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Best Fantasy Romance Story - The Well At The World's End

Reading love and romantic stories has the largest share of reading among reading lovers, most novels, and literature works contain fictional and realistic love stories, and this has many reasons, the most important of which is understanding others, expanding imagination, and reading fantasy romance novels and books, also gives us happiness and reassurance.

The Well at the World's End - short fantasy love story

fantasy romance story

Once upon a time, a family lived in an English village where the father, mother, and their daughter (Andrea) lived a stable life, but unfortunately, her mother died, and Andrea's father got remarried a while after, The stepmother hated Andrea so much because she was more beautiful than her, and treated her harshly and forced her to do all the housework, and when Andrea complained to her father, he didn't care about her and didn't listen to her complaint. One day her stepmother decided to get rid of her permanently, so she gave her a sieve and said to her: Go and fill this from (The Well at the World's End) and bring it to the house full, In this way, she will never return home for two reasons. The first is because there is no Well at the World's End and the second is that Andrea can't fill a sieve with water.

Andrea got out of the house and started asking everyone she met to tell her where is this Well? But no one knew, and she didn't know what to do until An old woman told her where this well is and how to reach it, and so she did what the woman asked her and she finally reached the well, But when she dipped the sieve in the water and raised it again, the water leaked, she tried again and again, but every time the same thing happened. And in the end, Andrea sat on the ground and cried bitterly that her heart nearly broke, and suddenly she heard a chirping sound when she looked up she saw a giant frog with big eyes looking at her saying: What's the matter, dear?

She said: oh, my dear, my stepmother sent me all these distances to fill this sieve from the well of the world's end, and I couldn't fill it and I don't know-how. The frog said: Well if you promised me to do everything I ask you all night, I'll tell you how to fill it up. The girl agreed, and then the frog said: block its holes with algae and put mud on top, then it will be able to hold water for a long time, after that the frog jumped and dived into the well. Andrea looked for some algae and blocked the sieve holes with it, then put a layer of mud and dipped the sieve again into the well, and this time the water didn't leak, so she turned around and prepared herself to leave, and at this moment: The frog took his head out of the well and said: Do not forget your promise to me and the girl said: okay, then she thought what a frog could ask her for!

The girl returned to her stepmother and brought the sieve filled with water from the well of the end of the world as she requested. Her stepmother was very angry by her return, but she didn't say anything, and in the same evening they heard a voice banging on the door and saying
open the door
Oh my love, my heart!
Do you not remember your promise at the well?

The stepmother screamed loudly: Who is this? Andrea told her everything that happened at the well and the stepmother said: You must keep your promise, go and open the door immediately, so the stepmother was happy because Andrea would obey the orders of an ugly frog, the girl went and opened the door, the frog jumped and swayed until he reached Andrea Then he said: Raise me to your knee, my love, my heart! And remember what you promised me. But Andrea refused to do so, but her stepmother said to her: Lift him up immediately, you idiot! You must keep your promise, and finally, she raised the frog to her knee and the frog sat for some time and then said: Offer me something for dinner, my love, and do not forget your promise to me! Andrea brought a pot filled with milk and some bread and fed him well. When the frog finished dinner, he said: Go with me to bed my heart, and do not forget your promise to me! But Andrea refused to carry out his orders this time, but her stepmother told her: Do what the frog told you, stupid! You have to keep your promise, you idiot! Carry out his orders, or I'll kick you out of the house with the frog.

Andrea was very sad because there is no choice she either sleeps with the frog in the same bed, or her stepmother kicks them out of the house, Andrea entered the room crying with the frog and then threw him in the bed and kept him away from her as much as possible. In the morning the frog woke up and said to her: Cut off my head, my love! And remember your promise that you will do everything I say. At first, Andrea refused because she was very scared, but when the frog repeated his request more than once, she took an ax and cut off his head, and suddenly the frog turned into a handsome prince! He told her that he was the victim of an evil magician, and he could only break free from his spell when a beautiful girl does everything he orders all night and eventually cut off his head.

Her stepmother, who was surprised by the prince instead of the ugly frog, and was very angry when the prince told her that he wanted to marry Andrea because she helped him to be free from magic, the stepmother immediately refused and said: "get out of here and don't come back to this house again." The prince replied: You do not have the right to refuse, so if Andrea refused my request to marry her, I will go out and I won't return, after that the prince bowed in front of Andrea and said to her: Do you marry me? And I promise to make your whole life happy, Andrea agreed and went with him and lived in the royal palace.

Here the end of the story, see you in new stories ❤️
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