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Top 12 Folklore Stories From Around The World

Folklore stories are one of the best ways to transfer knowledge between people because folktale stories combine people's heritage from popular fables, and myths consistent with moral values and principles. And reading this type of story helps promote cultural depth between different races, nationalities and cultures.

Best Folk Stories From Around The World

1-  The Beautiful Gypsy Girl Story

Folklore Stories From Around The World
Once upon a time, there was a sweet gypsy girl playing around a tree. One of the ministers saw her, fell in love with her and asked her to marry him and live with him in his palace. She said to him, No sir, your mother won't accept a poor gypsy girl like me. The minister was determined, so he kidnapped her and when he brought her to the palace, his mother didn't agree to marry a gypsy girl, and she said to him, you must kill her in the old forest, strip her, leave her naked as her mother gave birth to her, and bring me her clothes and her heart.

The minister agreed and told his mother that her request would be implemented after a week. The poor girl stayed in the palace for a week and the minister was raping her daily. A week later, the minister took the girl to the old forest where there were many wild animals. The minister said to the gypsy girl: I must kill you and take your clothes and heart to show to my mother.

The girl begged him not to kill her and said to him, There is a cat in this forest her heart is exactly like mine, take her heart and I will give you all my clothes and in this way your mother will be sure that you killed me. The minister agreed, took her clothes, killed the cat and took her heart, and left the girl alone and naked to meet her fate.

The girl walked a lot until she found a road through the forest and stood behind a tree, hoping that someone might pass and rescue her. After a while, a handsome young man on a horse passed by, the girl was afraid and thought that the minister came back to kill her. The young man heard a voice behind the tree and said in a loud voice: If you are a ghost, move away, and if you are a human being, speak.

The poor girl said, I'm a human being like you, but please do not come near me because I'm naked. The young man took off his coat and threw it to her, then turned to the other side, so she can wear the coat without embarrassment. After that, he took her on his horse, and they set off, there was no talk between them until they reached the king's palace. The girl said, why did you come to the royal palace? He replied, "I am the prince of the country, come with me and don't worry."

The girl entered the palace with the king, and his mother was astonished when she saw with her son a beautiful woman, her beautiful black hair hanging down in long braids. The king's mother took care of her and dressed her in very luxurious clothes until she became more beautiful than before. The king's mother asked the gypsy to marry her son because she is the most beautiful woman in the country, and It is an old custom that the king must marry the prettiest girl in the kingdom he rules.

The king invited all the inhabitants of the kingdom to attend his wedding ceremony. All the people and ministers came to bless the king, among them there was the minister who raped the gypsy girl and threw her in the forest, and there was also his mother who was very afraid to tell the king what they did to her. The king said, “Who has an amusing story to tell us?” Some people told entertaining folk tales, and then the gypsy girl asked the king to let her tell a story, the king said: Go ahead, my beautiful girl.

The girl said: There was an innocent gypsy girl playing around a tree, and one of the rich ministers kidnapped her, raped her, threw her in the forest, and left her there without clothes. After that, she pointed out the minister and his mother and said to them, “Tell us the rest of the story so that everyone knows what you did to the poor gypsy girl.”

Now the king knew why he found his wife naked in the forest, so he arrested the minister and ordered to hang him to be an example for any man who hurt any girl. In the past, laws prevented the execution of women, so the king ordered the minister's mother to be imprisoned for life, and from this moment on she never saw the sun again. As for the gypsy girl, she lived happily with her husband and his kind mother.

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2- The Arrogant Princess, Folklore Story From Ireland

Folk Stories From Around The World
It is said that there was a great king who had a very beautiful daughter, but she was arrogant and conceited. Many kings and princes proposed to her, but she rejected them all. When her father got tired of her arrogance, he decided to invite all the kings, princes, and nobles he knew to give her a last chance to choose between them, and the next morning they arrived at the palace, they all stood in one row, and the princess walked in front of them to see them.

She said to the fat man: I will not marry you, elephant! She said to the tall and skinny one: I will not marry you, sugarcane! And she said to the one with the very white face: I will not marry you, pale. The princess stopped for a longer period in front of the last of them who was a handsome young man who had no apparent defect except for his large brown mustache. The princess looked at him a lot and then said: However, I will not marry you, brown bear!

