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10 Short Bedtime Stories For Adults Online For A Quiet Night

Short stories are one of the best ways to feel calm and peace of mind. Reading stories before bed is a great way to escape from the pressures of life and the daily routine. In the midst of life's chaos, these stories serve as a soothing escape, offering moments of peace and serenity before drifting into a restful night's sleep. Here is a collection of short bedtime stories for adults online.

Top 10 Online Bedtime Stories For Adults

1- The Farmer’s Daughter And Deceitful Man Story

short bedtime stories for adults online

A poor Indian farmer borrowed a large sum of money from a greedy man known for cheating and deception. The man borrowed this amount to treat his wife who fell seriously ill, and the farmer did not have enough money to buy the treatment.

The farmer's daughter was very beautiful. The deceitful man wanted to marry her, but she rejected him. So he put pressure on her father and said to him: What do you think about marrying your daughter and exempting you from paying your debt?

The farmer rejected this idea, so the deceitful man suggested another idea and told him: Let fate determine if your daughter will be my wife or not, what do you think that I put two stones in a bag, a black stone and a white stone, if your daughter chooses the black stone, she will be my wife and I waive the debt, and if she chooses the white stone, you will be exempted from paying the debt and your daughter will not be my wife, but if your daughter refuses to pick up any stone from them, you will be imprisoned if you do not pay the debt.

The farmer was afraid and hesitant, so his daughter approached him and said to him in his ear: Agree, father, and don't worry.

The deceitful man summoned some of the villagers, and they all went to a land full of stones. While everyone was distracted in the discussion, the man bent down, picked up two black stones and put them in the bag.

The farmer's daughter was well attentive to the deceiver man and noticed that he put two black stones in the bag, after that the man asked the girl to pick up a stone from the bag.

The girl was very smart, so she put her hand into the bag, chose a stone, and closed her hand tightly over the stone so that its color would not be visible. After the girl took out the stone, she fell to the ground and the stone fell from her.

Everyone asked her about the color of the stone that she had picked up, so the girl said: How stupid I am! I did not see the color of the stone that I picked up, and the ground is full of white and black stones, but we can look at the stone in the bag, and then we will know the color of the stone that I picked up.

Everyone looked inside the bag and found the black stone, which means that the girl chose the white stone, and thus the farmer was relieved of the debt he borrowed from the deceitful man.

As for the deceitful man, he was unable to expose himself in front of people and was forced to give up the money he had lent to the farmer.

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2- A True Bedtime Story

bedtime stories for adults free read
David Lloyd George

In 1920, the Medical Syndicate held a large party in England to graduate a new batch of doctors, and the British Prime Minister at that time attended the party.

The head of the Doctors Syndicate congratulated the graduates, then gave them some advice and told them this story:

One cold winter night, lightning and thunder were covering the sky, and it was raining heavily. In the midst of this extremely cold weather, a woman knocked on my door and when I opened the door for her, she said to me while crying: Please, Doctor, come with me now. My son is sick and in a very serious condition.

I did not hesitate for a moment to help this woman and her son. I left everything I was doing, took some medicine and a first aid kit, and went with the woman. The woman lived in one of the poor neighborhoods of London, and after a difficult journey in this atmosphere, we arrived at the woman's house, she was living in a small room, and her son was sleeping and in pain in the corner of the room.

I examined the child well and reassured his mother about him. After that, I told the mother about specific foods for the child to eat and gave her the medicine for free. After I had finished, the woman gave me an amount of money, but I refused to take any money from her.

After the doctor had finished the story, he said to the new graduates: My sons, this is the medical profession. It is the profession of mercy and giving and the closest profession to God.

After the doctor had finished his speech, the Prime Minister came to the podium and said to the doctor: Sir, It's an honor to see you today, I have been looking for you for twenty years; I am that child that you mentioned in this story and I have been looking for you for many years to thank you, my mother recommended me before her death to look for you well, and today the fate brings us together after all these years. Thank you very much for the good you did for my mother and me, and thank you for refusing to take money from us when you knew that we were poor.

This poor child, whom the doctor treated for free, is former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Lloyd George.

You will reap what you have sown in your life, good or evil, even if after many years.

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3- A Great Story About Doing Good

online bedtime stories for adults

A young man entered a restaurant, and after he ate, he asked for the bill. After that, he stretched his hand in his pocket and did not find the wallet. The young man felt worried and embarrassed, and his face became red, he looked for the wallet a lot in all his pockets, but he did not find it.

The young man looked under the table and in the restaurant hoping to find the wallet, but unfortunately he did not find it. The young man did not know if it had fallen in the street or if someone stole it from him.

In the end, the young man decided to go to the restaurant cashier and give him the watch in exchange for bringing the money the next day. So he went to him, and before he said a single word, the cashier said to him: Your bill is paid!

The young man was very surprised and asked him: Who paid the bill?

Cashier: A foreign tourist was sitting next to you, and when he noticed your confusion and anxiety, he paid you the bill.

Young man: But how am I going to pay him back, and maybe I won't see him again?

