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10 Good Bedtime Stories For Adults For Peaceful Sleep

Reading a bedtime story is one of the effective ways to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and create an atmosphere full of calm, relaxation, and peace of mind. Short stories are also one of the best ways to get rid of anxiety and stress because they help calm the mind and improve the mood before bed. Here is a collection of good bedtime stories for adults for deep and restful sleep.

Good Short Bedtime Stories For Adults

1- The Story of The Sad Young Man

Good Bedtime Stories For Adults
An Egyptian young man sat in a park to think a little about his future. The young man was sad and worried because of the difficult circumstances of life. He was working for a small salary and could not help his family with household expenses due to the high prices in Egypt. He also could not marry the girl he loved because her father asked him to buy gold for a large sum of money!

After several minutes, a young child came to the young man and said to him: How beautiful is this flower, its color and smell are very beautiful. The young man was surprised because the flower was wilted, but he said to the child: It is indeed a very beautiful flower.

The child said: Will you take it?

The young man did not want the flower, but he did not break the child’s heart, so he said to him: Okay, I will buy the rose from you.

After that, the young man took the money out of his pocket and extended his hand to the child to take the money from him and give him the flower.

But the child extended his hand a little away from the young man’s hand, so the young man said angrily: Do you not see my hand?

The child said: Sorry, sir, I am blind.

The young man was very sad because he did not notice that the child was blind because of his preoccupation with his worries and sorrows.

After that, he took the flower from his hand, gave him the money, hugged him and apologized to him a lot to forgive him for his impolite behavior.

Dear reader,
Thank God for everything around you.

You have a house to live in, and others sleep on the street.

You have family and friends and others live and die alone.

You live in a safe country and there are countries around you that have wars.

You can eat and drink while there are many people in this world dying of hunger.

You own a phone on which you are reading this article, while others do not own a phone or computer.

If you want to live happily, always maintain a spirit of gratitude and thanks.

{Good adult bedtime stories}

2- A Good Bedtime Story For Adults

Good Bedtime Story For Adults
The story tells that one of the cruel kings sentenced an honorable carpenter to death because of some false rumors that some malicious people said about the carpenter. The carpenter tried to reach the king to tell him that what was said about him were just rumors from haters, but unfortunately, all his attempts to reach the king failed.

The day of the execution came. The carpenter did not sleep that night because of the excessive anxiety and fear. The carpenter’s wife was a pious and faithful woman, and she said to her husband: Sleep like every night, God is one and the doors of salvation are many.

The carpenter felt reassured after hearing these words from his wife, and he went into a deep sleep. The next morning, some soldiers knocked on the door of his house, the carpenter woke up terrified, looked at his wife with a look of reproach and remorse, and said to her: I wish I ran away yesterday, I will be executed because of you.

The carpenter opened the door for the soldiers, and he was trembling with fear, but something unexpected happened, the leader of the soldiers said to the carpenter: The king has died today, and we want you to make him a coffin worthy of his status.

The carpenter was surprised, his face shone, and he apologized to his wife and thanked her for her precious advice.

{Good night stories for adults}

3- A Story About Trust

Good Short Bedtime Stories For Adults
One day, a plane took off on a long flight. The pilot of the plane was skilled, but half an hour after the plane took off, the pilot issued a warning to the passengers to fasten their seat belts because there was a malfunction in the plane’s engine because of thunder and lightning.

The plane lost its balance and was swaying in the air. All the passengers felt fear and tension. The flight attendant gave instructions and warnings to all passengers in multiple languages so that they remained calm.

There was an old man on the plane who did not feel fear like the rest of the passengers. This man looked at the faces of the passengers and saw fear and terror in their eyes. He noticed that all the passengers were afraid except for a little girl who was reading a book. When the plane was swaying in the air, the little girl was closing her eyes for a few seconds and opening them again to continue reading.

