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Dream in Minutes: 8 Very Short Bedtime Stories For Adults

The world of short stories is filled with inspiring experiences and unforgettable adventures that nourish our minds with positive thoughts, granting us hope and optimism. Reading stories before bedtime is not merely a means of relaxation and immersion into deep, peaceful sleep; it is an experience that cultivates the mind and nourishes the soul. Here is a collection of very short bedtime stories suitable for all ages.

Very Short Inspirational Stories for Adults


1- The Greatest House Story

very short bed time stories

One of the great princes paid a visit to the home of a senior minister. This minister had a son known for his intelligence. The prince admired the courage and cleverness of the young child, so he asked him: Is your father's house greater or the prince's palace?

The child was surprised by the question. He wavered between his love for his father and his respect for the prince. However, the child replied skillfully, saying: As long as your greatness is in our home, then my father's house is greater than the prince's palace.

With this answer, the child demonstrated that beauty and greatness reside in the spirit and presence, even in places we do not expect.

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2- The Story of a Lost Wager

very short stories for adults

A wealthy married woman with two daughters was determined to have a son who would carry on her prestigious family name. She traveled to France to fulfill her dream.

After consulting with specialized doctors, the woman followed a strict diet and underwent necessary treatments.

Eventually, she became pregnant. This time, she bet that she would give birth to the son she had always dreamed of.

After nine months filled with love and anticipation, the woman gave birth to twin daughters!

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3- A Story About Gratitude

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This story happened in one of the rural villages in Upper Egypt. There was a woman who had a small child, but he was very naughty and disobedient. His mother used to beat him a lot to calm him down, but the child only became more naughty.

His mother would pray and say: My Lord, take my son and relieve me of him! She used to say this sentence when she became frustrated because of him.

One day, a milk seller knocked on her door, and the woman bought milk from her. After she gave her the price of milk, she asked her about her son's name so she could call her by her son’s name. According to customs and traditions in Egyptian villages, it is considered disrespectful to call a married woman or an older woman by her name.

The saleswoman answered while crying: God did not bless me with children, but people call me by my husband’s name.

The mother apologized to her and was deeply moved by her words.

After the saleswoman left, the woman closed the door, hurriedly took her son in her lap, kissed him a lot, and said to him: I love you so much.

The Moral of the Story
Many things, which we don't thank God for, are with us, but we die of sadness when we lose them!

4- The Price of Dependence

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It is said that in a small village that relies on fishing, some birds lived off the leftovers left by the fishermen. Suddenly, when fishing in the village became unprofitable, the fishermen left for a distant area to earn more money.

The birds couldn't find food since they relied entirely on the fishermen and hadn't learned how to feed themselves, they weakened and eventually died.

The Moral of the Story
We should not rely too much on others. It's essential to learn to take care of ourselves so that we can survive even when those we depend on are no longer available.

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5- The Principal Place Story

very short bedtime stories for adults

The adept German politician Otto von Bismarck, considered a giant in the world of European politics during his era, once found himself invited to a grand event but was seated among the common people rather than in the principal place reserved for dignitaries.

The organizers failed to allocate Bismarck the appropriate seating. The event host noticed that Bismarck was sitting among the common people so he approached Bismarck and apologized, saying, "I'm sorry, Mr. Bismarck, you were supposed to sit in the principal place."

Bismarck responded with confidence and said: There is no need to apologize at all. Wherever Bismarck sits, that place becomes the principal place!

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6- A Very Short Bedtime Story for Adults

A Very Short Bedtime Story

There was an orphan girl who got married in her twenties and stayed married for twenty years without bearing children due to her infertility.

Her husband divorced her and married another woman in search of children. As for the girl, she married a wealthy widower who was seeking a woman in her forties who couldn't conceive to avoid potential issues with his own sons.

The girl thought she had reached menopause, but she was surprised after a period of her marriage to find out she was pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl, bringing joy and happiness into her life.

7- The Tale of Pure Giving

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In a quiet village, there lived an old woman who every evening before going to bed, would fill a bowl with water and place it outside her house for the stray cats and dogs to drink from.

Each morning, she would be surprised to find the bowl still full, and this continued for several days. The woman began to feel disheartened and bored, thinking to herself, "Could it be possible that there are no thirsty animals in this village?"

One day, she decided not to put out water in front of her house anymore because she felt there was no value in the kindness she was doing.

The next morning, someone knocked on her door. When she opened it, she found her neighbor standing there and asking her: Why didn't you put out water for the cats and dogs like you do every day?

The woman replied, "I used to put water out in front of my house every day, but I stopped because the animals didn't drink from it."

Her neighbor said, "You are mistaken, my sister. Every day before I go to work, I find the bowl empty because the animals drank all the water. So, I refill the bowl again. I learned from you to offer water to stray animals."

The old woman felt regretful for causing innocent animals to thirst, and she learned an important lesson: that true giving does not expect anything in return, and offering kindness to others is a human duty, even if we don't see direct results.

The Moral of the Story
Do not cease your giving even if you don't find a reward for what you offer. Continue to give, and rest assured that your kindness will not be wasted.

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8- A Mother's Reward Story

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There was a 65-year-old woman who had three married sons. She went to stay with her eldest son in his house. In the mornings, the woman urinated in the bed, which angered her eldest son's wife.

The eldest son's wife scolded the elderly woman, told her to clean the mattress, and warned her that if it happened again, she wouldn't be allowed to stay.

The woman felt saddened by this treatment. Her eldest son remained silent and didn't intervene!

She then went to stay with her middle son, but the same incident occurred the next morning. This time, her middle son's wife was furious and demanded she leave their house. Her middle son, too, asked his mother to go to her youngest son's house!

The woman went to her youngest son's house. The next morning, she informed her youngest son's wife that she had wet the bed. The wife smiled and comforted her, saying: It's okay, Mother. It's a part of aging. How many times have you cleaned up after us when we were young?

She then washed the bedding without any complaint. Her youngest son ignored the incident entirely, treating his mother with love and care as if nothing had happened.
In the evening, the old woman went to the gold market. She bought gold and jewelry with all her money, which was quite a lot.

She then called her sons and their wives to her house. She brought out the gold and jewelry and told them that she had spilled water on the bed, not urinated. She then placed the gold in the hand of her youngest son's wife and said: This is my daughter, the one I will rely on in my old age, and spend the rest of my life with.

The daughters-in-law were shocked and deeply regretted their actions. Then she said to her sons: This is what your children will do to you in your old age, so be prepared for the regret of this day. As for your youngest brother, he will live his days rich and happy.

The Moral of the Story
Treat your elderly parents with love and respect, for the care you provide them will reflect upon your own children in the future. Additionally, kindness and compassion towards others, especially the elderly, can lead to unexpected blessings and rewards.

Here's the end of the stories.
See you in new stories! ❤️
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