Thus, her father's efforts went to no avail, so he became angry and said to her: you will marry the first groom who proposes to you even if he is a beggar, as a punishment for your arrogance. The next morning, a beggar came to the palace and said to the prince: I love the princess very much, and I want to marry her! The prince welcomed the beggar and summoned the priest who came immediately, and the king married the princess to that poor beggar. The princess shouted and cried a lot, but the king did not care and said to the beggar: Take your wife with you and leave immediately, and don't let me see your faces anymore!

The groom set off with the angry princess; the only thing that calmed her down was her husband’s gentle manner. They passed by a very beautiful forest, so the princess asked him: who owned this forest?

He replied: The owner of this forest is the king with the big brown mustache, and then he gave her the same answer when she asked him about the plains and the cornfields and finally about a wonderful city they passed through. She said to herself: If it weren't for my foolishness, that king would be my husband now! In the end, they reached a simple hut, and the poor princess asked him: Why are we here? He replied: This is my home, and now it is yours. The princess wailed and cried, but hunger and fatigue forced her to enter without objection.

There was no table or fireplace in the hut, so she had to help her husband prepare firewood, light the stove, cook dinner, and wash the dishes. The next day, her clothes became dirty, so she had to wear a burlap dress.

The princess cleaned and arranged the place every day, and when she had finished all the work in the hut, she used to work on the spinning wheel, so the princess never rested and lost her soft hand from excessive work.

Days passed, and her husband told her: You will work as a cook in the palace kitchen. Thus, the poor woman was forced to sacrifice her pride once again, but her new job kept her busy all the time. In the second week of her work, a big celebration was held on the occasion of the king's marriage to a bride who is still unidentified.

That evening, when she finished her work, she sat with the servants to watch the celebration. Meanwhile, her husband came, and he was wearing very luxurious clothes, he grabbed his wife’s hand, pulled her into the hall and began dancing with her to the tunes of classical music.

The princess was very embarrassed, and everyone looked at her with disgust. Her husband said to her: Do you not know me? I am the king with the brown mustache! I cut off the brown mustache, disguised myself as a beggar, and married you. All of this was in agreement with your father so that you stop vanity and pride.

The princess did not know what to say or what else to feel, shame, fear, or happiness, but love is the most feeling that entered her heart at this moment. The princess cried like children and threw her head on her husband's chest. After a short time, she was prepared with luxurious wedding clothes, and the princess's father and mother came to participate in the celebration.

The attendees did not understand what exactly happened between the king and the maid, but the sight of the princess when she returned as a radiant bride made them forget everything, and they all indulged in the most wonderful wedding that had never been done before.

3- The Three Tips, Old Story From Italy

One day a man left his country heading to a new area and there he entered a monastery to serve, and after spending time serving faithfully, he wished to see his wife and his homeland, so he said to the head of the monastery, I have served you all this time sincerely, but I want to return to my country now.

The abbot replied: well my son but before you go, I will give you three pieces of advice. First, when you change your old way, you will face trouble. The second, Watch a lot and talk a little. And the third, Think about your actions well before you do them. Well-thought-out actions are wiser and more beneficial. After that, the abbot gave him a loaf and said to him: divide it in half when you are happy.

The good man left, and on his way back home, he met a group of travelers. The travelers told him: we would take the nearby road because it is short. Would you like to come with us? The man thought for a moment and then remembered the abbot's advice and answered them: Thank you my friends I will continue to go on this road, and when he reached the middle of the road, he heard the sound of shooting. He looked from afar and found that a group of thieves had killed the travelers. The man thanked his God and continued on his way.

While he was walking, he reached a large house so he entered asking for food. The owners of the house gave him a large plate of delicious meat, but when the man put his fork in the piece of meat, he discovered that it's human flesh! He wanted to ask the owner of the house about the significance of providing meat like this, but he remembered the second tip "Watch a lot and talk a little" then he thanked the house owner for hosting him. The owner of the house said: well done my son you saved yourself from death because anyone who inquired about my food was killed immediately and cooked, the man thanked him then left this ominous house.