The man was amazed at the child's courage and inner peace, especially since she was alone without her mother and father. The man got up from his place in this difficult atmosphere, sat next to the little girl, and asked her: Why don't you feel afraid, daughter? All the passengers were screaming in fear, but you did not move from your place and did not make any sound, as if nothing had happened on the plane!

The little girl said: I do not feel afraid because my father is the pilot, and I'm sure my father will get me to safety.

A few minutes after the conversation ended, this skilled pilot was able to land the plane on one of the islands. With this emergency landing, the pilot saved his daughter and all the passengers.

{Best bedtime stories for adults}

4- The Story of The Secret of Happiness

Good adult bedtime stories
The story tells about a rich father who was walking with his young son between the fields.

The boy saw an old and torn shoe, so he said to his father: I think this shoe belongs to one of the men who work in the field, let’s take it, hide it among the trees and see the man's reaction when he comes to search for his shoe, so we can laugh a little.

The father said: Son, we should not entertain ourselves at the expense of the suffering of others, how about we change the game and put a gold coin inside the shoe to see the man’s reaction when he sees the money.

The son liked his father's suggestion and put a golden coin inside the poor man's shoe. Then they hid behind a tree to see the man's reaction.

After a while, the owner of the shoe came, he was a simple farmer, when he wore the shoes, he was surprised that there was something inside the shoe, so he took that thing out and found it was a gold coin.

The farmer was amazed and very happy when he found the gold coin and looked around, but did not find anyone.

The farmer put the gold coin in his pocket, looked up at the sky, and said: thank you, God, because you saved my family. How much I need this money because my wife is sick, and my son is hungry. The man continued crying and thanking his Lord for this money.

The son was very affected by what happened, his eyes filled with tears and said to his father: I have learned a lesson that I have never forgotten in my entire life.

Doing good is the best way to bring happiness and peace to your heart.

5- The Fair Judge Story

Calm sleep stories for adults
In the past, there was a fair judge, who ruled one of the villages with justice. The punishment in this village was flogging, if one of the villagers stole, he was flogged 40 lashes, and if one person assaulted another, he was flogged 60 lashes, and so was the punishment.

One day, the necklace of the minister's wife was stolen. The judge gathered the people of the village and told them: Whoever stole the necklace come to me with the necklace and I will flog him only 10 lashes and I will not reveal the thief. The judge waited three days, but the thief did not come.

The judge gathered all the soldiers and searched for the necklace in all the village houses, but they did not find the necklace.

For the judge to show his honesty and integrity in front of the people, he ordered the soldiers to search for the necklace in his house. And here was the surprise because the soldiers found the necklace in the judge’s house.

After investigating the matter, it became clear that the judge’s mother was the one who stole the necklace.

The judge was between two difficult choices, either he orders his mother to be flogged or pardons her, and in this case, chaos would spread throughout the village.

The day of trial came and all the villagers gathered in front of the punishment square, waiting for the judge's ruling on his mother!

Here was the biggest shock, as the judge ordered his mother to be flogged with 40 lashes, but before the sentence was executed, the judge came forward, stood behind his mother, and ordered the flagellant to carry out the sentence.

The judge received 40 lashes in his back, and in this way, the judge equated justice with mercy.

Justice in this story is represented by punishment, and whoever makes a mistake must be punished regardless of his position in society.

Mercy is represented by the judge’s sacrifice and flogging him 40 lashes in the back instead of his mother.

{Calm sleep stories for adults}

6- The Fish Seller Story

Good night stories for adults
One morning, a fish seller went to a village and called at the top of his voice: Fresh fish. The villagers woke up to his voice and decided to buy from him and start their day with a delicious meal. The villagers rushed to buy fish, but they were surprised because of its high price so no one bought because they did not have enough money.

Several hours passed, and the seller did not sell a single fish, so the seller decided to leave the village and sell in another village, but before he left, a luxurious car came, stood in front of the seller, and a rich person got out and said to the seller: I will buy all these fish from you for more than its price, in exchange for you distributing it to all the people of the village.

