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Top 10 Inspirational Short Stories About Helping Others

Helping others and doing good has many benefits, not only for the individual but also for the progress and prosperity of society. Helping others contributes to spreading the spirit of cooperation, giving, and love, and strengthening the bonds of unity between people. And doing good leads to feelings of contentment and happiness. Here's a collection of inspiring short stories about helping others.

Inspirational Short Stories About Helping Others And Doing Good


1- A True Story About Doing Good

Inspirational Short Stories About Helping Others

The farmer left his work immediately and ran towards the sound, and when the farmer reached the source of the sound, he found a small child in a deep pit screaming out of fear. The farmer made a great effort to get the child out of the pit, and after several attempts, he managed to get the child out of the pit unharmed.

The next day a luxurious carriage came to the house of the poor farmer, and a very rich man came down from the carriage and told the farmer that he is the father of the child who had saved his life yesterday. The farmer welcomed the guest, and the man thanked him a lot for saving his son and gave him a large amount of money, but the farmer refused to take anything, the rich man tried with him a lot to compensate him but the farmer refused to take compensation in exchange for saving the child.

At this moment, a little boy dressed in simple clothes came out of the hut in which the farmer lives. The rich man asked the farmer: Is this child your son? The farmer proudly replied, yes that he is my son. After that, the rich man offered the farmer to allow him to help his child in his education, saying to him, “I will give him the same level of education that I give my son.” The farmer agreed to this proposal, and his son was educated in the best schools for the nobles until he graduated from St Mary's hospital medical school.

Do you know who the son of the poor farmer is?

He is the Scottish physician and scientist who discovered penicillin, Alexander Fleming.

The years passed and the rich man who helped the child in his education fell seriously ill in the lungs. And the one who saved his life this time was Alexander Fleming.

This rich man is Lord Randolph Churchill and his son who was saved by the farmer is Sir Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during World War II.

The simple good you do has great results you can't imagine.

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2- A Short Story About Helping Others

A Short Story About Helping Others

Argentine golfer Roberto De Vicenzo won the PGA Tour Championship and after winning he received a check for a large sum of money. After the end of the day, the player left the club and as soon as he got into his car, a poor woman approached him and said to him crying: I have a son between life and death because he suffers from a serious illness, and I am unable to provide the required amount for the surgery.

Roberto was influenced by the woman's story and without much thought, he took out the check that he got from the club, gave it to the poor woman and said to her: Make your son's days full of joy and happiness.

A week later, Roberto was in the club, so one of the workers said to him: One of the children told me that you met a woman outside the club after you won the championship, Roberto confirmed the news to him, and the worker told him that this woman is a liar and tricks people to take their money.

Roberto said this means that her son is not sick and that he is not dying.

The worker replied: Yes, her son is fine and in good health.

Roberto felt joy and said: This is the best news I've ever heard!

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3- The Story Of The Old Woman And The Hunchback Man

Stories About Helping Others

Once upon a time, there was an old woman who made bread daily for her family, and the woman used to put a loaf of bread outside her house every day for anyone in need.

There was a hunchback man who passes by the old woman's house every day, taking a loaf of bread and saying: The good you do comes back to you, and the evil you do stays with you!

The hunchback man used to take the loaf of bread every day and instead of showing his gratitude to the woman, he was repeating the same sentence. The old woman got upset with this man because of his Ingratitude, so she decided to put poison in the bread to get rid of him. Indeed, the woman put poison in the bread and placed it in the window of her house.

The man came, took the bread, and said to the woman: The evil you do will come back to you! At this moment, the woman's heart pounded and said to herself, what am I doing, am I causing death of a man in the last days of my life? And here the woman hurried and took the bread from the man and said to him: This is stale bread; I put it for the cats, come with me, I will give you a fresh loaf.

After that, the woman entered the house, brought a fresh loaf of bread and a bottle of water, and gave them to the hunchback man. Here the man thanked the woman for her kindness and tenderness because she did not allow him to eat stale bread.

The man went on his way, and the woman burned the poisoned loaf of bread. That evening, one of them knocked on the old woman's door, and she was surprised when she opened the door and found her son who had been absent for many years. Her son was in a mess; his clothes were almost torn, and his face was pale.
The woman hugged her son, kissed him, and prepared the most luxurious food for him. Before the son told his mother what had happened to him during the past years, he said to her at first: My being here alive is a miracle, 2 miles (3.22 km) away from home I met a hunchback man, and he gave me a loaf of bread and a bottle of water, I almost died of hunger and thirst without the help of this man.

The old woman was terrified because she almost killed her son today, she thanked her Lord very much, who made her burn the poisoned bread, and she remembered the words of the hunchback man..

The good you do comes back to you.

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4- A Great Story About Helping Others

True stories of helping others

William Waldorf Astor and his wife were traveling at night, and that night the weather turned, the storm covered all the roads, and William couldn't drive in this difficult weather, so he stopped in front of a small hotel to sleep with his wife this night and complete the trip in the morning.

