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10 Short Stories To Read Before Bed For Adults

Reading short stories is a great way to increase culture, general knowledge, and gain life experiences. Stories also help to improve mood and relieve stress and anxiety. Here's a collection of short stories to read before bed for adults to escape from the daily routine, pressures and problems.

Free Short Stories To Read Before Bed For Adults


1- Inspirational True Story

Short Stories To Read Before Bed For Adults

Mother Teresa went to the baker and asked him for bread to feed the orphaned children, and when she extended her hand to the baker to give her the bread, the baker spat in her hand!

Mother Teresa put her hand on her chest, saying: I will keep this for me, and then she extended her other hand and said: Now give me some bread to feed my children.

The baker marveled at her great kindness and became the main bread donor for Mother Teresa's orphanage.

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2- Short Story About Good Parenting

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In a poor village, three women meet at a well. Each woman had a little boy, two of them did not stop praising their children, but the third woman did not praise her son at all, even though he is a wonderful and polite child.

After they had finished filling the water, each woman carried a jar and returned home, and on the way, they meet their three children playing together. One of the women said, “Look at my son, he is very handsome and smart.” The second woman said, “Look at my child, he is tall and strong.”

As for the third woman, she did not talk about her son this time either, but when her son saw her from afar carrying a jar, he left playing and hurried towards his mother, took a jar from her, carried it on his shoulder, and went home with his mother, while the rest of the children continued to play and ignored their mothers!

The mother did not praise her son at all because she was confident that his actions would speak of his personality and his proper upbringing.

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3- The Story of The Fair Judge

Good short stories to read before bed

In the past, there was a fair judge, who ruled one of the villages with justice and mercy.

The punishment in this village was flogging, so if one of the villagers stole, he was flogged 40 lashes, and if someone assaulted another, he was flogged 60 lashes, and so was the punishment.

One day, the necklace of the minister’s wife was stolen from this village. The judge gathered the people of the village and told them that whoever stole the necklace should bring it to me, and I will forgive him. The judge waited three days, but the thief did not come.

The judge gathered all the soldiers and searched all the residents of the village, but he did not find the necklace, and in order for the judge to show his honesty and integrity in front of the people, he ordered the soldiers search his house, and here was the surprise, as the soldiers found the necklace in the judge's house.

After investigating the matter, it became clear that the judge's mother was the one who stole the necklace.

The judge was between two difficult choices, either he orders the flogging of his mother or pardons her, and in this case chaos prevails in the village.

The day of the verdict came, and all the villagers gathered in front of the punishment square, waiting for the judge's verdict against his mother!

Here was the great shock, as the judge ordered his mother to be flogged 40 lashes, but before the sentence was executed, the judge came forward, stood behind his mother, and ordered the executioner to carry out the sentence. The judge received 40 lashes in his back, and in this way the judge equated between justice and mercy.

Justice in this story is represented in punishment, and whoever makes a mistake must be punished, regardless of his position in society.

Mercy represented in sacrifice of the judge because he received 40 lashes instead of his mother.

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4- Bedtime Story For Adults

bedtime story for adults

One of the students was learning the French language and his level was weak in French, so he took a course to learn French in one of the educational centers. The educational system in this center was different from the rest of the centers, as the student who gets less than half in the exams gets a zero.

The student began to learn the language and develop himself in it, but the teacher noticed that the level of the student was not developing, so he wanted to test him to know his level.

The teacher made a test for the student, and the result of the test was zero. After a week, he made another test and the result was also zero. The teacher said to the student: You will fail to learn this language, I advise you to learn another language.

The student was very sad because he wanted to learn the French language, so he said to the teacher: Why don't you encourage me even though I made progress and improved?

The teacher was amazed and said to him: about any improvement you are talking about, and you got two consecutive zeros!

The student said: In the first exam, I got 4 out of 20, so I took a zero, but in the second exam, I got 7 out of 20, so I got a zero as well. Without a doubt I improved even if below zero. Please, my teacher encourages me to go up from below zero.

The teacher was sad because he hurt the student and did not raise his morale, and since that day, the teacher's style has changed for the better, and he has become encouraging all students and treating them positively.

As for this student, he did not need encouragement because he has a successful mentality and realizes that he is constantly improving even if he is below zero better than not improving at all.

5- The Story of The Girl And The Egg Seller

short bedtime stories to read for adults

There was a poor man selling eggs on a sidewalk. A girl wearing a dress went to him and asked him about the price of eggs. The man answered her: The price of an egg is one pound.

The girl said to him: I will take 6 eggs for only 5 pounds, otherwise I won't buy.

The man was sitting for a long time under the hot sun and no one bought from him, so he had to sell 6 eggs for 5 pounds.

The girl felt proud and victorious, took the eggs, got into her car, and went to meet her friends. They went to a restaurant in one of Cairo's upscale neighborhoods. The girl sat with her friends and ate the most delicious food.

The girl went with her friends to pay for the food, so her account was 175 pounds, and in order to gain the respect and appreciation of her friends, she gave the waiter 200 pounds and said to him: take the rest for you!

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6- The Story of The Lost Golden Watch

A rich man wearing a gold watch entered one of the large carpentry workshops. This workshop was full of sawdust, and the man kept looking for the type of wood he wanted, during his search the gold watch he was wearing fell from him.