The seller agreed and took the price of the fish from the rich man. He passed by all the villagers and said: Fresh fish for free. The seller walked around the village announcing to them that the fish were free.

The people came out of their homes and a woman said: The fish must have spoiled from the heat, and you want to give it to us! A man said: Nothing in this world for free, Go away from here. And so the residents treated the seller in this bad way.

seller kept walking around the village until a poor man came with his wife and children and said to the seller: I don't have money to buy fish, so what's the price to give us some fresh fish? The seller said: the fish are free for you and for your family.

After that, the seller gave the poor man a large amount of fish, so the poor man thanked him very much.

The seller said to him: Do not thank me, father, rather go and thank that rich man who is standing there next to his car, he is the one who paid for the fish and asked me to distribute it to all the people of the village.

The poor man went with his wife and children and thanked the rich man a lot for his generosity. After that, every poor and needy person went to the fish seller, and the seller gave them fish for free.

While the people who did not believe that the fish were free, they regretted greatly because they wasted a delicious meal of fish for free from their hands.

{Good bedtime stories for adults to read}

7- The Three Friends Story

Bedtime stories for stressed out adults
There were three friends; the first friend was very rich, and the second and third were poor.

One day the three decided to invite each other to breakfast; the first day was for the rich friend, so he invited his friends to his house and ordered the servants to clean the house to receive his friends and asked the cook to prepare the best types of food. Friends came and ate very delicious food they had never tasted before.

The next day, the second friend asked his friends to come and have breakfast at his house. He asked his mother to prepare a delicious food better than the food he ate at his rich friend's house

The mother said to her son: We are poor, where will we get such food? The son shouted at his mother and told her to borrow money from neighbors and relatives to buy delicious food.

The mother borrowed a lot of money from the neighbors and bought fruits and the best kinds of food. Friends came and had a delicious breakfast and the day passed peacefully.

The third day came, and the third friend told his mother about the food he ate at his friend's houses, she became very angry and said to him: you should have apologized from the beginning so as not to fall into this embarrassing situation, from where we will get this delicious food and we do not have money?

The son felt wrong, apologized to his mother, and asked her to prepare the best food in the house because his friends would come shortly. The mother prepared a very simple breakfast consisting of eggs, milk, cottage cheese, and bread. The son kissed his mother’s head and thanked her for this delicious food.

The friends came and sat talking for a while, and then their friend asked them to enter the room where the food was. When they entered, the second friend was surprised by this food and said to his friend: This is the food you offer us, we provided you with the most delicious food and you offer us cheap food, this is a lack of appreciation and respect from you.

Then the second friend said to the rich young man: Let's go and eat in any restaurant that suits us, but the rich man refused and told him that he would eat this food.

The rich young man ate with his friend and said to him: I have not tasted eggs for a long time, and cottage cheese is one of the healthy meals I heard about but I did not eat it before. The rich man ate a lot and thanked his friend and his mother for this wonderful food. After they had finished eating, the mother made two cups of coffee and the friends sat down to talk.

The rich friend said: Our friend tried to make us think that he was rich, but he was not, because his father and brother work in my father’s factory and I know they are poor. Today I saw his true arrogant face, because he abandoned you and sold friendship because of food he did not like. But you live without arrogance, you were not ashamed of your situation and presented to us what was in your home.

The friend continued his speech and said to him: My father assigned me a big project and told me that you need a trustworthy friend to be with you. I was confused between you, so I insisted on having breakfast with you so that I could see your true faces, and today I decided that you would be my partner in the new project.

{Calming stories for adults}

8- The Story of The Undefeated Japanese Emperor

Good bedtime stories for adults to read
In the past, there was a smart Japanese emperor, before any battle, he would throw a coin and tell the soldiers: If the coin fell on the face of the picture, we will win the battle, and if it fell on writing, we will lose the battle.

The coin always fell on the picture and the soldiers were excited and fighting bravely until victory.

