losses accumulated on the greedy merchants and in the end they made an official apology to the Argentine people in all the newspapers and promised them not to repeat what happened, they announced that they would sell eggs at a quarter of their price.

The people won their battle against the merchants and were able to buy eggs at a 75% discount from their original price.

The Argentine people are conscious, cohesive and united. They govern themselves, and no one can control them.

9- Calming Sleep Story

calm bedtime stories for adults
One time, a teacher handed papers to her students and asked them to write down what they wished for or what they wanted to happen to them.

A few minutes later, the teacher took the papers and went to her house to review what the students had written. After reviewing the papers, she found many wishes, such as:

I want to become a doctor.
I hope to travel to Spain.

There are many wishes like these, but what caught the teacher’s attention was a paper with a big wish. As soon as she read it, she cried. Her husband entered and asked her why she was crying. She gave him the paper and asked him to read it, and it was written on it:

Lord, I ask you to turn me into a television! I want to take the place of the television that in our house, I want to have a special place in the heart of my father and mother, I want my family to gather around me and hear me when I want to tell them something, I want my father to sit with me like he sits in front of the TV for long periods, I want my mother to follow me and take care of me like she follows the series, I want my family to leave everything to spend some time with me, and finally I hope that they are happy with me being with them!

The husband was affected by this strange wish and said to his wife:

It seems that this child is sad and that his parents are negligent towards him, they are the main reason for his sadness and unhappiness, but why are you crying? This matter is not worth all this crying!

His wife replied to him and said: The writer of this wish is our son!

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10- Relaxing Sleep Story

relaxing stories for adults
This story tells about a very rich man who decided to pay the debt to any of the people of his city who had debts, so he wrote a paper and said in it: Tomorrow from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm I will be in my office to pay your debts, so if you have any debt, come on time and I will pay it to you. After that, he asked one of the workers to hang this paper all over the city so that all people can see it.

The next day, the rich man opened the door of his office and waited for people to come to him. Many people came and found the rich man’s office open as he said, but none of them entered. Some said there is certainly a trick in this matter and others said this is a lie, this man could not pay all these debts.

After a while, an old man came, passed in front of the people, entered the rich man’s office, gave him a piece of paper and said to him: Sir, these are all my debts; I tried to pay them off, but I could not because of my extreme poverty, I hope to God that I die free of all these debts.

The rich man gave the old man a large sum of money to pay off his debt. The old man thanked him very much and said to him: I must go out now and tell everyone standing outside that you are honest in your promise.

The man said: Slow down, Father, please stay here until two o’clock, anyone who enters, I will pay his debt as I promised, and if they do not enter, I will not pay their debts.

During this period, people were saying: If the rich man had paid the old man’s debt, he would have come out and would have told us about it. The people continued to mock and complain in front of the rich man’s office until two o’clock came, and the old man came out with the money in his hand, so people rushed to enter the rich man office, but one of the security men locked the door and told the people: The specified time is over.

People deeply regretted that they missed a great opportunity to pay off their debts and only the old man benefited from this generous offer.

Here's the end of the stories.
See you in new stories ❤️
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