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10 Interesting Bedtime Stories For Adults With Valuable Lessons

Bedtime stories are one of the beautiful and useful habits for adults and children. Short stories offer a range of benefits, including relaxation, entertainment, enhancing creativity, expanding knowledge, and personal growth. In general, reading stories is an enjoyable experience that helps you sleep quietly and more comfortably. Here's a collection of interesting bedtime stories for adults that you can read before going to sleep.

Short Bedtime Stories For Adults Online


1- The Cruise Ship Story

interesting bedtime stories for adults

The story tells about a man who cares about appearances in an extreme way, this man was pretending to be rich in front of people although he is not rich.

One day he decided to go on a cruise for a week. This trip was for the rich only because of its high price, but our friend considered himself one of the rich.

The man went to buy a ticket for the trip, and after he stood in a large queue, he was surprised that the price of the ticket was 1,000 dollars.

The man thought that the price of the trip was only 500 dollars and did not take into account that it would reach this price. The man felt embarrassed, refused to withdraw, paid everything in his pocket, and bought a tourist ticket for this luxury trip.

The man took the ticket and went home to prepare for the trip, and while preparing the supplies for the trip, he said to himself, "It is certain that the prices of food and drinks inside the ship will be very expensive, so I must buy cheap food from here because the money that I have will not be enough."

After that, the man went to the market and bought bread, cheese, jam, and some other cheap food. The day of the trip came, so the man took his bag and said to his relatives: I am going on a cruise with the nobles and rich people of the village!

Our friend boarded the ship. The man was completely different from everyone present in everything, his accent, appearance, and culture were different from the rich. The first day passed in peace and the man ate the simple food he brought with him. The man was pretending to be happy, but he did not feel it!

Throughout the days of the trip, the man ate from the food he brought with him, and he looked at the rich people while they were eating the most delicious food with sadness. The man wanted to try this food in order to tell the villagers about the wonderful taste of the food he ate from!

On the seventh day, our friend entered the ship's restaurant, sat at a table, and asked the waiter to bring him a meat sandwich.

The waiter suggested to the man to bring him a cold drink and some imported sweets, but the man refused, so the waiter tried to convince him in every way to take some juices or appetizers with the sandwich, but the man apologized and told him that he did not want to drink juice or eat appetizers, although the man desperately wanted to try these foods that he had not tasted before.

After a while, the waiter brought the meat sandwich as the man told him, our friend ate the sandwich and enjoyed its taste a lot and wanted more and more, but his capabilities do not allow asking for more. 

Time passed, and when the ship approached the village, the man called out to the waiter and asked him about the price of food.

The waiter marveled and said to him, Sir, What price are you talking about? All foods and drinks on the ship are free for tourist ticket holders, your ticket is worth $1,000 which allows you to eat and drink whatever you want for free!

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2- Short Story About Wisdom

short bedtime stories for adults online

In the past, in one of the distant countries, there was a country whose constitution stipulates that the king who rules this country rules for one year and had all the powers, but after the end of the year, this king was exiled to a deserted island where there is no life, and another king was appointed for a year and so was the system of government in this country.

In one of the years, no man came forward to rule this country for fear of the inevitable end, except for one man who applied for the position of the king and won the position because there is no one else.

From the first day of his reign, the king did not attend any parties, and did not go to any events, but he set himself a goal and did not let the temporary pleasure distract him from achieving his goal.

The king gathered all the skilled builders and engineers and asked them to build a bridge connecting the deserted island and the country. Indeed, the bridge was completed in a short time, and the country was linked to the island.

After that, the king ordered the construction of a large palace for him inside the island, and he also ordered the introduction of electricity, water, and all means of life on the island.

Indeed, all what the king ordered was implemented in less than a year, and after the end of the reign the king moved to live on this beautiful island, which the king turned from a prison to a paradise.

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3- Story About The Kind Word

interesting stories for adults

This story tells about a good man named John who was working in a fish factory.

One day he entered the freezer, and the door was locked on him while he was inside.

At this time, all the employees left, so John kept knocking on the freezer door and calling out loudly, but no one heard him.

Three hours passed, and John was about to die, but the security officer came in, opened the freezer door and saved him from certain death.

After checking on John, they asked the security officer: How did you know that John was in the freezer?

He replied: I have been working in this factory for 10 years. Every day hundreds of employees entering and exiting, but Mr. John is the only one who shakes my hand every day in the morning, he says to me good morning and in the end of the day, he says to me good night.

Today I did not hear (good night) from him, so I felt worried and afraid for him and searched for him in the whole factory until I found him in the freezer.

