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5 Inspiring Stories of Faith And Miracles - Amazing True Stories

In a world full of misery and depression, stories of faith and miracles stand as beacons of hope, illuminating the dark corners of our lives and revealing to us the path to salvation. These stories will take you on a journey filled with amazing events and moments.

Real Life Inspiring Stories of Faith And Miracles

1- The picture of Pope Cyril VI of Alexandria

Inspiring Stories of Faith And Miracles
A Christian family in Alexandria gave someone a large picture of His Holiness Pope Cyril VI in order to work a suitable frame to the picture. The man made the frame for the picture and brought it to them, but he was surprised that there was no one in the house, so he had to give the picture to the neighbors in the apartment next door and said to the lady who opened the door for him: please give this picture to the woman who lives in front of you.

This neighbor was not Christian, but she was ashamed of the man and took the picture from him. After closing the door, she thought about what her fanatic husband would do if he saw the picture. The woman was afraid of her husband's reaction and put the picture under the bed.

This family had a paralyzed son who slept on the bed under which was placed the picture of Pope Cyril VI. At dawn, the father and mother were surprised when their son entered their room, walking on his feet normally, and there were no signs of any paralysis.

The parents were very surprised and asked their son: What happened? He replied: There is a tall priest who came, healed me, and said to me: Get up, go to your father and mother and say to them: Isn’t it wrong to put guests under the bed?

The father was astonished, and then the wife began to tell him the whole story and what she had done to avoid his anger. So they went and took the picture out from under the bed.

The husband was determined to keep the picture and hang it in his apartment. He told his Christian neighbors about this miracle and offered to pay them the price of the picture and since that time his relationship with Christians became very good.

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2- Miracle Story In Real Life

true miracle stories
Saint Mercurius
This is a true story that happened in Egypt in 2002, narrated to us by Dr. Saad.

The doctor says: while I was sitting in my clinic, a woman entered the examination room with a beautiful baby girl who was no more than 5 months old. The mother said to me eagerly: Please, Dr. Saad, reassure me; I felt that my daughter Martina has an abnormal eye, these may just be suspicions due to my anxiety. Please doctor, examine her carefully and tell me if she needs glasses.

I told the mother: I will reassure you immediately after the examination. After that, I tested her eyes and discovered that she has a cancerous tumor that affects the retina of the eye in children, which leads not only to loss of vision, but it may extend to the brain through the optic nerve and may spread in the blood to the rest of the body. The matter is very dangerous and requires the removal of the eye as soon as possible.

I used to tell patients the truth of the matter, but here I felt that I was in a terrible dilemma, how can I inform a mother that her daughter's eye needs to be removed? In the end, I told her while I was in pain: Your daughter needs an operation as soon as possible.

She said to me very eagerly: Is this a guaranteed operation? Can my daughter see again? I felt like my tongue was tied, and the words stuck in my throat and I said to her: God does good.

Not many days passed until the mother came and said to me with great sorrow: I went to several doctors and knew the whole truth. One of the doctors asked me for 3 thousand pounds for the operation because it requires special skill so that no part of the tumor is left behind.

I said to her in sorrow: We must comply with God’s will, but she said to me with amazing faith: I trust in God’s love for me, and I will return to you soon to tell you about the outcome of what I have decided to do.

I told her: Martina must undergo the operation quickly before the tumor spreads to the rest of the body.

That was on April 28, 2002, and after only two days, that is, on April 30, 2002, I found her in front of me holding her baby girl, saying: Please doctor, examine my daughter's eye for the last time.

I thought to myself: What is the importance of repeating the examination, and what will happen in two days? But of course I couldn't refuse.

I examined the affected eye and found it completely normal!

My dear, you cannot imagine what happened to me, my tongue stopped speaking, and I couldn't believe what I saw, so much so that I suspected that this child was different from the previous time.

I said to myself, perhaps it was the other eye, so I examined it and found it completely healthy. I looked at the lady’s face with great astonishment and found her laughing with great happiness, I said to her: What happened?

She answered me: Abu Seifein "Saint Philopater Mercurius (224-250)" Then she began to tell her story, saying: I collected 3,000 pounds with great difficulty, but I did not go to the doctor, rather I went to the church of Abu Seifein in Alexandria and I told him while crying: You are the one who will perform the operation on my daughter. I gave him the whole amount in advance, and I didn't think for a moment about what would happen next.

I returned home feeling deep peace, in the morning I felt that Martina had been healed, and I wanted you to examine her because you were the first doctor who examined her.

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3- The Last Moment Story

stories of miracles from god
The Egyptian Priest Beyman
One day, while Kamal Habib; a servant in the church in his thirties, was going home at 11pm, he passed by a bar.

At this time, a young man came out of the bar and said to Kamal: Hey, Kamal, don’t you remember me? I am Rifaat, your friend. Kamal remembered his friend 
Rifaat, he was a friend in high school. They were close friends, but days separated them.

Rifaat said: How are you Kamal? I missed you, do you remember when we were in high school, and you used to preach encouraging words to me. In those days I was close to God, but now I am a miserable, broken person, as you know, I failed in high school, left school, and was expelled from home. Now I do nothing in my life but sin, 13 years of sin, what do you think we sit together to talk, I miss you so much.

