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Top 10 Short Bedtime Stories For Adults To Fall Asleep

Short stories are one of the strongest ways to guide people and teach them values and morals. And reading stories and tales is very useful for adults because it has great benefits for its readers. Besides, storytelling is very effective because it helps to establish ties between people. Bedtime stories contain several valuable meanings and different lessons, So it's effective in communicating complex ideas in simple ways that the reader understands easily. To you..

Best Bedtime Stories For Adults To Fall Asleep Free

Short Bedtime Stories For Adults To Fall Asleep

1- The President's Feelings Story

A small child stood asking for help from people, and the boy was feeling embarrassed and confused because he was taking money from others, so he had to do this for his mother, who was suffering from the pain of disease and hunger.

In the crowd, one of the rich people noticed signs of confusion on the child's face, so he went to him and asked him about the signs of anxiety and tension that appear on his features. The child replied: It is the first time I do this, and I feel ashamed and sad about what I do. The man asked him: Why are you doing that? The boy replied: My father died and did not leave us anything to live from, and my mother hardly works to get daily sustenance, and now she is sick and bedridden and I have no food or medicine to offer her.

The man hid the tears that crept out of his eyes and told the child that he was a doctor and would treat his mother and asked him to guide him to the place of his house. The two entered the house, and the man spoke to the woman for a while and then apologized to her, saying: I am not the doctor who specializes in your disease, but I will write you a prescription that will benefit you, then he wrote a paper, left it with the woman and went out.

The woman looked at the paper after the guest came out and found a check for a large amount, and the woman was very surprised when she found that the man who signed the check was George Washington, the president of America!
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2- Gold Mines Story

A ship set off across the Atlantic Ocean carrying hundreds of people. Suddenly, a problem occurred in the ship, and water began to seep into the ship. So the passengers boarded the lifeboats, took all the food with them, and set out to an island near them. As for the ship, it sank in the depths of the ocean.

The passengers became isolated from the world and lived on an island that was not inhabited by anyone, so they decided to cultivate the land with some grain so that they would not die of hunger.

After a week, one of them came screaming and saying: We are on an island full of gold mines, and we will become very rich. Everyone rejoiced and left agriculture, and they were all busy extracting gold, they now have a lot of gold but the food ran out and the winter season came and they did not find any food to eat. Here they started getting sick from lack of food, so what do they do with all this gold and they could not find food. The time of sowing and harvest was lost, and they began to die one by one. And finally, they all died in the midst of gold!
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 3- A Short Story About Compliment

There was a skinny girl standing on the beach, and everyone was looking at her sarcastically because of her noticeable thinness, but she did not care about people's looks and tried to enjoy the beauty of the sea.
While the girl was relaxing on the sea, her friend came and said to her, "You don't have a paunch, and this is a very beautiful thing." The skinny girl felt joy because of this honest compliment for her appearance.

Dear Friend,
One of the best ways to facilitate your relationships with others is to be proficient in the art of praise. When you talk to someone else, always start talking about a topic that the other party likes, and throughout the conversation use positive words and phrases, for example, the phrase you did not say the truth is better than the phrase you are a liar. The phrase you're out of luck better than the phrase you're a failure. And so on...

A wise man said,
A talkative person is someone who talks to you about others.
A humorless is the one who constantly tells you about himself.
A polite speaker is someone who talks to you about yourself, and talks to you about what you want to hear; not what he wanted to say.
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4- Christmas Cake, A Story About Giving

At one of the girls' high schools, A teacher asked all the students to make a cake on the occasion of Christmas. She said to the students; there will be a certificate of appreciation and a large financial prize for the best cake.

All the students prepared and made the most beautiful kinds of cakes, and one of the students named Mary made a very beautiful cake containing fruits, chocolate and vanilla and put it in a very luxurious box. Mary went to school, found a poor woman sitting on the ground and asking her for food. The poor woman said to Mary "Please; I haven't tasted food for two days. Many girls with the same boxes passed by me, and none of them gave me a small piece of cake." and the woman asked Mary to give her anything to eat.

Mary told her, "this cake would enter a competition belonging to the school, and if I cut any piece of it, I would lose the competition." The woman said, "Give me a small piece and I will pray for you to win." After much thought, Mary decided to give the woman her allowance to buy the food she wanted, and with this idea she did not leave her hungry and did not waste her effort in the cake.