The couple entered the hotel, and William asked the receptionist for a room for one night. The receptionist said to him: Unfortunately, sir, all the rooms are full, and there is no empty room. William said: Please, we want any room; the weather is dangerous outside, and we could not continue our journey in these circumstances, the receptionist contacted other hotels nearby to find him a room for one night, but unfortunately all the hotels nearby were full.

When the couple was preparing to leave the hotel, the receptionist stopped them and said: You can spend this night in my private room; I work until morning and I don't need it for anything, do you accept to sleep tonight in my humble room? When the couple was thinking about it, the receptionist took out the key to the room, gave it to them, and asked the worker to carry the guests' bags to his room.

In the morning, the sun rose and the weather improved, and the couple prepared to leave the hotel, while they were leaving, William said to the receptionist: Young man, it is not enough to be a receptionist, you must run the best hotel in the USA, I am going to build this hotel for you and make you its CEO.

Two years later, the receptionist received an envelope containing a ticket to New York and a letter from the man who was rescued by the employee two years ago inviting him to visit New York. 
When the young man arrived in the city, William took him to a huge building and told him this is the hotel I built for you, the young man was surprised and thought the man was joking with him so William took him inside the hotel and took him to a room marked (CEO Room)

This hotel is the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in the United States of America and the world, and the receptionist is George Charles Boldt Jr, who remained the CEO of the hotel for twenty-three years until his death.
Waldorf Astoria New York

5- The Story Of The Poor Beggar And The Violinist

About a century ago, a poor beggar used to stand on a bridge in London to play his violin. The poor man was sad all the time because his music did not attract the attention of passersby.

One day, while the poor man was playing the violin, a strange man stopped next to him. The beggar asked him to give him alms, but the stranger did not give him money but did another unexpected thing, the strange man took his violin and started playing it, and unusually, the music attracted a passerby, so he stopped to listen, then threw money into the beggar's hat.

The stranger continued to play beautiful music, the crowd increased, everyone wanted to listen and the hat was filled with money. The police officer came and the music attracted him, so he stood with the people to enjoy these sweet tunes.

The beggar was very happy with the much money he earned that day, and the strange man who was playing was the famous musician Niccolò Paganini.

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6- A Short Inspirational Story About Helping The Poor

A Short Story About Helping Others

Yousra was born into a very rich family and lived in a large palace full of servants and workers. She was very beautiful and modest, and every day she would prepare food by herself and leave the palace to distribute it to the poor and needy.

Her father would always quarrel with her and says to her: you are a rich girl, you can order the servants to prepare food and order the workers to distribute it instead of going out every day in the rain and cold, and her answer was that she loves this work, which brings her joy and happiness and makes her feel calm.

Yousra used to go out daily early to deliver meals to the needy, and all the poor loved her. One bright day, her father went out to work and took all the workers with him, and Yousra had prepared a lot of food, so she decided to take all the servants to help her distribute the food. And the palace became empty.

At the noon, a huge fire broke out in the palace, so the neighbors called the father, he came running and was very afraid for his daughter. When he arrived, he sat crying and screaming because he lost his only daughter.

After a while, the father heard a voice saying: Do not be sad Dad for the palace; God will compensate you with good. The father was surprised when he saw his daughter, hugged her, and he was crying with joy.

The daughter told her father that she went out with all the servants in the morning in order to distribute food to the poor, so her father was sure that God had saved her thanks to her good work and her constant assistance to others.

The Father thanked God so much and from this moment on he did not stop doing good and helping others.

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7- The Story Of The Richest Child In The World

Inspirational Short Stories About Helping Others

A young child entered an ice cream shop and asked the girl working at the shop about the price of chocolate ice cream, the girl answered him five dollars, the child asked her about the price of vanilla ice cream, the girl replied four dollars, so the child asked her to bring a cup of vanilla ice cream.

The child’s clothes were very simple, and it was clear that he was a poor child, the girl brought him ice cream and the child thanked her and sat down to enjoy the most beautiful meal that the children love, the shop was very crowded and the child was eating very slowly. At this time a rich family entered the shop, there were no empty tables so the girl said to them: Wait only two minutes this child is about to finish.

The girl went to the child and said to him: Hurry up, the shop is crowded and there are no empty tables. Unfortunately, the girl treated the child roughly because he is poor and asked him to leave the place as soon as possible, although there are many people came before him and are still sitting!

The child ate the ice cream quickly and left the account on the table, then thanked the girl and left the shop quietly. The girl hurried to clean the table and here was the surprise, where the girl found that the child left $5 on the table. The child deprived himself of the chocolate ice cream so that he gives a tip to the girl.

