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Top 10 Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

Real life inspiring stories are the best way to feel pleasure and joy for children and adults, as storytelling is still one of the most important means of transferring knowledge among human beings to this day, Also, short stories are one of the most powerful ways to motivate and push people to success, and it is very useful because it introduces moral values in the hearts of its readers. Here's a collection of real-life inspiring short stories.

Real-Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

1- Life Principles Story

heart touching story

This is a true story that tells about a teacher who was very nervous and irritable. One morning he was standing in the schoolyard reviewing the students on the first day of the school year, and in a firm tone, he said to the students, “Welcome to the first day in your new school.” Then he asked them to raise their cards with their right hand.

All the children raised their right hands, except for a small child who made a mistake and raised the card with the left hand. So the teacher decided to be firm with him and said to him through the loudspeaker, raise your right hand, you idiot.

The little boy shivered and his arm shook in the air, but he didn't respond to the teacher’s words, so the teacher rushed like an arrow towards the little one to teach him the first lesson in obedience and manners and to make him an example to all the students. When he approached the child, he was saddened by the disturbance and overwhelming fear, he saw on his innocent face. In addition, the child's right arm was completely severed.

Tears filled the teacher’s eyes, he felt bitterness and remorse, and he realized for the first time that he needed to know many things about the principles of human life, so he became mindful of his words and conversations.

Since then, this teacher has become characterized by kindness and courtesy, as well as his encouraging words to everyone around him. Moreover, he has become a balanced sane person who does not rush to judgment.

Dear brother
Watch your words. Your words often define your relationships with people. With a word, you can make a person happy, and with another word, you can make him sad, angry, or turn him into an enemy.

The good word is the safety valve that makes human relations characterized by calm and peace.
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2- Real-Life Story About Wife's Sacrifice

During World War, Commander Cromwell discovered an officer's betrayal of his homeland and sentenced him to death by firing squad. The officer's wife begged the commander to pardon him, but he refused and told her that when the church bells ring at six in the morning her husband would be shot.

The wife went to the church very early and went up to the lighthouse and hid next to the bell. The servant, who was blind and deaf, came and grabbed the rope of the bell, and the wife put her two hands between the bell tongue and the bell mouth and instead of ringing the tongue of the bell on both sides of the bell, it rang her hands and crushed them, and she continued to suffer for five minutes and her tears were on her cheeks from the severity of the pain.

In this way, the guards didn't hear the bell, and her husband was not executed, and after the servant had stopped ringing the bell, the wife went down to Commander Cromwell and said to him, (can't you forgive my husband for these hands?) Cromwell cried because of the wife's love and sacrifice for her husband, and pardoned her husband.
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3- Bitter Memories, Inspirational Real-Life Story

After the civil war in Lebanon subsided, a teacher in a primary school asked the pupils to draw whatever comes to their minds. After a while, the teacher passed by the children to see the things they had drawn. She found a child drawing a tank, another drawing a cannon, a third drawing a dead child, and a fourth drawing destroyed houses. The teacher was in pain and was very sad because of the civil war, which destroyed the children's psyche, and she realized the seriousness and impact of the environment on the child's life.

Finally, the teacher found a girl drawing an apple, so the teacher was happy and surprised, and wondered why this child differed in her direction from her colleagues, and when she asked the child: Why are you drawing an apple? The child cried as she looked at her teacher's face and told her that it wasn't an apple but an atomic bomb.

The teacher’s feelings were shaken by the bitter memories the children had in their souls because of this war, which broke the children's hearts and spoiled their hope, joy, and their bright outlook on the world, so their drawing expressed the misery, anxiety, and fear in their hearts.

Live in the world and don't make the world lives in you.
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4- I Have Forgiven, Heart Touching Story

Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

A man in a European country had a severe heart attack and asked the nurse to call his only daughter quickly, as she is the only family he got, so he asked the nurse for a pen and paper. The nurse called the daughter, who screamed, "Don't let him die, I avoided him for the past year, and my last words to him were I hate you."

Half an hour later, the daughter arrived at the hospital to find that her father had died. She collapsed and asked to see him to say her goodbyes, she advanced towards his bed with teary eyes and severe pain reflected on her sad face, leaned over his bed, and hugged her father then her eyes fell on a paper between his fingers on which was written...

My beloved daughter, I have forgiven you and I ask you to forgive me too, I know that you love me and I also love you (your beloved father) The daughter embraced the paper and felt peace and comfort she hadn't felt in a long time.

5- The Global Man, Inspiring Story

In Jan 1982, a snowstorm hit America until the temperature reached 30 degrees below zero (-22 °F) in the state of Minnesota and 33 degrees below zero (27.4 °F) in the state of Miami, Snow piles stacked on the wings of a Boeing 737 plane, which was flying in Washington, and the plane's body lost its balance and began to crash. Eventually, the plane crashed over a frozen river.

The plane plunged into the frozen river, and only six passengers survived. They managed to cling to the tail of the plane, which remained prominent in the middle of the frozen river. A helicopter came to the scene of the accident and dropped the rescue rope to one of the six passengers. The man took the rope and gave it to his companion who was next to him.