The cashier said: You can pay the bill of another person in another place who is in the same situation and in this way, goodness is transmitted between people.

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4- A Sad Bedtime Story For Adults

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This is a true story that happened in Egypt, where a young man was shopping in a Carrefour hypermarket, and an old man in a wheelchair came to him and said to him: Please son, I want to buy a mobile phone, can you tell me where mobile phones are sold.

The young man took him to the place that sells mobile phones. After that, the old man asked the young man to help him choose an expensive mobile phone. The young man was a little surprised so the old man noticed the young man’s wonder and told him: This mobile phone is for my granddaughter, Pinar, who is 13 years old.

The young man suggested some mobile phones to the man to choose one of them, but the old man said: I want the most expensive mobile of them, so the young man brought him an iPhone 6, which was the most expensive mobile in the market at that time.

The old man asked him: This mobile will make my granddaughter proud of me. In fact, she does not love me because I am paralyzed, I don't know how to enter the bathroom alone, and her mother is the one who helps me. I often hear her talking badly about me in front of her mother; I even once heard her say to her friend on the phone that I am disabled!

The young man was saddened by what he heard and said to the old man: Sorry father, but why do you buy an expensive mobile phone for an impolite girl?

The old man: I am 78 years old; my days in this world are numbered, and all I want from my granddaughter to talk about me well after I die.

The young man was affected by the man's story and said to him: May God grant you a long life, and bless your health.

The old man paid for the mobile phone and took it. After that, he said to the young man: Can you write a letter and put it inside the phone for to my granddaughter? I am sorry son; I know that I have made you tired.

The young man said: No need to apologize father, I will write what you want to say to your granddaughter.

After that, the young man wrote what the old man had said to him, and after the young man finished writing the letter, he asked him to photograph the letter to show people how much he loved his granddaughter. And this is the letter that the grandfather wrote to his granddaughter

My beautiful sweetheart, Pinar, I am very sorry for my disability, but it is not my fault. I will die soon, so I brought you this mobile phone so that you will remember me after I die, and I brought you the best mobile phone so that you can be proud of me instead of being ashamed of me.. Your grandfather who loves you,
Muhammad Saee.
This is the grandfather's letter to his granddaughter, which the young man photographed.
A Sad Bedtime Story For Adults

5- The Fruit Seller Story

moral stories to read online

This is a real story that happened in one of the fruit shops in Egypt, where a man went to a fruit shop and asked the seller about the price of strawberries and bananas. The seller replied: The price of a kilo of strawberries is 12 pounds, and the price of a kilo of bananas is 10 pounds.

After a while, a woman entered the shop and asked the seller about the prices, and the seller told her: The price of a kilo of strawberries is 3 pounds, and the price of a kilo of bananas is 2 pounds!

The man looked at the seller with contempt and almost quarreled with him, so the seller asked him to be patient. The woman took strawberries and bananas, thanked the seller a lot, and then went to make her children happy.

After the woman had left the shop, the seller said to the customer: The prices that I told you are the market prices, and you can ask in other shops. This woman has three children; her husband died a while ago, and the aid she takes from the state does not exceed 500 pounds. She has self-esteem and refuses to take money from me, so I tell her that fruit prices are low, so she does not feel embarrassed.

The seller continued his speech and said to the customer: The day this woman comes, God compensate me a lot and increase my profits.

In the end, the customer apologized to the seller for his misunderstanding and said to him: May God fill your life with happiness, good health and prosperity.

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6- The Story of The Violinist

short stories for adults online
Fritz Chrysler

The poor Austrian young man, Fritz, was passionate about playing and was skilled at using the violin. One day while he was shopping, he found a rare and wonderful violin in one of the old stores. He asked the seller about the price of the violin and found it very expensive, and he didn't have enough money to buy it. Fritz said to the seller: I will work hard and come to you again to buy this instrument.

Fritz went and worked hard day and night until he collected the amount of the violin, after that Fritz went to the seller and was very excited to buy this rare instrument, but unfortunately for him, the seller told him that one of the rich men who collects rare antiques bought this instrument to put it in his own museum. Fritz was disappointed, but he decided to go to this rich man to buy the violin from him.

Fritz went to the man's museum and asked him to sell him the violin at any price he asked. The rich man refused and told him that he would not dispense with this instrument at any price. Fritz felt great sadness and begged the man a lot to sell him the violin, but the rich man refused because this violin is one of the most important musical masterpieces that he owns in his museum.

In the end, Fritz asked the museum owner to play the violin one last time before he sentenced her to silence for life. The man agreed, and Fritz began to play and filled the museum with sweet music that shook the feelings and hearts of everyone in the museum. The museum owner felt very ashamed because he intended to deprive people of hearing the beautiful musical masterpieces played by this young man.

After Fritz finished, he gave the violin to the museum owner, but the man refused to take it and said to him: I do not have the right to keep this violin; it is yours, Mr. Fritz, take it and play it so that the world can enjoy the wonderful music you play.