The girl was very sad and felt remorse because of her harsh treatment of this polite and gentle child, and she hurried out of the shop to follow the child and apologize to him, but she did not find him. The girl waited many days for the child to come to the shop and compensate him for her bad treatment, but the boy did not come to this shop again.

This child was poor, but he had a great inner wealth that you will not find among the richest people in the world.

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8- The Story Of The Stupidest Dog In The World!

The butcher was sitting in his shop, and a dog came to him with an envelope with a message written on it (a kilo of meat) and inside the envelope, there was the price of the meat. The butcher was surprised by what he saw and prepared a kilo of meat, put it in a bag, and gave it to the dog. The dog grabbed the bag with his mouth and went quickly, the butcher was amazed at the dog's intelligence and was very curious to know where the dog would go, so he left the shop and followed him.

The butcher walked behind the dog and found him stopped at the bus station waiting for the bus to come. When the bus came, the dog rode like the rest of the passengers, so the butcher followed him and sat near him to watch his actions, and when the conductor came, the dog gave him the price of the ticket as if he was an individual like the rest. When the next station approached, the dog stood in front of the bus door and barked at the driver to stop the bus. The driver stopped for him, and he was very amazed by the dog's intelligence.

The dog got off the bus and the butcher followed him, the dog went to a house near the station, and when he tried to open the door of the house, he could not, so the dog banged on the window of the house until someone opens the door. After a while, a man opened the door and shouted at the dog, insulted him, and kicked him strongly.

The butcher couldn't bear what happened to the dog and couldn't control himself, so he hurried and shouted at the man: Is there no mercy in your heart, why are you so tough on the dog? It's the smartest dog I've ever seen. The man said angrily: You see this dog is smart; it's the stupidest dog in the world, this is the second time he forgot the house key this week!

This is not just a story for entertainment; it is a story that expresses a painful reality that we live in. You may have noticed that someone did what he could to please someone else, and did not find the required appreciation and did not even hear a word of thanks!

9- The Story Of The Merciful Judge

Stories About Helping Others

There were two friends who had a strong friendship relationship from childhood until high school, but after high school, each of them entered a different college and stayed away from each other because of the distraction of life. One of them studied law and succeeded in his academic and social life; the other was addicted to alcohol and gambling, and because of that, he was fired from his job and became a social outcast.

One day the security men arrested the addicted friend for breaking traffic laws, and he was brought to trial. What a surprise that the addict found that the judge who will sentence him is his childhood friend, so he cried and felt shame. The judge was very sad about his friend's condition, and he had two difficult choices to either apply the law and judge his friend or respect the friendship and pardon him.

Everyone was waiting for the judge's ruling and all relatives and acquaintances were present at this session, they knew very well that the judge was a friend of the offender, which made them feel a little reassured.

The time of the verdict came, and everyone was shocked when the judge issued his ruling because he had sentenced his childhood friend to pay the maximum fine and after he issued his judgment, he went to his friend's family and gave them enough money to pay the fine.

This honest judge didn't break faith, and he didn't allow his friend to spend one day in prison.

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10- Ruler Of Barbarous Tribes, A Story On Helping Others

The Emperor of China trusted his minister, Wu Feng because he was wise and firm, so he made him a ruler over the group of tribes living in the Formosa Mountains. These tribes were very barbaric and violent, and Feng was very firm with them, when he punishes someone, talks to him and explains to him the reason for the punishment.

The tribes loved him because of his kindness and justice and changed many of their violent temperaments and there was only one annual habit that Feng could not stop, which is that on the feast of their god, some tribal leaders go down from the mountains to the road leading to the villages, and they kill the first human they meet, cut off his head and offer it as a sacrifice to their god.

Feng made great efforts to stop this custom, but they completely refused to abolish this custom. One day, Feng received a message from the Emperor of China saying, "If the habit of beheading doesn't stop on the day of the feast, I will have to summon you to China.”

After Feng read the message, he summoned leaders of tribes and said to them very firmly, Honorable leaders, I have tried to be nice to you but you are determined to disobey, tomorrow at night I will allow the tribes for the last time to practice this habit, tomorrow will be the last victim, when the moon appears you will find a man coming wearing a red cloak, if you want to present him as a sacrifice cut his neck but remember that I will no longer allow this habit to be repeated.

The leaders agreed angrily, and the next day, when the moon appeared, they came down from the mountains, found a man wearing a red cloak, they began to sing to their god, then one of them came forward and struck the head of this stranger, they carried his head and went to the chief of the tribes to give the head as a sacrifice to the gods.

In the light of the fire torch, the chief of the tribes looked at the head and shouted loudly, then there was a terrible silence in the place and when the leaders looked towards the head, they found it the head of their beloved friend Feng!

Feng preferred to die instead of an innocent person dying; he wanted to give them a practical lesson to realize the ugliness of what they were doing. And Feng was the last crime they committed to offer a sacrifice to their God.
Wu Feng's mausoleum
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