The man arrived at his homeland and went to his house, but he didn't find his wife, he found a well-prepared table for two people with two cups, two forks, and two plates. The man said to himself, how is this? I left my wife alone and here I am seeing a table prepared for two! Therefore, he hid under the bed to find out what's going on. His wife entered the house carrying a jug of water, soon afterward a strange young man came, and the woman hugged and kissed him.

The man became angry and almost went out and killed them, but he remembered the third advice of the abbot, so he retracted his action and kept watching them. During their conversation, the wife said to the young man, I haven't seen you for a long time, but God has compensated me with a husband who was a brother, father, and mother to me.

This man was her brother whom she didn't see for many years, and when the husband concluded that he was her brother, he came out from under the bed laughing from the intensity of joy, and then he embraced and kissed them. After that, he remembered the loaf that his master gave him to eat when he is happy, and when he divided the loaf, gold coins fell from it. The abbot had hidden them in the loaf as a reward for him if he carried out the three tips.
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4- The Angel And The Three Brothers, Story From Serbia

Three poor brothers lived together and they only had a guava tree, they cared about it very much and every day the tree was guarded by one of the three while the others went out of the house. One day God sent an angel to see how these poor lives and ordered him to help them if he found their lives to be too miserable. When the angel went down to earth, took the form of a beggar, went to the guava tree and found the older brother, so he asked him to give him a piece of fruit. The brother plucked some fruits, gave them to the beggar, and said, "Take these fruits from my share, because I cannot give you from the rations of my brothers." The angel thanked the man and went.

On the morning of the second day, the second brother stayed to guard the tree, and the angel came again and begged him to give him a fruit, so the man took some of the fruits and gave them to the angel, saying, "Take this from my fruits, but the fruits of my brothers I do not dare to give you from it." On the third day, the third brother remained at home with the tree, and the angel came as the previous two times and asked for some fruits. The third brother gave him some fruits from his portion and he didn't touch the portions of his brothers.

The angel appeared again, but in the form of a monk, and went to the house of the three brothers and said to them: Come with me, I will give you anything you wish in this world, the three brothers followed the monk until they reached to stream then the angel said to the elder brother, Ask and wish, the man said I hope this stream will turn into wine, and this wine is mine. The angel drew a mark in the air with his stick, and in the blink of an eye the wine flowed instead of water, and on the banks of the stream, there were hundreds of barrels and men working under his command then the angel said to the elder brother, this is all you wanted, take care of yourself.

After that, the angel said to the middle brother, ask and wish, the man said, "I hope all these pigeons will turn into sheep and these sheep will be mine!" Again, the angel drew a mark in the air with his stick, and immediately all the pigeons turned into sheep and there were thousands of sheep in addition to hundreds of shepherds under the command of the man. Then the angel told him, this is what you wished, so live your life.

The angel went to the younger brother and said to him, "Ask what you want. The man said I hope that God will give me a pious and kind wife. Therefore, the angel drew in the air with his stick, and immediately a beautiful and kind girl appeared. After that, they got married and lived in the woods.

After a period of life, the Lord sent the angel again and said to him: go down and see how those brothers living. The angel descended to the earth as the previous time in the form of a beggar and went to the first brother who had a torrent of wine and asked him for a cup of wine, but the man refused to give him saying: if I give everyone who asks, I will waste everything I have! And when the angel heard that, he drew with his stick a mark in the air, and the torrent began to flow with water as it was in the beginning, and the angel said to the elder brother, this was not yours! Now go back to the guava tree to guard it.

After that, the angel went to the middle brother, the owner of the field full of sheep, and asked him to give him a small piece of meat because he was hungry, but the man refused and told him: If I gave everyone a piece of meat, I wouldn't have anything left! And when the angel heard that, he drew a mark with his stick in the air, and the sheep immediately turned into pigeons and flew away at once, then the angel said to the middle brother: that it was not yours! Go now to the guava tree to guard it.

Finally, the angel went to the younger brother to check on him and he found him living with his wife in a small hut in the woods and said to them that he came from a long journey and begged them to allow him to spend that night with them. The couple welcomed the guest and the man said to him, I apologize to you because we are very poor and we cannot serve you properly. The angel said, "I'll be satisfied with all you have." Then the man asked his wife to prepare a loaf of bread and a bowl of water for the guest and after a little, the couple put bread and a bowl full of water in front of the angel.