If you do not know, this young man is the famous Austrian composer and violinist Fritz Kreisler.

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7- The Caliph’s Horse Story

bedtime stories for adults online

Caliph Al-Ma'mun had a purebred Arabian horse. One day, the head of one of the tribes asked to buy the horse from Al-Ma'mun, but Al-Ma'mun refused to sell the horse, so the head of the tribe decided to obtain it by deception.

It was known that Al-Ma'mun takes his horse every day and goes to the forest to enjoy the beauty of nature. One day, the head of the tribe came to him in the form of an old beggar and told him that he could not walk and begged him to ride his horse to take him to the nearest health center.

Al-Ma'mun agreed and helped him to ride the horse, and as soon as the head of the tribe settled on top of the horse, kicked him with his leg, so the horse sped off and moved away from Al-Ma'mun. After the man moved away from Al-Ma'mun for a little while, Al-Ma'mun said to him in a loud voice: Stop for a moment.

The man stopped after he had been a safe distance away from Al-Ma’mun, so Al-Ma’mun said to him:

You took my favorite horse, but please do not tell anyone how you got the horse, so that your trick does not spread, and there may be a sick person who really needs help and people refuse to help him so that they do not fall victim to deception.

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8- A Bedtime Story For Adults Online

bedtime story for adults online

The story tells about an old man who fell ill due to his old age. The old man was admitted to the hospital, and every day a young man came to visit him.

The young man used to eat every day with the old man, and then they walked around and talked to each other in the hospital garden. After that, the young man takes the old man to his room and helps him sleep. After the old man sleeps, the young man leaves the hospital quietly after checking on him.

One day, the nurse came to the old man to give him medicine and said to him: You are very lucky to have a son like yours, It's rare these days for a son to be so devoted to his father, he loves you so much.

The old man said to the nurse: I wish he was my son! This young man is not my son as you think. He lives in the neighborhood where I live, and when his father died, he sat crying in front of the door of his house. I saw him, bought him candy, and went to him to console him.

Since that day, he has not stopped visiting me and when I got sick and my condition required that I go to the hospital. He left everything and came with me to the hospital. As you can see, he comes to visit me every day, and when I ask him not to come every day so that he can take care of his interests and work, he smiles and says to me:

I will visit you every day, as the taste of candy is still in my mouth.

9- The Outstanding Student And Vegetable Seller Story

short bedtime stories for adults free

This is a real story that happened in Iraq in 1956, when a professor visited a genius student at his home. This student had refrained from attending university for a long period, so the professor visited him to check on him.

The professor arrived at the student's house, which was one room full of cracks. The student welcomed the professor and offered him a cup of tea. After that, the professor asked him: Why didn't you come to the university for a long time?

Student: Science does not buy a package of 
watercress! The professor was surprised by this answer, and before he uttered a single word, the student continued his speech and said:

Several days ago, I felt very hungry, and I only had a penny and a half. I bought bread for a penny and went to the vegetable seller to buy a package of watercress for half a penny; the watercress price was a penny and the seller refused to sell it to me for half a penny.

The student tried to offer the seller anything in exchange for a package of watercress, so he said to him: I can tell you a story in literature or teach you anything you want to know in Arabic in exchange for a package of watercress.

The seller laughed a lot and said to him mockingly: Your knowledge doesn't buy watercress!

The student was very sad, and since this situation, he refrained from going to university and decided to leave his studies and get a job through which he could buy the food he wanted.

The professor was sad about the student's decision, but he did not comment and didn't give him any advice, rather he gave him a gold ring and said to him: sell this ring, and we will meet tomorrow and talk again. Then the professor said goodbye to the student and left.

The next day, the professor and the student met, and the student had sold the ring at a good price, so the professor asked him: where did you sell the ring?

Student: In the gold shop.

Professor: Why didn't you sell the ring to the vegetable seller?

Student: The vegetable seller does not appreciate the value of gold, and he did not pay a good price for it.

The professor said: The vegetable seller also did not appreciate the value of science because science is like gold.

The student understood the lesson and realized that science has great value, but he made a mistake when he presented it to the wrong person.

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10- Examine Yourself Well, A Short Bedtime Story

bedtime stories to read online for adults

In 1977, American woman Laura Schultz (63 years old) was in the kitchen of her home in Florida. She was preparing food for her 6-year-old grandson and heard her grandson screaming outside the house.

Laura ran and found her grandson's arm hanging under the rear tire of the car. Laura rushed towards her grandson and raised the back of the car alone to save the child's arm. Laura was an ordinary woman; she was not a weightlifter, on the contrary, she was suffering from back and joint pain.

Laura said in one of the meetings that she was remorseful and sad because she wasted most of her life away from her real capabilities and potential. Laura mentioned that she wanted to achieve many things in her life, but the fear of failure prevented her from achieving her goals.

Laura returned to university to achieve her dream of becoming a university professor. She succeeded in obtaining a doctorate and became a university doctor at the age of 70.

There is one secret to success, which is for a person to believe in himself.

Here's the end of the stories.
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