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4- Interesting True Story

bedtime stories for adults

In 1977, a little girl suffered burns in her body due to a steamer machine. The child was screaming from the pain of the burns.

The hospital staff put bandages on the child’s body to relieve her pain, but the child did not calm down and did not stop crying until a 20-year-old nurse carried her and embraced her to relieve her pain. Surprisingly, the child stopped crying as soon as the nurse carried her.

One of the medical staff took a memorial photo of the nurse while she was carrying the child. The hospital administration used this photo as the official photo of the hospital and the photo spread widely, and thousands of hospitals around the world used this photo.

Years passed and the little girl who suffered burns grew up and reached the thirties. This lady searched for the nurse for many years and did not find her until she found her by chance on Facebook, the lady was very happy and contacted the nurse, met her and thanked her a lot because she embraced her with love and tenderness when she was a little girl. And they took new memorial photos for them more than thirty years after their first meeting.

5- The Water Carrier And The Minister Story

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The story tells about a beloved Water Carrier called Mina. This man was kind and loved his work, so the people loved him. The king heard about him, so he sent the minister to bring him, and when Mina came the king ordered him to work inside the palace to serve him and his guests.

Mina went to his wife to tell her the good news, wore the best clothes and went back to the palace to start work. Mina was always Smiley, so all the guests of the palace loved him and the king also loved him because Mina was telling him stories and funny tales.

Days passed, and the king approached Mina more and more, so the minister felt jealous and decided to get rid of him. One day the minister went to Mina in his house and said to him: Oh Mina, the king is complaining of the bad smell of your mouth!

Mina asked the minister: What am I going to do? The minister said to him: I advise you to wear a mask on your face when you come to the palace so that the king does not smell your mouth!

The next day Mina came to the palace wearing a mask, the king marveled at what Mina did, but he did not comment.

Mina keep wearing the mask many days, so the king asked the minster: Why Mina wearing a mask all the time?

The minster replied: I asked Mina before that why he wears the mask, and he told me that he wears it because your mouth smells bad. I apologize to you my lord for what I say, but this is the reason.

The king was very angry and sent the minister to bring the executioner and said to him: Stand with the sword in front of the palace door, and if you see a person leaving the palace with a bouquet of roses in his hand, cut off his head immediately.

Mina came wearing a mask and served the king and his guests as usual. When he finished his work, the king gave him a bouquet of roses as a gift for him.

Mina thanked the king and left his room; the minster saw him and asked him: Who gave you these roses? Mina replied: The king wanted to reward me, so he gave me these roses. The minister took the roses from him and said to him: I deserve this gift more than you do!

The minister came out of the palace, and when the executioner saw him, cut off his head immediately as the king ordered him. The next day, Mina came as usual, so the king was surprised when he found him alive and asked him: why you always wear the mask in front of me?

Mina replied: The minister told me that you are complaining about my bad breath, so I was always careful to wear a mask in front of you so that I would not cause you harm.

The king asked him again: Where is the bouquet of roses that I gave you yesterday?

Mian said: The minister took it from me and told me that he deserves these roses more than I do.

The king laughed and said:
Truly, he is deserving these roses more than you.

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6- The Love Seeds Story

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The story tells about an old lady who used to ride the train every day and during the way she was throwing seeds out of the train window. The woman used to do that every day and was always keen to sit by the window until she threw these seeds.

One day, a man asked her: What are you throwing out the window?

The old woman replied: These are rose seeds; this road is empty and free of flowers, so I throw the seeds so that people can later enjoy the beautiful colorful roses when they ripen.

The man said: It is impossible that these roses grow on the edge of the road; these seeds need water to grow.

The old Woman: I have full confidence that the rain water will help these seeds to grow.

The man tried to convince her not to do that because she was making a useless effort and advised her not to waste her money on these seeds, but the woman did not listen to him, sat in another place away from this man, and kept throwing rose seeds.

Days and months passed, and one day on the same train, this man sat by the window and saw on the side of the road beautiful roses, and the road became fragrant with colorful flowers.

The man remembered the old woman who was throwing rose seeds and asked the ticket seller about her, so the ticket seller told him that she died last month.

The man returned and sat in his place to enjoy the view of the beautiful flowers and said in his mind: the flowers opened, but the poor woman died without enjoying this beauty, so what did she benefit from what she did?

At this time, the man heard the voice of a little girl sitting in the seat in front of him, saying: Look, Dad, how beautiful these flowers are. I have never seen such beautiful flowers in my life.