The friends sat talking and
Rifaat said to Kamal: Do you know, Kamal, ten minutes ago I heard an inner voice saying to me: I love you, and I miss you, then I found you passing in front of the bar. Is it possible that this voice is the voice of God? Will he accept me after everything I've done?

Kamal said: Yes, my friend, he can accept you. You may think it is a coincidence that you have seen me tonight, and I may think so too, but it is not a coincidence, Jesus longed for you, and he is the one who sent me to you today.

I will remind you of a verse that I love very much "who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth." Do you realize what this verse means? It means that God wants our salvation. He wishes us to return to him even if we have gone very far.

The conversation continued throughout the night, and
Rifaat regretted his sin and felt a desire to change, in the end Rifaat said to Kamal: I want to confess now.

It was half past five in the morning and the timing was not appropriate, but
Rifaat was insisting on confessing. In the end, Kamal went with Rifaat to the church, and they met the priest at six o'clock in the morning.

Kamal told the priest the story of
Rifaat and asked him to accept Rifaat’s confession. The priest was hesitant so as not to be late for Mass, but he resolved his hesitation and sat with Rifaat, while Kamal was waiting outside for 30 minutes.

Rifaat came out from the priest with signs of comfort, satisfaction and pleasure on his face. The Mass began after a delay of half an hour, and Rifaat attended Mass.

After the end of the mass, Kamal gave
Rifaat a piece of paper with his phone number and home address written on it, so that he could contact him if he needed anything. The friends said goodbye to each other, and Kamal went home to sleep.

At noon, Kamal woke up to the doorbell ringing; he opened the door and found a police officer asking him: Are you Mr. Kamal Habib?

Kamal said: Yes.

The officer: Does this paper belong to you?

It was the same paper that Kamal had given to 
Rifaat, and before answering his question, the officer said to him: We found it in the pocket of a young man who was hit by a speeding car, and we did not find any information indicating his identity other than that paper.

Kamal felt afraid for his friend and asked the officer: What happened to him?

The officer: He is dead.

This is a true story told us by the Egyptian priest Beyman (formerly Kamal Habib).

Rifaat repented at the last moment of his life, just as the right-handed thief did. However, Rifaat did not know that it was the last moment of his life, but why wait for this moment? How will we know it is the last minute?

4- Short Story on Faith In God

inspirational stories about faith
Mel Gibson
One night, a man was returning from his work in the circus. He was attacked by a group of thieves; he tried to resist them, but they beat him so hard that he fell to the ground. The thieves kicked him with their shoes until he lost consciousness. The thieves thought that the man died, so they left him and fled immediately.

After a period the police noticed his presence and took him to the hospital. The man was rescued, but his face became severely disfigured.

All companies refused to accept him because of his disfigured face until he despaired of his life and attempted suicide. Once, when he was passing by one of the churches, he entered it and the priest noticed his sadness, so he sat with him, encouraged him and said to him: If you believe in Jesus Christ, he can heal you and change your life. The man was affected by the priest's words, prayed to God with faith and began to attend the church regularly.

The priest's friend was a skilled plastic surgeon, so the priest talked to him to perform free plastic surgery for the man. Indeed, the man had the operation, and it was a great success, and the man’s beauty returned again. The man's life changed, and he became very happy, got married and worked in the field of acting.

This man is the famous actor and director Mel Gibson. Who presented his life in the movie (The Man Without a Face) and directed his movie (The Passion of the Christ.)

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5- The Great Emperor Story

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Franz Joseph I 
Franz Joseph I assumed the throne of Austria at age 18, and he inherited a vast and sprawling empire. Austria at that time was not a small country like it is now, but rather it continued to expand until it included parts of Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries.

The king owned many palaces, the greatest of which is currently Schönbrunn Palace, which surpasses the Palace of Versailles in France. It has a garden of 2 square kilometers, and everything in the palace is plated with 24-carat gold, and chandeliers is lit by candles, where it was allocated to 300 servants to light the candles before the advent of electricity

Franz searched for more happiness and married the most beautiful girl in the country, Empress Elizabeth, whose hair was a meter and a half long, and gave birth to a son and three daughters. He had everything in the world, everything he could wish for. He is rich, has magnificent palaces, a beautiful wife, and children, and despite all this, he does not feel happy.

Franz decided to leave the luxurious life and live like a young soldier in the army, so he was satisfied with only 3 rooms in the palace, which had 1,442 rooms. He painted the room with gray paint and made a place to pray in his bedroom.

He learned the carpentry craft so that he could be like any ordinary person. He insisted on sleeping on an 80-cm iron bed with a thin mattress, like he was a young soldier in the army, he dispensed with the gold-encrusted bed which was 260 cm wide and opened the vast palace garden to all the people to stroll in.

Franz used to paste small pictures of saints on his wardrobe and asked to meet every person who had a problem and wanted to meet him, so he received people, talked to them, and solved their problems. He loved his people and the people loved him.

God prolonged his life until he ruled the empire for the longest period ruled by the emperors of Europe, so he ruled from the age of 18 years to 86 years.

He felt true happiness when he loved God and lived a simple and humble life.

Everyone who visited the palace was amazed by the huge difference between the three rooms of the Emperor and the rooms of his wife, which are studded with gold and luxurious furniture.

But who was happier?
Who loved his god, or who loved the world?

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