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Top 10 Inspirational Short Stories for Young Adults

If you're looking to unwind and relax after a long, stressful day, if you're seeking a way to calm your mind before bedtime, then reading bedtime stories is an inspiring experience for relaxing the mind and immersing yourself in deep, tranquil sleep. Short stories help us escape the noise of daily life and transport us to new worlds full of adventures and human experiences. Here is a collection of free short stories for young adults.

Best Short Stories for Young Adults Online

1- A Story About Animal Loyalty

short stories for young adults

The story tells about a good man who has a dog. This man was working on an island close to the city in which he lives. Every day, the dog goes with him to the boat that would take him from the city to the island, and after the man gets on the boat and goes to work, the dog waits for him until he returns, and then they go home together.

One day, the man went and did not return. The dog waited for his friend all day, but he did not come back. The next day, the dog jumped on the boat heading to the island to search for his friend. The boat owner and all the passengers knew very well that the dog was going to the island to search for his friend.

The dog arrived at the island and searched for his friend in every part of the island until he stopped in a certain place and began digging fervently in the dirt. He continued to dig until the body of his friend appeared, and then he sat next to him, crying.

A little while later, a woman passed by and saw the dog and the body, so she immediately informed the police. After the police came, they took out the man’s body and buried him, but the police were unable to identify the killer.

After that, this woman took the dog with her and took care of him in her home. The woman became very attached to the dog, and whenever she left the house, she took him with her.

One day, the woman went to the market and took the dog with her as usual, but an extraordinary thing happened. The dog attacked a passerby severely. The woman tried to stop the dog, but she could not. The dog bit the man's hand hard and took the ring off his finger, then returned to the woman and gave her the ring!

At first, the woman could not explain what happened, but after the dog brought her the ring, she suspected this man, especially since the dog was peaceful and had never harmed anyone before. The woman informed the police, and after they came and investigated the man who had been attacked, he confessed to his crime and said:

I did not mean to kill the dog owner. All I wanted was to take his money only, but he resisted me, so we quarreled and in the end I killed him, buried his body, and took his money, but my only mistake was that I took the ring from his hand!

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2- An Inspiring Story For Adults

best short stories for young adults

A man sat with his wife in a restaurant to have dinner. The couple was happy and celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

While they were talking, a girl in her twenties came, kissed the man, and said to him: Sorry, my friends challenged me! After that, she went and sat with her friends.

The man felt embarrassed by this situation, and when he looked at his wife to tell her that he did not know this girl, he saw tears in his wife's eyes.

The man felt very sad, so he got up, went to that girl, poured juice on her face, and said to her: I'm sorry, my wife's tears challenged me.

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3- The High School Girl's Tale

short stories for young adults online

A high school girl lived in a rural village in a developing country. This girl used to go every day to take lessons at a center about 2 kilometers away from her home.

Every day, the girl had to walk on a dark street twice, once while going to the center and again while returning home, as there was no other road available.

Some immoral people would sit on this street and harass the girl daily, both verbally and physically.

The girl became psychologically tired and considered reporting the harassment to the police. However, there was no evidence to convict these harassers, as the street was dark and there were no cameras or eyewitnesses.

This girl lives with her mother and little sister. Her father is deceased, and she does not have an older brother to protect her. So, how does the girl deal with this difficult situation?

The girl devised a clever trick to escape from this predicament. One day, as she walked to the center through the dark street as usual, the harassers followed behind her. At that moment, she was talking to her friend on the phone and said to her:

Do not be sad, my dear. God willing, your father will recover from the illness and return better than before. I will speak to my father; he is a police officer, and with his connections, he may help your father and admit him to the police hospital, where treatment will be free.

When the harassers heard this conversation, they felt fear and panic. They immediately moved away from the girl and ceased to harass her, fearing the potential reaction of her father, the police officer, if he discovered their actions. Moreover, they stopped harming any girl who passed by that street.

These human wolves were not afraid of heavenly punishment but feared earthly consequences!