The angel was very happy because of the generosity of the couple and a reward for them. The angel touched the hut with his stick, and it turned into a large palace containing everything from animals, servants, and workers, after which the angel blessed the younger brother and his wife and left. The couple lived happily ever after for the rest of their lives.

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5- The Golden Mountain, Folktale From Russia

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Once upon a time, there was a very poor young man named Simon, this man went to the market to look for work and when he got there, a very rich merchant came on a golden cart, all the market men were there but as soon as they saw him approaching they ran and hid from him, only one man remained, that was Simon.

The rich merchant said to Simon, if you are looking for a job, I will make you work with me for 100 rubles a day. The young man agreed without much thought. And the merchant said to him, tomorrow come to the wharf to start work. The next day, Simon arrived at the wharf and found the rich merchant waiting for him.

The merchant and the young man sailed for a long time until they reached an island containing many mountains and a giant golden palace belonging to the rich merchant. And as soon as they arrived, the merchant's wife rushed to receive them with her beautiful daughter. Simon sat with the family, and they ate the most delicious food. The young worker was kind and handsome, the merchant's daughter loved him very much, and she was looking at him very intently. After they had eaten, the merchant said to Simon, Let us rest today and start work tomorrow, and he asked him to sleep in the guest room. At night the merchant’s daughter came to Simon, gave him flint stone and gold stone and said to him, take this maybe you need them someday.

The next day, the merchant and Simon went to the golden mountain and when they arrived the merchant said, let's drink a toast of courage then gave him a hypnotic drink, and as soon as the young man drank, he fell into a deep sleep. After that, the merchant killed a big sheep, opened his belly, put the young man inside it, and sewed the sheep's skin well then sat behind a tree.

Shortly afterward, the crows came, carried the sheep up the mountain, and began to peck it. Soon the crows devoured the sheep and were about to start devouring Simon, but fortunately Simon woke up at this moment and pushed the crows away, and asked aloud where I am? The rich man replied, you are at the top of the golden mountain, and to get down from it, you must extract the gold and throw it under the mountain. Simon did what the rich man told him, he extracted a lot of gold, rolled it down the mountain, and the merchant started putting gold in the carts.

After the rich man finished collecting gold, he said to Simon, Thank you idiot! This is much more than I need. Simon said, how do I get down? The rich man replied, Ninety-nine men died in this mountain before you, and with you the number will be a hundred. Then the arrogant merchant went and left the young man alone to meet his fate.

The poor young man thought: What should I do? Go down is impossible and staying means cruel death from hunger and thirst, Simon sat thinking while the black crows were preparing to devour the prey. Simon remembered flint stone and gold stone that the merchant's daughter had given him.

Simon took out the two stones and hit them together, suddenly a giant man appeared in front of him and asked him, what is your wish? The young man said in a state of fear and astonishment, take me down from this mountain. Immediately, the man carefully carried him and took him down. Simon found a boat sailing near the island, so he said in a loud voice: Good men take me with you. The sailors responded to the young man's request, and they took him with them and brought him back to his town.

Several months passed and the young man again suffered from hunger because of his extreme poverty, so he went to the market in search of work. The rich man came again with his golden cart; And as soon as the market men saw him, they hid right away. Only Simon remained and the rich man said to him, do you agree to work with me for 200 rubles a day. Simon agreed immediately and the merchant asked him to come tomorrow to the wharf.

They met the next day, sailed towards the island, and the merchant didn't remember Simon. The merchant greeted the young man at his home; they spent the first day with joy, and the next day, the worker and his master went to work. They arrived to the Golden Mountain and the merchant said to Simon, take a drink before we start work. The young man replied, wait sir you are the employer and you must drink first, let me serve you until you are satisfied with me. Then Simon offered him a hypnotic drink mixed with wine.

And as soon as the rich merchant drank the wine, he went to sleep, after which Simon killed a large sheep, opened his belly, put the merchant inside and sewed the sheep. Simon hid among the trees, and after a while, the black crows came and carried the sheep with the merchant inside it up the mountain. When the merchant woke up, he looked around and said, where am I?