The man now understood the benefit of what the old woman had done, and although she did not enjoy the beauty of the flowers, she gave love and happiness to everyone who saw these flowers.

The man knew the meaning of true giving from this lady and saw with his eyes that all the passengers on the train were reminding this woman and praying for her daily because of the beauty and love she provided.

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7- The Boll Weevil Story

adult bedtime sleep stories
Boll Weevil Monument

One day, a Boll weevil attacked the cotton crop in the Enterprise, Alabama. The insect destroyed the entire crop, and cotton was the only source of livelihood for this city.

The residents of the city decided to plant another crop that is not attacked by this harmful insect, so they planted peanuts instead of cotton, and after a year, all the residents of the city were surprised because they discovered that the annual yield of peanuts was much higher than the yield of cotton.

The whole city became trading in peanuts, and the city became very rich and was nicknamed the World peanuts Center.

The population did not forget the favor of the Boll weevil on them, so they built a monument to it in the most important location in the city, as if they were thanking the insect and saying to it, “If you did not attack the cotton crop, we would not have thought of planting peanuts.”

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8- Realistic Bedtime Story For Adults

stories for adults with valuable lessons
World War II

During World War II, there was a brave Russian soldier named Spiridonovich. After spending several weeks in the war, he asked permission from the commander to take a vacation to check on his wife.

The soldier took a vacation and went to Saint Petersburg City and when he entered the city, he found it destroyed because the Axis planes bombed the city randomly and many civilians died. The soldier found a truck loaded with civilian bodies who were gathered to be buried in a mass grave.

The soldier felt fear for his wife, and he went to this truck to check the bodies. The soldier found the body of a woman wearing shoes similar to his wife's shoes. He checked this corpse feeling a horror he had never felt before for fear that she might be his wife. When he revealed her face, he cried hysterically because he found her dead among civilians.

The soldier asked to take his wife's body to be buried in the yard of his house, the soldier's request was approved, and during the transfer of his wife in preparation for her burial, they discovered that she was breathing slowly and with difficulty, she is still alive!

The soldier carried his wife and rushed to the hospital, and she had been detained in hospital until she regained her health. Two years after this incident, the wife became pregnant and gave birth to a very beautiful child.

This child is Vladimir Spiridonovich Putin, President of the State of Russia!

Dear reader,
when you feel rejected or feel that you came into this world by chance, remember this story. You can imagine that the woman who was almost buried alive gave birth to a child who ruled Russia.
 An old photo that combines Putin and his mother
Putin and his mother

9- The Smart Thief Story

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Two thieves entered a giant palace, and after they stole it, the expert thief said to the young thief:

Let's play gambling! The young thief was surprised and said, "Let's get out of here first so that the owner of the palace will not notice us." The expert thief said, "Do as I tell you, and now take out the playing cards and bring me a bottle of wine and three glasses." The young man did what his leader ordered him and took out the playing cards and started playing.

After a while, the leader said: Turn on the TV! The young man felt afraid and thought that his leader lost his mind, but he had to do what his master told him, so he turned on the TV.

The owner of the palace woke up, grabbed his gun, went to the thieves, and threatened to kill them if they made any movement.

The leader did not care about the words of the owner of the house and said to his friend: focus on playing and do not care about what he says. The owner of the palace called the police and told them that there are thieves who stole his house, and he is now threatening them with a weapon. When the police came, the owner of the palace said to them: These are the thieves and this is my money that they stole.

The expert thief said to the officer: This man is lying, sir. He invited us to play gambling with him, and when he lost all his money, he threatened us to either return his money or call the police and tell them that we are thieves. The officer looked at the playing cards, the three glasses, the wine, and the television, and made sure that they were gambling.

The officer said to the owner of the palace: You are playing gambling in your house, and when you lost all your money, you told us that your friends are thieves; if you tried to deceive us again I will arrest you.

After that, the officer went to the door to get out so the thief said to him: Sir if you leave us here it is possible that this man will kill us, so the thieves came out with all the stolen money under the protection of the police!

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10- Interesting Story About Honesty

interesting moral stories for adults
Glenn James

In 2013, homeless Glenn James was looking for leftovers in garbage bins, and during that he found a bag next to the garbage bin and when he opened it, he found $40,000 inside.

Although the amount is very large and despite his desperate need even for one dollar to buy food, Glenn gave the bag to the police station without taking a single cent from it.

In appreciation of his honesty and integrity, the police decided to launch a donation campaign for him. The campaign succeeded, and many people donated. The amount of donation amounted to $85,000, more than half of the amount that Glenn found.

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