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4- The True Love Story

free short stories for young adults

There were two fiancés who had only one week left to get married. The young man loved his fiancée very much and was dreaming of the day when God would gather them in one house.

Only two days before the wedding, the young man felt severe pain in the right kidney, so he went to the doctor, and his father was with him. He conducted some tests, and it later became clear that the young man had appendicitis and required immediate surgery.

The young man's father asked the doctor: My son's wedding has only two days left. Can we postpone the operation after the wedding?

The doctor said: Well, we will postpone the operation for three days, and after the wedding, he must come and perform the operation because the delay is dangerous to his life.

The young man intervened and said: We will perform the operation and postpone the wedding for a week.

The father said angrily: We have arranged everything; we invited the guests and reserved the wedding hall. The father tried to convince his son in every way, but the young man categorically refused and postponed the wedding.

When his fiancée found out, she said to him: You were dreaming of the day we would get married, and you were counting the days until this day would come as soon as possible. His fiancée pressured him a lot to reconsider his decision, but the young man remained firm in his decision to postpone the wedding.

The young man performed the surgery in the same day of the wedding. During the surgery, the appendix exploded, and the young man suffered from poisoning and died during the surgery. Instead of being a groom for his beloved, God chose him to be a groom for Paradise.

After the funeral was over, the doctor gave his fiancée a letter and said to her: Your fiancé gave me this letter before the surgery, and he told me to give you this letter if anything happened to him. The girl took the letter and found inside it a message in which was written:

My love.. All my hope in life was that God would gather me with you in one house, but forgive me; I was afraid that I would die a few days after our marriage and leave you a widow in the prime of your youth. I was afraid to leave in this world an orphan son who does not see his father and lives all the days of his life without me. Until we meet again. I pray that God reunites us in heaven.. I love you ❤️

5- Open The Door!

online short stories for young adults

The story tells of a poor man who lived in a simple room, but he could not pay the monthly rent.

A good man heard about this man's circumstances and decided to help him. He went to the poor man's room and knocked on his door for a long time, but the poor man did not open the door. The man despaired and went elsewhere to give the money to another person in need.

After several days, our friend met the poor man who lived in the room and told him: Three days ago, I came to you and knocked on the door for a long time, but you didn't open. I wanted to give you a small amount to help you pay the rent.

The poor man felt great sadness and regret because he did not open the door and said to him: Honestly, I was inside, but I thought you were the owner of the room, and you came to ask me for rent. On that day, I did not have enough money to pay the rent, and out of great fear, I did not open the door!

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6- The Wise Philosopher Story

Inspirational Moral Stories For Adults
Statue of Diogenes in Turkey

In a time long ago, there lived Diogenes, the brilliant philosopher who illuminated his era with his refined intellect and exemplary character.

He was considered a role model in knowledge and ethics, and even the great Macedonian Emperor, Alexander the Great, admired him for his profound wisdom and extreme intelligence to the extent that he said: "If I were not Alexander, I would wish to be Diogenes."

One day, Alexander presented a grand offer to Diogenes and said to him: Ask for whatever you wish, even if it is half of my kingdom, I will grant it to you now.

Diogenes' response was unique and unexpected as he replied with a calm smile: My lord, I desire that you never block the sunlight from me.

With this response, the philosopher expressed his desire to live in perpetual freedom cleverly and respectfully.

Freedom is the most precious thing in a person's life.

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7- The Story of a Picture By Mistake

modern short stories for young adults

A girl purchased a black dress, took a picture of herself wearing it, and sent the photo to her friend, asking: What do you think of the dress? Should I wear it to the party today or choose another color?

To her surprise, the girl accidentally sent the picture to the wrong number instead of her friend. The message and photo ended up with a man she didn't know. He responded, saying: I know you sent me this picture by mistake. Unfortunately, my wife is out, so I can't get her opinion. However, my six sons think the dress looks amazing on you. Go ahead and wear it to the party.