The woman was sick and could not move to buy food, especially since the nearest restaurant to the school was a great distance away. Mary was silent for a while and then said to the woman, "I will give you half of the cake and I will go to school with the other half." The woman looked at her and said, "Give me a small piece, even if it is less than a quarter." Indeed, Mary put the box on the sidewalk, opened it and cut off a large part of the cake (about half of the cake) and gave it to the woman, so the woman thanked her very much and said to her, God will compensate you twice as much because you fed me. The woman began to eat with joy and was praying a lot for Mary to win the competition.

Mary thought to enter the school and apologize to the headmaster, but she said what about the competition and her mother who is eagerly waiting for the result. And after a long thought, Mary decided to go to school and participate in the competition.

The competition started and all the students were waiting for the evaluation committees. Each student put her cake in front of her and wrote her name on it, but Mary put her box without writing her name on it. The evaluation moment came and Mary cried because she was sure that she wouldn't win. All the cakes were evaluated and in the end, the headmaster
opened Mary's box. All the attendees were surprised when they found that the cake was incomplete.
The headmaster announced that the winner of today's prize was the student Mary, who owns the half cake. Everyone present was disappointed with the headmaster's decision and began to object to the decision. After which the headmaster asked all those present to calm down to explain to them why Mary had won.
The headmaster said, "I was standing on the fourth floor waiting for my students to arrive, and I noticed an old woman asking for food from all the students who passed by her and no student stood to help the poor woman. I waited a long time, and I was sad for the condition of the students and sad for the condition of the poor woman. After a while, Mary came and stopped to talk to the woman. I did not hear the conversation that took place between them, but the conversation ended when Mary opened the cake box and gave half of it to the poor woman. Many students passed by the woman, but only Mary gave her food, Mary refused to win the competition at the expense of this poor woman's hunger and preferred to feed her whatever the result."
In the end, the headmaster called Mary and gave her a certificate of appreciation and a financial reward. Mary cried because she had never expected to win the competition, so the headmaster hugged her and all the teachers and students congratulated Mary and took souvenir photos with her.

I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I was a stranger, and you took me into your home.

5- A Bedtime Story For Adults About Courage

A violent officer slapped a young soldier because of his excessive courage and in order not to appear as a hero in front of the rest of the soldiers. The soldier was very sad because he was insulted and the army law prevents him from defending himself and obtaining his right, and one day the soldier said to the officer: I'll make you back off this habit!

A few days later, a serious battle took place against the enemy. The officer was wounded and isolated from his soldiers, and he became in the hands of the enemy, but the brave soldier rushed towards the enemy and broke through their ranks, and met the wounded officer. The soldier knew that this was the officer who insulted him several days ago, but he did not back down from saving him, so he carried him with his arm on his shoulder and defended him with the other arm until he broke through the enemy ranks and brought him back to their position in the army.

The officer felt the love of the brave soldier and appreciated his great courage and thanked him for his valor and determination to save him, as he was the only one who insisted on saving him. The officer thanked the soldier and said to him while he was ashamed: What can I do for you to forgive me for the offense that I did?

The soldier said with a smile on his face: I told you, I'll make you back off this habit. And indeed the officer stopped violence and cruelty and became dealing with the soldiers with tenderness and kindness, and since then the two became close friends.
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6- A Commander Returns To Prison, Short Story For Adults

This story was mentioned in Roman history, where there were many battles between Rome and Carthage, and in one of the battles, the commander Marcus Atilius Regulus fell into the hands of his enemies in the third century BC. This leader was known for his courage and honesty, and he always kept his word, even at the cost of his life.

Regulus was imprisoned, lived alone in a cell, fell ill and lost hope of seeing his wife and children. Rome lost this battle; But Regulus, with his military and political experience, was aware that Rome would win in the end, so the princes of Carthage met the captive leader and agreed with him to convince his country to conclude a peace treaty and if he succeeded he would be released, if he did not succeed in his mission he would return to prison again.

The commander agreed to this and set out for Rome, and the crowd greeted him with great enthusiasm; his wife and children rejoiced at his return. Regulus spoke frankly with the great men of the state and the army; he told them that Carthage wanted to conclude a peace treaty.

