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12 Inspirational Stories With Moral Lessons You've Never Read Before

Inspirational stories are one of the most powerful ways to enjoy reading. And reading stories have many benefits for their readers, include: increasing cultural knowledge, developing intelligence and creativity, enhancing thinking skills, reducing stress and increasing calm and relaxation. Here are 12 inspirational stories with moral lessons.

Top 12 Inspiring Short Stories With Moral Lessons

1- Chicken Tenderness Story

inspirational stories with moral lessons

The fire caught a few miles from the dwelling of an American farmer, and it was difficult to control this fire at this time. The fire was heading towards his field, and he started thinking about what to do, if the fire hit him, it would burn the house and the animal barn, and he will lose everything. The farmer began to burn the field surrounded by his house in a quiet way because these fields have dry wheat, if the fire is caught with wheat, it will burn more and burn everything. The farmer managed to burn the field without any harm to his house.

After the fire stopped, he started walking next to his burning field, and he saw a semi-burning chicken, he looked at her sadly and tears crept from his eyes when he saw a bird that had died without guilt. With an involuntary movement, he moved the chicken with his foot, so a group of small chicks ran. The farmer cried and looked at this chicken who surrounded her body with her young and burned without moving her wings or escaping, but she withstood to protect her young, While he grieves for his material losses!
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2- Masters And Slaves, Short Story With Moral

inspirational stories with moral lessons

In the past, an auction took place in a slave market for a beautiful girl, her price was constantly increasing, until there were only two men left who wanted to own her. One of whom was a fierce character and his voice was loud, and the other was gentle and calm, it was a race between them and each of them insisted on owning this girl.

Finally, the quiet man won after he paid a very large sum, so they gave her to him and gave him the papers proving his ownership of her. And here a great surprise occurred, where the girl found that her owner was tearing in front of her all the papers that prove her ownership. The man smiled and told her you are now free; I was determined to pay the price to set you free. The girl threw herself at his feet with tears in her eyes and told him that she would serve him for the rest of her life.
Freedom is the most beautiful thing a man wishes.
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3- Blind Jealousy, Moral Story

stories with moral lessons

A brother and his sister graduated in the same academic year, where the boy graduated from the Faculty of Engineering and the girl graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Department of French Language. After a period of searching for a job, the engineer joined a construction company, but his sister could not find a job because of the bad tourist situation in the country. After a long time, the sister felt frustrated, and her brother began to buy a new phone, new clothes and decided to buy a car. Signs of hatred and jealousy began to appear on her face towards her brother; she treated him badly even though her brother had no guilt in anything.
On one occasion, the sister said to her brother, I will make a translation website on the Internet, and I will translate texts from French to English and vice versa for whoever wants. Indeed, she made a page on the Internet, only a week passed, and someone sent her some texts to translate and gave her his mail to send him all the translated texts, as he gave her $100 for each text. This topic was repeated more than once, and the desperate sister's condition has improved, she bought everything she wanted, and then started trying to prove to her brother that she was better than him!
One day the sister entered her brother’s room to look for his mobile charger to charge her phone. She found in his office a set of papers in French, when she started reading them, she found all the texts that were asked of her. The sister regretted her bad treatment of her brother, although her brother treated her well, and she knew the extent of her brother's love towards her.

Who doesn't love his brother who sees him, how can love God who hasn't seen him!
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4- He Doesn't Insult Me, Short Story With Moral

inspirational stories with moral lessons

On one occasion, a friend visited a family living in America, and when the man arrived at the house, he saw a small child playing with his dog in the garden of the house. The man asked the child: I see you are happy with the dog!

Child: Yes, I love him very much
; I play with him, and he plays with me.
Man: Do you love this dog more than your family?
Child: Yes, absolutely.
Man: Do you like the dog more than your schoolmates?
Child: Yes, he does not insult me, he does not tell me you are fat but my schoolmates tell me that, and they always insult me.

This little boy used to spend all his time with his dog because he found love and mercy in the heart of this animal, and he felt safe in the presence of his dog. Which he did not feel among his schoolmates and his family members.

Dear Reader,
Many hearts need your love, if you cannot offer them anything, at least do not hurt their feelings even as a joke.

5- We Don't Need Him, Inspirational Story

short stories with moral

James Smithson was born in 1765 in France and was an illegitimate son of a famous English duke of the dynasty of King Henry VII. And because he was an illegitimate son, he was deprived of English citizenship and he was deprived of his father's inheritance. Despite society's rejection of this young man, but he worked hard and succeeded in his life until he became one of the leaders of English scientists and a member of the Royal Society at the age of twenty-two.