The man said in front of all the workers of the workshop that he would give a very large reward to whoever finds the watch.

All the workers rushed to search for the watch and used all their tools such as forks and magnets, but there was a noise in the workshop, and they did not find the watch until lunchtime came, so everyone left the workshop to eat and said we will look for it after eating.

While they were outside the workshop, a young man entered the workshop and came out after a while with the gold watch in his hand. The rich man and all the workers looked at him in amazement and asked him what he did to find the watch?

He said to them: All I did was that I waited for the noise to end and then sat quietly until I heard the sound of the clock ticking; I did not wait long, as the sound of the clock ticking was audible and clear, but none of you heard it because of the noise and loud sound.

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7- The Story of The Devil's Tree

bedtime stories for adults

There was a tree inhabited by the devil and this tree used to do Mind-blowing things, sometimes the branches of the tree would throw gold, which made most people believe that this tree was a god!

A monk heard about this tree and got very angry, and decided to kill the tree because it keeps people away from God. The monk took the axe and went to the tree to cut it, the devil said to the monk: leave me alone I do not cause you any harm.

The monk said: how to leave you, and you keep people away from God, it is my duty to save people from you.

Here a strong battle took place between the devil and the monk, the monk won in the end and almost killed the tree, so the devil cried out and said, "Let me live, and I promise you that every day I will put a gold dinar under your pillow."

The monk backed down from killing the devil and let him live on the condition that he gives him a golden dinar daily.

Three days passed, and the monk found three gold dinars, but on the fourth day, he did not find anything, so the monk became angry, carried his axe, and went to kill the devil.

The monk quarreled with the devil, but this time the devil defeated him and grabbed him by the neck. The monk begged him not to kill him and asked him: Why did you defeat me this time?

The devil said sarcastically before killing him: Last time you were fighting for God, and that's why you won, but this time you were fighting for gold dinars and that's why you were defeated.

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8- The Story of The Kiss of Life

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This photo was taken in 1967 and won the best photo in this year and was called the kiss of life. The photo shows two friends, Thompson and Champion, who were working in Electricity Company.

Champion was on top of a transformer, and the transformer produced a 4,000-volt electrical signal (Note that the electric chair used in the execution produces only 2000 volts) Champion's heart stopped immediately, but he did not fall from the top of the transformer because of the seat belt he was wearing.

His friend Thompson saw him and hurried to save him without fearing electricity. When he reached him, he was unable to perform CPR for him, so he gave him mouth to mouth resuscitation until the air reached his friend’s lungs.

After Thompson felt his friend's faint pulse, he untied the belt from him, carried him on his shoulders, and lowered him to the ground. Thompson went down to the ground carrying his friend and summoned the rest of the workers.

All colleagues came and performed CPR for him and when he regained consciousness a little, they took him to the hospital. After he had received the appropriate treatment in the intensive care room, Champion came back to life thanks to his friend, who saved him from certain death.

9- Short Story To Read Before Bed For Adults

short story to read before bed for adults

There was a businessman driving his Ford car at night, and the car broke down, so the man got out and tried to find the fault and fix it, but he couldn't.

During that, a man passed by the side of the road driving a car, so he stopped and asked him if he wanted any help, the businessman replied: No, thank you, this car is complicated, and you will not be able to offer me anything.

After several hours, the same man passed by and saw the businessman standing puzzled not knowing what to do, so he asked him again: Are you sure you don't want help?

The Businessman: Actually, the car broke down, and I don't know how to fix it.

Here the man got out of his car, checked the man's car and repaired it in a few minutes.

The businessman was surprised and asked him: Where did you get this impressive skill from? This is a complex car; tell me how you fixed it.

The man replied: I offered you help a while ago, if you allowed me to check it, you would not have waited so long. As for my experience in the field of cars is great, do not be surprised, sir. I am Henry Ford, the inventor and maker of this car, so I know every part of the car how it works.

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10- The Story of The Poor Father And The Sick Daughter

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Thomas was a poor man working as a mechanic, and he had a five year old daughter who had a serious illness that led to her muscles atrophying, so her body stopped growing at that age.

The daughter lived sad because of her illness, and the father lived worried because of his poverty.

One day, the father complained to his friend and said to him: My daughter is always sad and depressed, and I couldn't improve her mood, his friend advised him to carry his daughter and run with her in the
house every day. Thomas was amazed at this advice, but he implemented it.

When he returned home, he found his daughter crying as usual, so he carried her in his arms and ran with her all over the 
house. His daughter felt joy, laughed a lot and said to her father: I love you dad. At this moment, the father felt happiness that he had not felt for a long time.

Thomas used to carry his daughter every day and run with her in the house. The matter developed, and he carried his daughter, ran with her in the street until his neighbor saw him and advised him to participate in the running race that takes place in Britain every year.

Thomas presented in the competition, won third place, and caught the attention of the whole world because he was running in the race carrying his daughter on his shoulder.

Despite his loss, he had great hope that he would win the competition next year. Thomas carried his daughter daily and ran with her for long distances to increase his speed.

Thomas presented in the same competition the following year, carried his daughter on his shoulder, and ran as fast as he could until he got first place and won large prize money of $9 million, in addition to winning the ideal father award.

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