The peace agreement did not succeed because of the Senate's insistence on completing the war, so Regulus decided to return to Carthage as he had promised. Regulus said goodbye to his family and statesmen and prepared to return to prison! The statesmen asked him to stay with them, and he said to them: I promised, and I must fulfill my promise. They suggested to him to send someone else instead of him, so he said to them: Is it appropriate for a Roman man not to keep his promise?

Commander Marcus Regulus bravely returned to surrender himself to the enemies; he entered the prison of his own will and lived in very harsh conditions that cost him his life completely.
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7- The Story of The Cow Thief

Once upon a time, there was a soldier watching his guarding area in the freezing cold. In the middle of the night, the soldier noticed a man walking cautiously with a cow. The soldier approached him and asked him why he was walking so late at night. The man was afraid and confused so he took out 100 dollars from his pocket and gave it to the soldier so that he would not disclose him. The soldier made sure that this man was a thief and refused to take the money from him and asked him to walk in front of him to the police station.

The man took out another $100 from his pocket and begged the soldier to leave him. The soldier pointed his weapon at the thief and threatened to kill him unless he walked in front of him to the police station. The soldier walked behind the thief very cautiously until the two arrived at the police station, then the soldier grabbed the thief violently and presented him to the officer, and told him everything that had happened.

The soldier was surprised when the thief smiled and the officer greeted him and offered him a chair to sit on, then the thief looked at the soldier and said to him: I am the new deputy director of security. The soldier was very confused and apologized to the deputy, but the man thanked him for his honesty and said to him: I disguised and walked around the villages to check the morals of the security men. Then the deputy asked the soldier to come to his office the next day, and when the soldier came, the deputy thanked him for his honor, granted him his promotion, and gave him a financial reward.
(The amount he refused to take yesterday)

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8- The Perfect Mother's Story

Short Bedtime Stories For Adults To Fall Asleep

One day, the headmaster said to all the students, "We will hold a party next week on the occasion of Mother’s Day, and all students are required to bring their mothers with them, and we will give a great gift to the perfect mother." All the students were happy when they heard this news except Joseph, who was very sad and did not want his mother to come to the party.

Joseph returned to the house and was very sad, so his mother asked him why he was sad, Joseph said to her that he was just tired, his mother left him and did not pressure him. A day passed and Joseph was always sad and here his mother insisted on knowing the reason for his deep sadness, Joseph started crying so his mother hugged him, and she imagined that Joseph had lost something, or he might be afraid of his father or his grades in this month are few.

The mother tried to reassure Joseph and asked him why he was sad, so Joseph told her about the party that the school intends to hold. The mother was surprised and asked him about the reason for crying. Joseph said, I am crying because I am embarrassed to tell you this. The mother was very sad and asked her son with tears in her eyes "Do I not deserve to be the ideal mother?" Joseph looked at his mother's tears but did not say a word.

After Joseph had calmed down, his mother said to him, "You don’t want me to go to the party so that your friends don’t see the burns on my face and my hands. You don’t even see the burns on my back, and you don’t know how much I’ve suffered from these burns for so many years." Joseph apologized to his mother and asked her about the cause of these burns. Joseph did not know the cause of these burns, but he was wondering all his life about the reason. His mother said calmly, Do you want to know the cause of these burns? These burns because of you, Joseph!

Joseph said, I! How? Please my mother tell me everything. The mother said, only today I can tell you what happened to me. When you were 9 months old, you were screaming from hunger, and the light was cut off that night and your father was at work. There were two candles in the house, so I put a candle in the bedroom, then I put you on the bed, and I took the other candle with me to the kitchen to prepare food for you. While I was preparing
food, the candle in your room fell and the room caught fire. I could not smell the smoke because I was suffering from a bad cold that day but I heard the neighbors saying with their loud voices (fire.. fire)

I rushed to check on you and I found the fire and smoke coming out of the bedroom. I tried to enter the room and the fire almost devoured me, so I back off a little and covered my body with a blanket and entered the middle of the fire to look for you. The blanket caught fire so I threw it and when I was looking for you, the fire caught me with my hand and my hair but I didn't care about myself, I found you in the middle of the bed, I held you before your body caught fire, I hugged you and started moving quickly because the fire managed to catch me.