James died in 1829 without marrying and left a great fortune estimated at more than 500,000 US dollars. His nephew thought this wealth was his right and the Royal Society thought that James had recommended much of his inheritance to its account, but when the will was published, everyone was shocked.
James wrote: As England rejected me, I rejected it too, and in order for declaring his extreme contempt for those who mistreated him, he gave everything he owned for the benefit of the American government to establish a scientific institute in this emerging country. And indeed, the American Congress established the Smithsonian Institution in Washington in 1846, and this institution became famous throughout the world.
England made a huge mistake when they underestimated this young man because he was an illegitimate boy, and thought that they had no need for him, and lost much.
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6- Race In Love Story
inspirational moral stories

One of the champions of the car race, an Argentine national, won the world championship and was able to walk at a speed of 150 miles per hour, and he won international prizes on the roads of Europe at that time.
 This hero was distinguished by his extreme caution and love for others, when he was driving on the highways, sometimes some of the young people drove their cars next to him so that they might catch up with him while they were very excited.
 He was able to speed up and overtake them by great distances, but he did not use his superior skills in the race, but rather calmed his speed and made them precede him so that they don't get hurt.
This hero can change the car track in only ten seconds, and despite that, he was racing with the young people slowly and making them overtake him so that the car would not rush and overturn them.
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7- The Story Of The Songbirds

inspiring short stories with moral

Early in the morning, the father was looking out the window as usual. The kid asked his father why do you look so much out of the window every morning, Dad?

The father replied: I admire the songbirds that stand together on the telephone wire, sing and then fly to look for food.

Son: What else do you like about these birds, Dad?

Father: I think they are the happiest creatures on earth because they stand above telephone wires. These wires carry many conversations that cross from house to house and from village to village,
containing happy and sad conversations, but all these news and conversations pass under the feet of birds and the birds do not lose their inner peace.

Dear brother,
Put the news of the world under your feet, ignore it as these birds do, and do not let it break your heart or occupy your mind or threaten your inner peace and psychological comfort.
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8- From The Clinic To The Zoo, Inspirational Story

moral stories for adults

In New York City, A high school student sustained a fractured nose. So he left the school and went to the clinic, after the doctor treated him, the student got out of the clinic in a state of sadness.

The student sat thinking to himself why God allowed his nose to be broken, and in the meantime, he found himself in front of the Bronx Zoo, so he decided to enter it to rest a little.

 The student paid for the ticket, and after a few minutes he was surprised by the senior staff of the park giving him gifts, and the journalists taking pictures of him. When he asked why, he knew that he was a person number one billion
who has entered the park since its inception!

 All things work together for good to them that love God.

9- Wife Slap, Moral Story

short stories with moral lessons

A man stood preaching to a large crowd, saying: We must forgive each other, how can we ask God to forgive us and we do not forgive other people. And after the end of his speech he took his wife and left, during their return home she said to him, I want to tell you something and I was hesitant but your words today gave me a strong motive to talk to you about it, so he said to her, speak my love. She said, I took your golden watch and sold it to buy some necessary things.
The husband stopped the car suddenly and said to her, what are you saying?
She said to him, I needed a lot of money and you were always away from me, so I did not find anything in front of me to do except this. He slapped her and said: it was a theft, did you ask me and I didn't give you? She smiled in spite of the slap and said: I wanted to test you, will you forgive me as you preached to the crowds a while ago? Rest assured, your watch is still in your hand!
Don't ask others to do what you miss in your life.
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10- An Inspiring Story About Daughter's Love

short inspirational stories with moral

There was an elderly mother of about 70 years, her health condition deteriorated very badly, so her two daughters took her to the hospital. The doctor said to her eldest daughter that she must undergo an operation immediately, and the cost of this operation is 20 thousand dollars, so the eldest daughter asked him, What is the success rate of this operation? He replied: Thirty percent, especially since she is advanced age.
The older sister said to her younger sister: $20, 000 is a huge sum for us, the younger sister said, you pay half the amount, and I pay the other half, and we perform the operation for her. The older sister said to her: “How can I pay $10, 000 for something that is expected to fail, I have two children, and they need every cent I have, if God wants her to live, she will live without operations, and if he does not want, she will die even if we perform it for her in the best hospital in the world.”
The younger sister cried because of the cruelty of her sister's heart, she sold her small car and took some money from her friends until the amount was completed, and she gave the doctor the price of the operation. The operation succeeded and the mother remained in the hospital for two days, and before leaving her condition worsened again and she died instantly. The older sister told her young sister, "You have lost all your money and become owed to your friends even though I warned you of the failure of the operation."
The younger sister said, "I lost my money and gained my mother's satisfaction. Before she died, she said to me, Thank you, my little daughter, for not leaving me at the end of my days. In addition to that, my mother gave me the house where she lived to pay the debts of the operation and the cost of the funeral."