Many years passed, and this king did not lose any battle he fought. After he grew old, he asked his son to prepare to rule the kingdom instead of him.

The son prepared well, and before he was crowned king, he asked his father to give him the coin that he used to throw before any battle, so the father gave him the coin.

The son took the coin and found it on the face of a picture and when he looked at the other face; he also found a picture, not writing. The son felt a great shock and said to his father: You have been deceiving the soldiers and the people all these years. Why did you do this, father? You are a deceitful hero!

The Emperor replied and said: Son, I did not deceive anyone, I planted the spirit of victory and hope in their hearts, I gave them only two options, the first option was victory and the second was also victory. Defeat happens if you think about it, and victory happens if you trust it.

9- A Good Night Story For Adults

Good Night Story For Adults
The story tells of a young child who was crossing the street and was hit by a car. Because of this accident, the child lost his left arm.

The child was depressed and cut off from the world; he did not leave the house or talk to anyone. For his father and mother to encourage him, they advised him to participate in judo.

At first, the child refused to participate in judo, but his family encouraged him a lot to go and told him about the great importance of sport in improving mood and psychological state.

The child was convinced and went to participate for the first time in judo. The coach welcomed him a lot, taught him a specific movement, and told him the necessity of practicing this movement daily.

A week later, the coach trained him on the same movement, and the child asked him: I will not learn new movements? The coach replied: You only need this movement to defeat the opponent.

Several months passed and the child's level improved. The child participated in a large judo competition and when he entered the ring, everyone guessed that he would lose the match in a short time, but the opposite happened because the child defeated his opponent in a few minutes, and the committee and all the fans were amazed.

After the end of the competition, the child went to thank his coach and asked him: How did I beat my opponent when I only mastered one move?

The coach smiled and said to him: Because the only move to escape from this move is to grab the opponent by his left arm and throw him to the ground.

This coach turned the child's weakness into a strength. He turned his despair into hope and turned his defeat into a victory.

{Bedtime stories for stressed out adults}

10- A Touching Story About The Father's Love

Best bedtime stories for adults
The story tells of a widower who has an only son. The son lived in a city far from the village where his father lived.

The young man was visiting his father from time to time, and this continued for many years until the poor father became ill, and it became necessary for someone to take care of him.

The son decided to take his father to live with him, but the father refused to come with him so that he would not be an unwanted guest for him and his wife, but the young man insisted and took his father to live with him.

The young man's wife did not welcome her father-in-law and told her husband to get his father out of the house!

The young man was perplexed whether to please his wife or to please his father until one day the wife said to her husband: I will live in my father’s house, and I will not return to this house until your father leaves it.

After much thought, the son decided to take his father to a nursing home to take care of him there. The son said to his father before saying goodbye to him: Forgive me, father, you will sit in this home until I find you a house near me. After that, the son returned to his house, spoke to all his friends and told them that he wanted a house close to his house for his father.

A week later, one of the nurses who works in the nursing home called the young man and told him: Your father died this morning because of severe psychological depression.

The son felt sad and very regretful because he left his father in his last days. After that, he went to the nursing home, hugged his father, and burst into tears saying: Forgive me, Father. The nurse consoled the man, gave him a letter and said to him: your father wrote this letter before he died, so the son opened the letter and found written on it:

My dear son, I wished you were by my side in my last days. Do not feel regret, I forgive you from my heart because I love you more than myself. You are the best gift God has given me in my life.

The happiest moments of my life were when I would return from work with the toy train and the box of sweets that you loved.

The happiest moments of my life were when I bought you Christmas clothes, and you were running to hug me.

The happiest moments of my life were when your mother was talking to me and telling me: Your son is crying and does not want to sleep until he sees you.

You are the thing that made me happy in this world, I love you and I still love you. Good-bye, until we meet in heaven.

We don't know the value of precious jewels until we lose them.

Here's the end of the stories.
See you in new stories ❤️
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