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Top 5 Short Romantic Bedtime Stories - Real Life Love Stories

Dr. Seuss said “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams” Dear reader, love is the greatest gift that God has given to man, so we offer you a collection of short romantic bedtime stories. If you love reading romantic stories, here are the most beautiful real love stories.

Note: All the stories are real and most of their heroes are still alive to this day.

Short Romance Stories To Read

Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

1- The Rich Swedish Girl And The Poor Indian Man, Romantic Bedtime Story

Short Romantic Bedtime Stories

One of the best love stories in history, the story began in 1975 when the Swedish student Charlotte Von traveled to India and she was at this time 19 years old and a member of the Swedish royal family, The girl traveled to India to meet a talented Indian artist named Pradyumna Kumar and this man was very poor, Charlotte wanted him to paint a painting of her. By the time the painting was finished, Pradyumna fell in love with Charlotte and was fascinated by her beauty, and did his best to make the painting looks good. Over time, Charlotte fell in love with Pradyumna because of his simplicity and wonderful personality and decided to stay in India longer, the days became weeks and then turned into months, and eventually, the two fell in love with each other and decided to marry according to the traditional Indian rituals.
 The newlyweds lived a sweet love story that lasted for weeks, days passed and Charlotte had to leave for London to complete her studies, and the two remained in contact through letters only, and unfortunately, the newlyweds suffered from the great distance that separates them. The days went by and Charlotte asked her father to buy a ticket for her husband because he didn't have the ticket price, but her father refused.
Pradyumna promised his wife that he would do anything to see her again. After he finished his studies in India, he decided to travel to his wife and sold all of his belongings, but unfortunately, the money wasn't enough to buy a ticket to Sweden, so he bought a used bike and decided to travel from India to Sweden with that bike! He collected all his paintings and tools and set off for Sweden, he passed through eight countries, and his journey took more than four months, and his exhausting journey ended when he reached the hometown of Charlotte in Sweden. Since then, the two have not left each other, the couple lives in happiness to this day 1-9-2021 in Sweden.

The moral of the story
A strong person is who controls the circumstances and does not make them control him, so difficult circumstances didn't prevent Pradyumna to reach his wife even if he wrapped the whole world to his bike!

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2- The Romance Story That Made Millions Around The World Cry

Suzanne fell in love with Austrian weightlifter Matthias Steiner when she first saw him on T.V, and since she saw him she became so interested in him and followed him to the extent that she decided to meet him and asked TV broadcasters to reach him and in the end, Suzanne succeeded in getting his email and contacted him to meet him, When they first met, Matthias fell in love with her, it was a love story at first sight. the two got married shortly after their first meeting. Matthias and his wife Suzanne lived a great romance story, so much so that Matthias left Austria and lived with his wife in Germany and asked for German citizenship so that he wouldn't leave his wife, Matthias was so fond of his wife that he promised her that he would bring her the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics.
Unfortunately, Suzanne died in a car accident in 2007 But Matthias didn't forget his promise to his wife and was chosen to be part of the German Olympic team at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Matthias faced tough competitors in the Olympics and had only three attempts to lift weights, he failed in the first two attempts, but he succeeded in the third and last attempt and managed to lift 258 kg and won the gold medal. the scene in which he won the medal was broadcast to millions of viewers around the world and Matthias celebrated the gold medal while holding a picture of his deceased wife in front of the cameras, which made millions of people cry.

Watch the moment Matthias won the gold medal and dedicate it to his deceased wife

3- A Love Story Without Arms And Legs

A romantic story occurred in 2012 when an American bomb disposal expert (Taylor Morris) was severely injured due to an explosive device explosion in Afghanistan and the explosion resulted in Taylor losing all his limbs. It was a painful reality for him to live the rest of his life without his feet and hands, especially since he was only a 23 years old.
Fortunately for him, his girlfriend Daniel didn't give up on him, she helped him on his recovery journey, and took care of him until he learned to walk again with his new prosthetics. After Taylor recovered, he married his girlfriend Danielle, they lived a beautiful romance story, and Taylor's suffering ended with an incredibly inspiring love story.

someday, you may meet someone equal to what you lost in your entire life.
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4- The Love Coma, Cute Short Love Story

someday, Frank's wife had a car accident and was severely injured and entered into a coma that lasted for years, but Frank didn't stop visiting his wife in the hospital even though all the doctors had lost hope in her condition and told him that she didn't feel your presence, but Frank believed that she one day will recover, so he used to visit his wife every day and tell her memories of them and the beautiful moments that they spent with each other as if her husband was telling her my longing for you makes me lose the pleasure of sitting with others.

someday, Frank played a video of their marriage in his wife's room in the hospital, and the surprise was when Frank's wife moved her hands and started to whisper the name of her husband and her consciousness began to return to her, and after several weeks she recovered completely and left the hospital, and when the couple left the hospital, Frank's wife told her husband that she was hearing his voice when she was in Coma and that his voice was the greatest help to her to get back to life again.

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5- The Story of The Man Who Moved The Mountain, Bedtime Love Story

Dashrath Manjhi, nicknamed The Mountain Man, lived with his wife in a poor village in India. He was a good person and loved his wife. One day his wife was crossing the hill and she fell from the top and was seriously injured, she needed immediate medical help, but that was impossible because of the hill that separated between them and the neighboring city, and the nearest hospital to the village was 70 km away, Manjhi tried to save his wife and did everything he could, but unfortunately, his wife died from her injuries. Manjhi grieved over his wife's death and decided to dig a short road across the mountain so that the residents of his village could access medical care as soon as possible. Residents of the village mocked what he was doing, but after 22 years of hard work, with only an ax and pickaxe! Manjhi was able to carve a short road from the hill to the neighboring country, and the distance between the village and the city became only 15 kilometers instead of 70 kilometers.
Manjhi died in 2007 at the age of 73, and the Indian government held a state funeral for him, and in 2015 the movie (Manjhi - The Mountain Man) was released telling the biography of the Indian hero Dashrath Manjhi.

Love can move mountains

Here's the end of the stories.
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