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11- The Painful Trick Story

inspirational stories with moral

There was a widow who had an only son, and after she raised him and taught him, he decided to leave her and travel. She said to him with tears in her eyes, will you leave me to live alone? He said to her, Forgive me, my mother, and do not stand in the way of my future.
After he had traveled, she always sent him letters to check on him, but he did not respond to her, so the mother thought of a clever trick, which is to send him a letter saying, My beloved son, I inherited from my uncle a large piece of land and I have a lot of money so if you need anything, send me a letter.

Indeed, the plan succeeded, and he sent her a letter every week asking for money and she was sending him all the money he needed. The mother was not sad about her son’s attitude, but she was very happy that he became addressing her constantly, although he was addressing her for his own benefit and not love or sympathy for her.
After about three months, the mother's messages were interrupted, he sent her one letter after another, and no response came from her, so he called one of her neighbors and the neighbor told him that she had died.

The son returned from travel to inherit the rest of his mother's money, so he found a strange man living in her house! And when he asked him about his identity, he told him, “Your mother sold me this house three months ago.” His neighbors informed him that her condition worsened and got sick in her last days, and she sold all her belongings and furniture, then sold the house so that when she got sick she did not care about her health but was sleeping in the street, and no one knew where she had spent all the money she got for what she sold.
The young man collapsed and felt great remorse and cried so much because he knew that his mother had done all this just to hear his voice!
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12- A Story About Tithes And Offering

inspirational stories with moral lessons

There was a very rich man, but he was very stingy. Many poor people came to beg him to help them solve their problems, but he was evading them and he always said to himself, I collected all this wealth with my efforts and I am not ready to leave it to be distributed to the poor for nothing.

One day this rich man was passing the road, and in the meantime, he was hit by a car that was speeding and knocked him down, so the passers-by rushed and took him to the city hospital, and he remained under the care of the doctor and one of the elderly nurses, this old nurse was very kind, he remained by his side to take care of him until he began to wake up from his coma. The rich man regained consciousness, but he lost his memory and did not remember anything about his previous life. The doctor said that his memory has lost almost everything and we do not know anyone to inform him of his condition and by being here he will take the place of other people who may need it more than him, he is now able to move and we are in a critical situation.

The old nurse suggested that he take him to his house and take care of him until his memory returns to him again or one of his relatives shows up to take him. The doctor agreed with him after the approval of the hospital administration, which allowed the nurse to take the patient with him. The old man and the patient arrived at the house, which was a hut of wicker and straw in a very far away place and isolated from the city, the rich stood looking at the house with contempt and said: You call this a house?

The nurse said to him quietly, do you have the same?

The rich man smiled and said, I don't remember if I had a house or if I was a beggar in the streets.

The old man said from now on, this is your new home, you will stay in it until your memory comes back to you and you remember everything.

The rich man asked him, Do you take a salary from your job that's enough for all your needs?

The old man said, I sell newspapers in the morning and I work in nursing at night and live in a fairly good condition.

Days passed, and one time the old man found an announcement in one of the newspapers with a picture of the rich man, so the old man hurried to the rich man to tell him that he was from a large family and that his family was looking for him, so the rich man rejoiced and went with the old man to the address written in the newspaper. 
When the rich man arrived at his family, said goodbye to the old man and thanked him so much. The old man returned again alone to his first life from selling newspapers by day and nursing in the hospital at night. Several months passed and memory has returned to the rich man, and when he returned to his work he said to the secretary: First give me all the requests of the poor to read them, then he hastened to implement them.
One of the requests was from a poor father who wished to enroll his son in school, but he was financially unable, so the rich man rushed to the address of this man and gave him enough money. He then read one of the other requests, he found him from a husband who wanted to treat his sick wife from a serious illness, but he was unable, so the rich man rushed to his house and gave him what sufficed him for the expenses of the operation and treatment. He then read another request, he finds that someone whose house has fallen in an earthquake and is sitting in one of the simple shelters where there is no water or light, and when he went to this person's address to help him and give him money to buy a new house, he found the house the old man's hut who sheltered him and took care of him months ago.
Dear Reader,
Imagine what this rich man did to the old man. Do not wait to taste poverty until you feel the poor. If the rich man from the beginning had helped this old man, he would have lived with him in a place befitting him when his host received him and took care of him, but God wanted the rich man to taste poverty in order to help others after he felt their suffering. 
Here's the end of the stories.
See you in new stories ❤️
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