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Best Story About Greed For Kids - The Greedy Man Story

Greed is an unbridled desire to possess wealth or goods and to keep them for oneself, and a greedy person always seeks more than he needs. Greed can cause many problems, including that it makes the greedy person despicable in the eyes of others, which leads to a feeling of misery and not enjoying life. Here is the best short story on greed.

The greedy man - A Story about greed from West Africa

story about greed

A very severe famine occurred in the area where Anansi lives, which lasted for a long time, and he was never able to provide enough food for his poor wife and children. One day, when he was near the sea, he saw an island in the middle of the water with a tall palm tree on it. Anansi decided to reach that tree by any means possible to climb it, hoping to find some nuts, but the problem was in finding a way to get there.

But this problem was solved when he reached the beach because there was an old broken boat, it did not look strong, but Anansi decided to try it, his first six attempts failed, every time he was about to reach, a big wave would knock him back to the beach, but he continued despite that until the seventh attempt succeeded in sailing.

Finally, Anansi reached the tree, he tied the boat to the trunk of the tree, he climbed it and picked all the nuts and dropped them down towards the boat one by one, but unfortunately, they all fell into the water and one fruit remained so he threw it very carefully but it also fell into the water, Anansi was very sad because he had not tasted even a single nut.

Anansi could not bear the idea of going home without food, so he threw himself into the water and was very surprised when he found himself standing at the bottom of the sea in front of a beautiful hut Instead of drowning. An old man came out of the hut and said to him, what do you want? Anansi told him his sad story; the man sympathized with him, so he brought him a magical dish, and said to him that he would never go hungry again because the magic dish would provide all kinds of food for him, his family, and his village. Anansi thanked the man and left the place.

Anansi was excited to try the dish, so he waited until he sat down in the boat and said: O magic dish, offer me what you were offering to your master, and immediately a delicious meal containing all kinds of food appeared before his eyes and Anansi ate a pleasant meal which he enjoyed greatly. His plan was when he returned to land was to hurry home and provide for his family with a delicious meal of his dish, but his greed and selfishness prevented him from doing so, and he said to himself: What if I used up all the magic in the dish for them and there was nothing left for me, it is better to keep the dish to myself so that I can enjoy a meal whenever I need, so he hid the dish from his family.

Anansi arrived home pretending to be exhausted from starvation. There were no seeds anywhere, and his wife and children were very emaciated due to a lack of food, but the greedy Anansi was not affected by their condition and congratulated himself on his idea and hid the magic dish well in his room, when he was hungry from time to time he would enter the room and enjoy a delicious meal.

The Anansi family grew thinner but he became fat, so they began to suspect that there was a secret and decided to discover it, the eldest son Koiko had the ability to transform himself into any shape he wants, so he turned himself into a small insect and accompanied his father everywhere. When Anansi felt hungry, he entered his room, closed the door, then took the dish out of his hiding place and ate a delicious meal.

When Anansi came out of his room, Koiko took out the magic dish, and then quickly called all the hungry family members, Koiko ordered the dish to show the most delicious food, so they ate a delicious meal. In addition, when they finished, Anansi's wife said that she would take the dish to the village as a punishment for her husband, so she gave a meal to everyone, but unfortunately, the magical dish became very hot because many meals were prepared in a short time, so the dish melted.

The wife was afraid of Anansi's reaction and prevented people from talking about the magic dish. Anansi came back and was ready to eat dinner, so he went to his room, as usual, closed the door cautiously and went to the hideout, and found it empty. He looked around terrified and did not find the plate anywhere, so he said in his mind, that someone must have found it and that his family members must be the culprits and I will find a way to punish them.

Anansi waited until daylight came, then went to the beach, got on the boat, and sailed towards the palm tree. When he reached it, Anansi tied the boat as he had done the previous time, and climbed the palm tree, unlike the previous time; the nuts fell on the boat and did not fall into the water like what happened before. Anansi descended from the palm tree, then took a walnut and deliberately threw it into the water and jumped after it, and as what happened before, he found himself in front of the man's hut, which was waiting to hear his story, and after hearing it, the man showed the same sympathy that he had shown before, gave him a thin stick and ordered him to go.

Anansi hurried to the boat, desperately wanted to know the magical properties of his new gift, so he said “Stick, give me what you were giving to your master.” The stick began to beat him so badly that he had to jump into the water, and he swam to the beach leaving the boat and the stick sailing away from him.

Anansi came home crying in pain because of the bruises that filled his body, and he felt regretful because he didn't act wisely from the beginning.

Here is the end of the story.
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