I came out of the room and found the neighbors who came to help us, they brought water to put out the fire, and as soon as I got out one of the women took you from me while the rest tried to put out the fire that was in my body. After a while, your father came from work and took me to the hospital, I was crying from the fire pain that was in my body, but I was happy that you are fine. Do you know now the cause of the burns on my body?

Joseph looked at his mother with tears in his eyes and said, "Forgive me, mother, you are the greatest mother in the world. You sacrificed yourself for me; I am sorry mother." The father followed the situation from afar, then entered and embraced his son and his dear wife. From this moment, Joseph changed his position and insisted that his mother come to the party.

The next day, Joseph went to school and was cheerful and proud. Joseph asked to meet the headmaster, and when he sat with him, he explained to him everything his mother told him yesterday. Joseph asked the headmaster to let his mother sit in the last row so that she would not be ashamed of the ladies who were dressed in the most beautiful clothes. The headmaster immediately agreed and emphasized Joseph that he should convince his mother to attend the party.

The day of the party came and the school hall was decorated to host this big party. The mothers sat in the first rows. Joseph attended with his father and mother, and they sat in the last row. The headmaster stood to give a speech on the occasion of Mother's Day. He talked about the mother's loyalty, love and sacrifice to her children. The headmaster continued his speech and said, Today we will honor the best perfect mother. I will tell you the story of a mother who saved her son from being burned and accepted that her body is burned from the fire touching her son. The headmaster told the story of Joseph's mother and how she sacrificed herself in order to save her son.

The headmaster called on Joseph's mother and asked her to come forward to receive the ideal mother award. The mother went out next to her husband and her son. After that, the headmaster said to the attendees, Do you accept that this mother is the ideal mother for this year? All those present stood and with one heart they applauded for Joseph's mother, and all the children went out to congratulate the mother.

The headmaster then gave a very valuable gift to Joseph's mother. And best of the gift was to honor her in front of her young son and her struggling husband.

 9- The Story of A Lump of Clay

The famous Italian artist, Benvenuto Cellini, announced the arrival of a damaged piece of marble and placed it in Florence Square. Some artists came to sculpt it, but they all said that it is not suitable for anything. The Italian people were looking at this piece with disgust, and many people asked to withdraw it from the field because it distorts the beauty of the field.

After several months, an artist came, made a wall and a canopy around the marble piece. This view remained for two years and everyone does not know what is behind the wall. After two years the wall was removed and the surprise was when the statue of David the Prophet appeared by the great artist Michelangelo. This artist was able to transform the damaged piece of marble into a statue that is considered a rare piece of international art.
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10- The Story of The Foolish Hunter And The Wise Bird

One day a hunter caught a strange bird, and the bird spoke to him. The hunter was surprised and asked him: Do you speak our language? The bird replied: I know many languages, and God has given me great wisdom, so do you want me to offer you three pieces of advice that will support you all the days of your life?

The hunter said: I will be grateful if you offer me these three tips.

The bird said: I am ready to present the wisdom as long as you promise that you will grant me my freedom. So the hunter promised to release him if he gave him three tips.

Bird: these three pieces of advice, if you carry out them, you will survive any disaster in your life.
First, Never regret any good you have done.
Second, Do not believe
what is not trustworthy.
Third, Do not try to do the impossible.

Then the hunter left the bird as he promised, so the bird rejoiced and flew until he stood on the top of a high tree, after that the bird said: O foolish hunter, you have lost the greatest wealth in the world, inside me a priceless jewel because it carries a magical power, thanks to which I became wise.

The hunter was very angry, how could he lose the magic jewel. Then he determined to hunt the bird and kill it to get the jewel. The hunter started climbing the tree with great difficulty, when he reached half the distance he fell and his bones were broken and screamed in pain.

Then the bird looked at him, and in mockery said to him: You foolish hunter, I gave you wisdom and did not want to learn anything, I asked you first not to regret the good you did, and now you regret that you set me free. And I asked you not to believe what is not trustworthy, and now you believe that I carry a magic jewel inside me, which is not acceptable to the mind. You also weren't implemented third wisdom, so you climbed the tree to catch a free bird standing on the top of the tree!

I'm sad because of your folly, and sad for the human condition, many of them are fools!

Here's the end of the stories.
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