The man then sent a picture of his children to the girl to boost her spirits. She shared the story on Facebook, expressing gratitude to the man and his children for their kindness. The post went viral, but only five children were visible in the picture.

People began to wonder about the sixth child, and it was later revealed that he had cancer and was hospitalized. The child required a $10,000 operation, and the man did not have this amount.

The girl initiated a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of the operation for the sixth child. Donations surpassed $33,000, allowing the child to undergo the surgery successfully and return to his family in good health.

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8- The Humanity of A President

english stories for young adults
Dwight D. Eisenhower

U.S. President Dwight David Eisenhower visited Denver, and when the child Paul Donald learned about his visit, he said to his father: I love the president very much, and I miss seeing him.

The father felt sad, took his son in his lap and told him: Write a letter to the president and tell him that you miss seeing him.

Paul was 6 years old and suffering from terminal cancer. He wrote a letter to the American President, explaining his circumstances and illness, and expressing his love for him and his longing to see him before he died.

The American President was moved by Paul's message. The next day, he asked his driver to go to Paul's home address. When the President arrived, he knocked on the door himself. The father was surprised and could not believe his eyes when he saw the President in front of him, asking to see his son.

Paul was very happy and ran towards the President. The President hugged the child and said to him: I knew that you longed to see me, but when I read your letter, I also felt longing to see you. I came today to spend time together.

The President then invited the child to accompany him, and they rode in the limousine together. The President instructed the driver to take them on a tour, so they could enjoy the beauty of Denver together.

After the tour, the President drove the child back home and the child said to the President: Thank you, I spent the most beautiful day of my life.

9- A Beautiful Story for Bedtime

short stories in english for young adults

The story is about a very wealthy and successful manager in his life. This man used to do many good deeds and give to the poor and needy.

One day, the manager went with his assistant to make a deal that would bring him profits in the millions. While the manager was driving the car, he collided with a small child. The child fell, crying and bleeding, so the manager got out of his car quickly to check on him.

The manager's assistant said: We should go now to complete the deal. If we delay any longer, the deal will be lost for us.

The manager said, we must take this child to the hospital and check on him first, and then we will go to make the deal.

The manager's assistant said angrily, we would waste a multimillion-dollar deal for a worthless beggar child!

The manager did not care about what his assistant said and did not care about the deal or the millions he would lose. All his attention was focused on the child. Indeed, the manager carried the child, put him in his car, and drove the car at full speed to the nearest hospital.

The man remained next to the child and continued to check on him every day until he left the hospital. After his condition improved and the child returned to his normal life, the man took him to an orphanage and took care of his education and all his expenses.

The manager returned to his work and dismissed his assistant because he preferred money over the child’s life.

A few days later, a big deal came to the manager, whose profits were many times greater than the first deal, as if God were compensating him for his human conscience and his concern for the little child.

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10- The Story of Divine Wisdom

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The story is about a simple young man living in Central Africa. This young man worked in agriculture and was dedicated to his work.

Despite his small salary and long hours working under the scorching sun, he felt content and constantly thanked his Lord.

One day, the ruler of the country decided to walk through the villages and announced to the people that he would severely punish any farmer found to be lazy in his work.

On this particular day, the young man fell ill, so he sought treatment and decided to rest for a little while before returning to continue his work. Unfortunately, the ruler passed by and saw the farmer not working, so he ordered his imprisonment in an underground room, intending to make an example of him for the other farmers.

The young man remained in prison, praying to his Lord for salvation. Miraculously, a major flood swept through the country, resulting in many deaths, including that of the ruler who had imprisoned the young man.

The young man was unaware of the flood because he was imprisoned underground. After the flood subsided, people from the neighboring village came to rescue those who were still alive.

When they learned about the existence of underground prisons, they searched for people inside. Indeed, they found our friend imprisoned alone in one of the cells, so they provided him with food and aid.

The young man emerged from prison and was greatly surprised when he learned about the flood. He recognized God’s wisdom in his timing of being in prison.

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