The young man replied: You are at the top of the golden mountain, in order to get down from it, you must dig and throw the gold under the mountain. The merchant was forced to obey, so he dug and rolled the gold down the mountain.

Simon filled the carts with gold and said to the merchant that's enough, thank you very much. The merchant said, what about me? Simon replied: You can do whatever you want, 99 men died before you; with your death today, the number will be a hundred.

Then the young man took the carts, went to the rich merchant's palace and married the merchant's beautiful daughter. And the daughter became the owner of all her father's wealth. Simon, his family and his wife lived in love and happiness at the golden palace.

What about the arrogant rich merchant?
He has become like many of his victims; prey to black crows.

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6- Yuuki, Yuuka And The Sea Lion, Story From The Ainu People

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Yuuki and Yuuka were friends and neighbors. One day Yuuki went to the beach and when he saw the sea lion in the water, he said to him: Mr. Sea Lion, I wish you would come here; I will pick up lice from your head.

The sea lion swam towards him and Yuuki pretended that he was picking up the lice from his head, but in fact he picked up the meat from his head and ate it, then he said to him: I picked up all lice, you can go in peace. After the sea lion swam a little, he put his hand on his head to see if the lice were removed from his head or not. He discovered that he had lost the flesh of his head, so he got very angry and swam back to the beach to kill Yuuki.

When Yuuki saw that a sea lion was chasing him, he ran into the mountains, and after running for some time, he came to a crossroads. There was a wide road on the right and a narrow road on the left that ended in a narrow valley.

Yuuki thought to himself, if I take the wide path, the sea lion will catch me and kill me, so Yuuki ran to the left and entered through the narrow path, the sea lion followed him randomly until he got stuck at the end of the narrow valley. At this moment, Yuuki hit him on the head, the sea lion died instantly so Yuuki took his meat and skin to his house and became very rich.

Yuuka came to his friend's house and said to him, you and I were poor, what happened that made you rich? Yuuki invited his friend for dinner and when Yuuka came, he saw that his friend's wife and children were eating sea lion meat, so he sat down and ate with them and while eating Yuuki said to him everything that happened with him and told him that he crossed the narrow path and that's what saved his life. After Yucca heard what he wanted to hear, he said to his neighbor, I knew that, then he stepped on the plates, scattered food in front of Yuuki's wife and children, and left.

The next morning, Yuuka went to the beach, called the sea lion and said to him, Sea lion if you come here I will pick up the lice from your head. The sea lion approached him, and then Yuuka pretended that he was picking up lice from his head, but he actually picked up the meat. The sea lion felt a little pain but he thought it was because Yuuka picked up lice from him.

When Yuuka finished his work, the lion thanked him and swam in the sea, after a while the sea lion put his hand on his head and discovered that this man took his flesh. The lion became very angry and quickly returned to the beach to kill him.

Yucca saw that the sea lion followed him so he ran towards the mountains, and after running for some time, he reached a crossroads. Yuuka said to himself, surely my friend is lying to me so that I don't become as rich as him. If I took the narrow road the sea lion will catch me but if I took the wide road I can run freely and when the sea lion gets tired of running, he will sit down to rest, then I will kill him from behind.

Yuuka took the wide road to run more easily, the sea lion followed him, so Yuuka kept running as fast as he could until he started to feel tired, but the sea lion never got tired and kept running at full speed. In the end, the sea lion caught Yuuka and ate him, the meat came back to his head again because he ate a rich meal!

7- The Blind Fisherman, Old Folk Tale From West Africa

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Anansi was a skilled fisherman, but he got old and his eyesight began to weaken little by little until he lost it completely. Anansi was still very strong, he continued fishing with the help of two men who were very kind to him and helped him in every possible way. They drove him every morning to the beach, then to the boat, and then they tell him where to throw his net and when to pull it. When they return to land, they tell him where and when to step out of the boat so that he doesn't drown.

It lasted like this for many months, but instead of showing his gratitude to them, he treated them cruelly. When they tell him where to throw his net, he was responding rudely to them: I know I was about to throw it there, and when they tried to direct him to get off the boat, he answered them: oh, I know perfectly well that we got to the shore, I was preparing myself to get off. The situation remained for a long time, but he became very rude dealing with his assistants, they couldn't bear him anymore and decided to punish him for his ingratitude.