The rescue person dropped the rope again for the same passenger, so he gave the rope for the second time to another passenger. Whenever the rope descended on him, this unknown passenger, who is about fifty years old, gave it to his companions, until the five passengers were rescued. Finally, when the rope was dropping for the sixth time for this passenger, this brave passenger had disappeared amid the ice, and the names of the five passengers had disappeared from history, but this brave man has not been forgotten and became famous in the American newspapers as the global man.
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6- An Inspirational Real Story About Daughter's Loyalty

In one of the cities of Lower Egypt, the daughter welcomed her old father into her home in his last days. The father spent months in her house he wasn't waking up and doesn't know what's going on around him. The doctors told the daughter that the man is dead in every aspect except his heart, which didn't stop beating, and with this healthy heart, his life on earth lasted for many months, and the daughter bore the burdens of her father with all loyalty.

her father lost consciousness and the doctors told her that he couldn't eat because he wasn't able to chew. The faithful daughter didn't give in to the doctors’ orders, so she invented a way to feed her father, as she mixes types of meat and vegetables in the blender and blends them, and gives him the chewed meal through a plastic funnel that she puts in his mouth.

When the doctor asked her, what is this?
She said a sentence that saddened the doctor's heart
(I know that Papa is dead, but I don't want him to die of hunger)

This girl's heart is full of love, loyalty, and gratitude to her father who raised her.
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7- The Story of the Loyal Tigress

heart touching inspirational story
In Giza Zoo, there is a tigress named Farida. Her mate, a tiger, suffered from chronic rheumatism that left him bedridden and struggling to move.

The zoo management decided to remove him from the mating cage and introduce another tiger to mate with Farida, ensuring the preservation of this tiger species.

However, when they introduced the new tiger, Farida became enraged and nearly attacked him. Consequently, they sent the new tiger away and left Farida alone in her enclosure.

But what a surprise! Farida refused to eat for several days, mourning for her sick mate who had been taken from her.

She believed that he would never return, thinking he might have died from his severe illness or been killed because he was no longer useful.

Determined to die and join him, she persisted in her hunger strike. Faced with her unwavering refusal to eat, the zoo had no choice but to bring her sick mate back.

Farida greeted him with immense joy, embraced him, and began licking his entire body to clean him as he lay on the ground. Then, she lay down beside him.

This faithful tigress preferred to stay with her ailing mate, whom she had known since her youth, to watch over him, care for him, and nurse him back to health, rather than accept the healthy, strong new tiger.

The tigress’s heart was filled with tenderness, compassion, and loyalty toward her sick mate. This wild animal showed more affection and kindness than many human hearts!

When we see the loyalty of an animal, which has neither religion nor creed, it makes us lament the state of humanity.

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8- Would Not Leave Me, An Inspirational Story About Friendship

Real Life Inspiring Stories That Touched Heart

There were two soldiers who loved each other, and both were injured in battle one was rescued and the other was still on the battlefield, so the soldier asked his commander to go back and bring his injured friend, the officer replied that there is no point in going because he would be dead by that time, but the soldier was so determined that the officer authorized him.

The loyal soldier risked his life and went to his friend, carried him, and brought him, but he died on the way, then the commander said to him, "Didn't I tell you that there is no point in going?" The soldier replied, There was a great benefit, he told me before he died, I was sure that you would come back and would not leave me behind. This soldier trusted in the loyalty and love of his friend.

A life without loyalty is like a body without a soul

9- A Inspiring Story About Determination And Confidence

story about determination and confidence

King Charles XII of Sweden stood quietly in his room, delivering to his secretary, who was sitting at the desk, a certain message. In the meantime, a huge explosion occurred, the enemy bombs fell and shattered the palace roof, fire and smoke rose, shrapnels flew, and one of the bombs exploded near the king's room, the pen fell from the hand of the writer, whose heart was filled with terror.

The king said, "Why did you stop writing?"
The writer answered the bomb.. the bomb, Your Majesty!
The king said, but what’s the bomb have to do with the message? Keep writing.

The firm man moves the world and doesn't allow the world to move him.
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10- Heart Touching Inspirational Story

A young woman went to the American author Norman Vincent Peale to consult him about a problem, and he agreed to meet her in his office at one o'clock in the afternoon, but he got a little busy and was few minutes late. The dissatisfaction was evident on her face at the way she was pursing her lips, and she told him, "You're five minutes late, and I always make sure to be on time."

Norman replied with a smile, and I also always make sure to be on time, and I hope that you will forgive me for this delay, which I couldn't avoid, but she didn't respond to his smile, then she said with some discipline her problem that she came to consult him about, is that whenever a young man proposes to her, after a while they break up and start avoiding her.

Norman looked at the girl and discovered that she was broad-minded, and has a bright mind and a gentle personality, as well as being a beautiful girl. Then he said to her I think I know what is the problem, and this is it..

You criticized me because I was five minutes late for our appointment and you were harsh in scolding me, In addition, you pursing your lips strongly, and this indicates that you tend to dominate and let me tell you that the husband does not like to be controlled by his wife, and that love does not grow and does not last under control and supremacy.

If you get rid of the anger that covers your face, you will become more attractive, you must have some kindness and tenderness, and most of all, you have to change yourself, and express kindness with a bright smile on your face, and smiling will add charm and attraction to you. The girl thought about it for a while and then said to Norman that his words contain a lot of truth in them and that she will try to follow his advice.

Many years passed and Norman forgot about this girl, and in one of the cities, after he gave a lecture, an elegant woman came to him, accompanied by a handsome man and a small child. The woman looked at him smiling and introduced herself, and she said to him, I have practiced everything that you suggested, you were correct, and my relationship with my husband is very good. Then Norman asked her husband, are you happy with your wife? her husband said there is no creature in existence better than my wife.

Smile, it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart
Anthony J. D'Angelo

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