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Best 8 Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

The inspiring stories motivate children and youth into creativity, innovation, success and make them more able to think properly and develop their good qualities and push them to success and work. Therefore, we offer you a collection of inspiring short stories on positive attitude; real situations, and stories of wonderful people highlighting the importance and strength of a positive attitude in people's hearts.

8 Inspiring Short Stories on Positive Attitude

inspiring short stories on positive attitude

1- A Word Of Encouragement, Short Inspirational Story

inspiring short stories on positive attitude
( Sir Isaac Newton as a child )

Parents sat with their children in the primary schoolyard at the annual ceremony to distribute prizes to the outstanding pupils. The headmaster gave a speech on this occasion and then he started calling out to the student, then the student and his parents would stand between the applause of the attendees, then the three go to the stage to shake hands with the headmaster and receive the certificate.

When the headmaster finished reciting the names of the top students, he called for the name of Isaac Newton, and no one stood at first. Newton didn't believe his ears and didn't imagine that he would obtain a special certificate, especially since he was the only student who failed in all subjects.

The headmaster called for the student again and asked him to come to the stage. The kid walked stumbling to the stage, and the headmaster shook his hand warmly and handed him the certificate. Then the headmaster said: this student had failed in all subjects and yet he is an excellent student, he is the greatest and most polite of the school’s students, I am very proud that this student is in my school, every day he used to give an example to his colleagues in good manners and I think that despite his failure this year in all subjects, he is going to succeed excellently in the next year because a student like this will able to overcome failure and turn it into success.

then everyone stood up to applaud with admiration for the headmaster's interest even in the failed pupils and encouraging them to succeed. Indeed, thanks to this kind and encouraging speech, this headmaster contributed in changing the student who failed in all subjects to become one of the greatest scientists of the 18th century in physics and mathematics and discovered the law of universal gravitation and laws of motion.

This is a realistic story that shows the morals and inspiration of a positive attitude that lifts a person from the bottom of failure to the top of success. In addition, the story shows the effect of kind words that make a person open closed doors and take his hand to get him out of the bottom of despair and give him hope for a better life.

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2- The Good Word, Inspiring Story On Positive Attitude

The good word story

One day the famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was coming down from his house and on his way, he met a poor young man who used to take help from him and when Tolstoy put his hand in his pocket, he didn't find his money bag, so he smiled at the man and said to him Excuse me, brother, I forgot my money bag at home. The man said Believe me sir you gave me more than all people gave me when you told me, brother.

My dear reader
The people around us are in dire need of a kind word. For some people, the kind word is greater than the treasures of the entire world because of its profound positive impact on them.

Do you know that
In an Indian myth, the goddess of power was asked, "You are more violent than the wind and stronger than the waves. Is there anything stronger than you? The Goddess of Strength replied kind words are stronger than me.

The kind word is your way to people's hearts.

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3- The Power Of Word

The power of Word story

Stanton, one of Abraham Lincoln's ministers, wrote a report in which he described President Lincoln as an ignorant, foolish man. When Lincoln knew about that, he said that his minister that Stanton was a reasonable man, and if he said I was ignorant, it is better for me to check my knowledge.

The kind word comforts the soul and makes the heart happy

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4- Behind The Window Story

In one of the hospitals, there were two old patients in the same room, both of them had a chronic disease, fortunately for one of them, the bed was next to the only window in the room, while the other was away from him.

The two old men spent their days talking without seeing each other because they were lying on their backs looking at the ceiling, and every day after the afternoon the first was sitting in his bed gazing out the window and describe to his friend the beauty of life in the outside world and the other was waiting for this hour to listen to his friend's description of the life outside while listening in amazement to this wonderful description, then closing his eyes and beginning to imagine that wonderful view of life.

One day the patient that next to the window died so the other patient asked to move his bed next to the window, and his request was fulfilled, The patient remembered the interesting talk he had heard from his friend and cried for his loss, Then he decided to look out the window to see the wonderful outside world.

And here was the surprise!
He only saw one of the hospital walls in front of him, because the window was overlooking a courtyard inside the hospital. The man was amazed, then called the nurse and asked her if this was the window through which his friend was looking. She replied: This room has only one window, and when he told her about what his friend was describing to him, the nurse was very surprised and said to him, “But the deceased was blind.”

This old man wanted to make his friend happy and give him hope so that he would not become bored and feel despair and wished to die.

5- No Strife, Short Story On Positive Attitude

One of the lawyers was a strange man in the eyes of many, and one day he bought a piece of land that had legal problems. When the lawyer received the land, he said to the disputant: What is your request about the limits of the land? He replied: Your current limit is located in my land at a distance of two feet on one side and a foot on the other side. The lawyer said: Move it on my land to a distance of four feet on one side and two feet from the other side.

The neighbor said: But this is twice the money! The lawyer replied: I don't care, there have been enough disputes on this land and I want you to take enough to make the neighborly relationships good. The neighbor was silent for a moment because he was ready to quarrel, but the lawyer didn't give him a chance to do so! Therefore, he said: Sir, I won't move the limit from its place, because my disputes were not about land, but about principle.

The whole world does not fit two people who hate each other, but a small nest can fit two lovers.

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6- Overcome Evil With Good , Short Motivational Story

There was a problem for the sheep breeder because of his neighbor's dogs that were chasing and killing his sheep, and when this went on for a long time, the shepherd decided to take action, so what would his reaction be from your point of view?

Maybe he can sue, and he will certainly have the right to put down his neighbor's dogs when they enter his property, and he could build a bigger and better fence. But he didn’t choose any of these options because he had a better idea, he gave a sheep to each neighbor, and after a short time all the neighbors owned a small herd of sheep, and they started to tie their dogs, and so the problem of killing sheep passed and solved peacefully.

Evil can only be defeated by good

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7- Peace Lovers Story

Peace lovers story

William Penn's father was a general in the English navy and one of the most important leaders in the British army. He was famous for his impressive victories in many battles. One day, his son William joined a group that called themselves peace lovers and refused to fight; his father accused him of cowardice and then accused him of insanity. William began preaching the hatred of war and the love of peace, people despised and mistreated him, and he was arrested because of this behavior and was kept in prison. In prison, he showed that he was ready to suffer and not to make others suffer, and he was able to stand bravely in front of the war supporters, and then his father saw the truth in him and saw that if he is a war hero, his son is the hero of peace.

After that, William Penn established the great state of Pennsylvania, and the state was inhabited by Native Americans, whom the white supremacist called savages. They waged a war against the Native Americans to expel them from their country, and there were many battles and deaths on both sides.

When William came to the state, he didn't ask for guards or troops, but came himself and announced to the American Indians that he had come to them as a friend and a brother. There were murders in all states but Pennsylvania, where there is William the Peacemaker, there were no such murders at all where they all lived in safety and peace.

If you are not a peacemaker, at least don't be a troublemaker

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8- Positive Thinking Story In Hindi

positive thinking story in Hindi

Gandhi, the leader of India who taught people the meaning of peaceful struggle, said: "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." Indeed, India became independent through a peaceful struggle, not an armed struggle.

Positive attitude quotes

Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you’re positive, good things happen.
 Deep Roy

Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success
Shiv Khera

Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you
Les Brown

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty
Sir Winston Churchill

Love yourself. It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.
Jenn Proske

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug
Patricia Neal
Be positive and remember that a little optimism can open thousands of ways towards happiness
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