The next day, Anansi accompanied them to the shore as usual, and they asked him to get on the boat. He said to them, "Do you think I am an idiot?" I know that the boat there. They didn't make any comment, they boarded the boat and went to the fishing place. When they told him where to throw his net, his response was very offensive to them, so they decided to punish him without hesitation.

At the time when the boat was full of fish, they took the way back to dry land, and when they made a short walk, they stopped and said to him, "Here we have reached the shore," and immediately Anansi replied to them that they were too foolish to tell him something he knew well. Anansi put his leg outside the boat feeling proud, expecting to set foot on land, and was so shocked when he fell into deep water and found himself drowning. As for the two men, they paddled quickly and left him behind to make his way without anyone's help.

And of course, he was a skilled swimmer like all the men in that country but he was blind and unable to see the land, so he swam until became sick and then drowned.

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8- The Wise Carpenter, Popular Story From The Tibetan People

folklore from different countries
Once upon a time, There were two men working for the king, one of whom worked as a painter and did his job wonderfully, and the other was a carpenter who was also one of the best carpenters in the kingdom. The painter hated the carpenter very much because he was closest to the king's heart, and one day the painter came to the king and said to him: O Your Majesty, last night when I was preparing myself for sleep, your father sent me an angel from Heaven inviting me to come to him, so I went to him in Heaven to see what he wanted from me and I found him incredibly wealthy, and he carried me a message to you, and here is the message, Your Majesty.

The king opened the message and it was written in it: "Oh son, I am here in Heaven, I have great wealth and I have everything I want except for one thing, which is that I want to build a temple for the gods, but there are no good carpenters here, so I want you to send me the best carpenter you have and the painter that carries the message to you knows what I meant because he was here."

The king believed the painter's trick, so he summoned the carpenter and told him that his father lives in heaven and he is very happy, but he wanted to build a temple for the gods and he asked me to send you to him to build the temple. The carpenter was worried and said to himself: It must be a trick from the painter to get rid of me, and then the carpenter said to the king: But how can I get there? The king said you have to bring all the tools you would need in heaven and you and your tools are placed between the firewood, then the fire is lit and when the smoke ascends to the sky, you and your tools will go up with it to heaven. The carpenter said: Well, that sounds good, but I want time to prepare, the king granted him seven days to prepare for that journey.

The carpenter returned to house and said to his wife: This cunning painter made an elaborate plan to kill me, and I have only seven days waiting for the date of my burning, so his wife said that we should all cooperate and work on digging a tunnel in the house that reaches the site of the burn, and indeed they started digging the tunnel so the plan was when the firewood will be burned, the carpenter will fall from the tunnel and reach the house and then the viewers will think that he disappeared and set off to paradise.

After the end of the seven days, the king ordered his soldiers to bring large quantities of firewood. Then after that, they put the firewood in the form of a circle and put the carpenter in the semicircle, and as soon as they lit the fire, the carpenter slid into the tunnel and the painter stood amazed and said to everyone: Look, he goes riding smoke towards Heaven, everyone believed that and returned to their homes amazed. The carpenter didn't die, but fell into the tunnel and had some wounds and burns, so he decided to hide in the house to recover, and because he is considered dead for the people, the king, and the painter.

The carpenter had in his house a secret dark room in which he was washing himself every day, and he had some clothes made in the form of the clothes of the gods. And after three months had passed from this incident, the carpenter came out of his house wearing these clothes and with skin white as snow to meet the king carrying a message from his father saying the following:

(My dear son, it is said that you are a fair ruler who governs your people with wisdom and kindness. Three months ago, you sent me a carpenter to build the temple, and he has wonderfully done his work. And I want you to reward him on the ground, and now that the temple has been built I want you to send me the best painter you have in the kingdom to go up to heaven and paint the temple)

Immediately the king gave the carpenter a great wealth that would make him happy for life, after that the king sent soldiers to bring the painter, and when the painter came, the king said to him: The carpenter came from paradise and brought with him a message from my father asking you to go up and paint the temple, the painter looked at the carpenter with bright white skin wearing strange clothes with chains of coral around his neck, so the painter thought maybe it is good to go up to paradise in this way.

The king gave him also seven days to prepare himself, so he collected all his tools and prepared himself to go to heaven, and when everything became ready, the carpenter told the attendees that they should play with drums and trumpets as he ascends to heaven. After the fire caught, they started playing loudly, the noise filled the place, and when the fire reached the painter, he screamed because he was burning but the noise was so loud that no one could hear him and the painter ascended to heaven!

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9- Akachi And The Fairies, Short African Folktale

Once upon a time, the farmer Akachi was looking for a suitable plot of land to turn into a field in order to grow corn and potatoes. After a period of research, he discovered a beautiful site near a large forest inhabited by fairies and began working to prepare the field.

Akachi took out his big knife and began cutting trees; as soon as he touched one of them, he heard a voice saying: Who cuts down the trees? Akachi was frightened and surprised, and he realized that this voice must be from fairies, so he replied, I am Akachi, I came to prepare the field. Fortunately for him, all the fairies were good, and they decided to help him cut down trees. Akachi was happy when he saw that all the trees were cut down quickly with minimal effort.

Akachi came home in the evening and was very pleased; he hid the secret of the field and the fairies from his wife. At the beginning of the new month, Akachi went to burn dry trees, as soon as he touched one of the trees, one of the fairies said, who plays in the trees? He answered quickly, I am Akachi, I came to burn the trees, and accordingly the fairies burned all the dry trees, and the field became clean in no time.

Akachi came the next day and divided the field into two halves, one for corn and one for potatoes. The fairies helped Akachi a lot in all stages of preparation from digging, sowing and planting. The soil was prepared with great care, and Akachi visited the place from time to time and congratulated himself on the wonderful harvest he would get.

One day while the corn and the potatoes were still green, Akachi's wife asked her husband about the location of the field in order to go there and get some firewood. At first, the farmer refused to tell her about the place, but she insisted on him and promised that she did not tell anyone about the place. Akachi agreed on the condition that she would not answer any question she is asked in the field. The wife did not understand what he meant, but she promised him that she would not answer any question she hears there.

Akachi's wife arrived at the field and was amazed by the beauty of the crops. The corn was so tempting although it is still immature so the wife cut the corn cob and while she was doing so, she heard a voice saying: Who is trying to cut the corn? The wife forgot what her husband told her and said: Who dares to ask me this question? Then she moved to the potato field and uprooted one of them, so she heard the voice asking her again: Who's uprooting potatoes? She replied: It's me, Akachi's wife, it's my husband's field and I have the right to take what I want.

One of the fairies said, "Come on, let's help Akachi's wife pick the corn and the potatoes." Before the woman replied with one word, all the corn and potatoes were lying on the ground, and the crop was completely spoiled because it was still green, so the farmer's wife cried bitterly but in vain. The wife returned home, and she doesn't know how to tell her husband about this terrible disaster, so she decided to remain silent about it.

The next day the farmer gladly went to his field to see how things were going, and you can imagine how angry and desperate he was when he saw his field completely damaged, all his work and future were lost because his wife forgot her promise.
{classic folk tales from around the world}

10- The Ungrateful Man, Folk Story From West Africa

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In the past, there was a poor hunter walking in the forest in search of food, after a long search, he reached a deep pit in which he found a cheetah, a snake, a monkey, and a man who had all fallen into the pit and could not get out of it. When they saw the hunter, they begged him to help them get out of the pit. At first, the hunter hesitated to help any of them except the man. The cheetah was eating his cattle, the snake was constantly stinging people and the monkey did not do a favor for anyone.

The hunter only saved the man and left the animals in the pit because there was no point in releasing them, the animals begged him to save them and in the end, he decided to help them get out of the pit. In return, each animal promised him a reward for his kindness, as for the man who was in the pit, he did not promise him anything arguing that he was very poor, so the good hunter took him to his house and allowed him to stay with him.

After a while, the snake came to the hunter, gave him anti-snake venom powder and said to him, Keep it well, It will be of great use one day, and when you have to use it, be sure to ask for the traitor's blood to mix it with the powder. The hunter did not understand the significance of this, but he kept the powder, as the snake told him. The cheetah also came after a short period, had a sheep for the hunter, and promised to provide animals and birds for him so that he would never go hungry.

The monkey also did not forget his promise to the hunter, so he came to him and gave him a large bundle of gold and silver. Thus, the hunter became rich and built himself a beautiful house. The man who had been saved by the hunter was still living with him; this man was very envious and was not satisfied with the good fortune of his host; he was waiting for the first opportunity to frame him, and soon that opportunity came.

The king announced that a thief entered the royal palace and stole some jewels and a number of valuables. Then the envious man rushed to the king and asked him what his reward if he revealed the robber. The king promised to give him half of the stolen things so the evil man falsely accused his host, despite his full knowledge that he is innocent.

The hunter was put in prison and on the day of the trial, the king asked him to explain how he became rich. The hunter spoke honestly about the source of his money, but no one believed him, so the king sentenced him to death.

The next morning, before the execution was carried out. News reached the king that a snake had bitten his son and that he was now dying. The hunter immediately remembered the powder that the snake had given him and offered the king to allow him to treat his son. The king refused at first, but he had to agree when the kingdom's doctors failed to treat his only son.

When he got permission, the King asked him if he needed anything to mix the powder, the hunter replied: I need the traitor’s blood to mix it with the powder. Then His Majesty pointed out the evil man and said, There stands the worst traitor ever because he betrayed his kind host who saved his life. The traitor's head was cut off and the powder was mixed just as the snake said. The young prince recovered as soon as the mixture was applied to his wound.

The king thanked the hunter and made him his personal advisor.

11- King Solomon And Two Mothers, Historical Story From The Tibetan People

classic folk tales from around the world
Once upon a time, there were two women fighting over a kid trying to prove which of them is entitled to him? They weren't able to solve the problem between them, so they decided to present the case to the king of the country who is distinguished by wisdom and cleverness, and who commanded the following:

one of you will hold the boy's right hand, but the other, hold him by the left hand, and both of you try with all your power to pull him. The woman who can pull the kid to her will take him.

As soon as he said that, the woman who wasn't the real mother pulled him to her with all her power, she was indifferent to whether this pull would harm the boy or not. As for the boy's real mother, she didn't pull the child strongly because of her fear for him and so as not to expose him to harm, so she was attracting him gently and tenderly even though she was stronger than the other woman.

The king said to the woman who pulled the boy with all her strength, enough this boy is not your son but the son of that loving woman. So the boy returned to his real mother, who had hugged him with overwhelming joy and happiness, and the king ordered the other woman to be imprisoned.

{famous folktales from around the world}

12- The Thief And The Wise man, Story From West Africa

In a big city lived a very rich man; soon the fame of his wealth spread throughout the country. The matter reached the ears of a smart thief, so he decided to take some of his wealth!

One day, when the rich man was counting the money that was in the bags, the thief succeeded in hiding himself in a dark corner of his room, and when the rich man left the room to bring something; the thief carried two bags and quickly fled.

The rich man returned to the room after a few minutes; and he was surprised when he discovered that he had lost two bags, he did not find any trace of the thief, but he met the thief the next day by chance outside the house. The thief felt confused, which made the rich suspect him, but he was unable to prove the theft, so he decided to present the matter to the judge.

The thief felt afraid, so he decided to take the advice of a wise man in the village. The wise man pledged to help him on the condition that he would take half of the money he had stolen when he escaped punishment.

The thief agreed to this offer, so the man said to him: return home, wear torn clothes, and pull out his hair and acts completely as if he is crazy. On the day of the trial, when the judge asks you any question, all he has to do is say: Moo.. Moo!

The thief took the wise man’s advice, and on the day of the trial, when the judge asked him any question, he answered: Moo.. Moo, until the judge got angry and broke up the session.

The thief returned to his home very happy, and the next day the wise man came to him and said to him: Come on, fulfill your promise and give me my share of the stolen money.

The thief said to him: Moo.. Moo! And when the man asked him any question, the thief said: Moo. In the end, the man despaired and returned to his house without taking anything from the thief.

In this way, the thief kept everything for himself, but the wise man was very sad because he saved the thief from just punishment.

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